Anime Figure Review: Zoro POP Sailing Again

Anime Figure Review: Zoro POP Sailing Again

About a year ago, I decided to undertake the daunting task of reading all of One Piece. With the help of my local library system, I was able to quickly read through up to the most recent story arc, of which I now need to wait to borrow any more. That being said, I ended up really enjoying the series!

The figure lines featuring characters from the series span far and wide. Collecting everything is near impossible, and finding older figures sometimes proves pretty daunting. I discovered the Sailing Again line by Megahouse while browsing the internet about 70% through my journey reading the manga, and I decided that was the best line for me to own some figures from.

At the end of the day, I chose Nico Robin and Roronoa Zoro to purchase.

Zoro arrived recently, so I wrote up a review for him.

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