The First JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Anime

The First JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Anime

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Notice the lack of 'Stardust Crusaders'.
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Notice the lack of ‘Stardust Crusaders’.

            Remember how I said a while ago that I was going to talk about the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure OVA? Well, it’s about time I did!

            As some of you may not be aware, the 2014/2015 anime about the third arc of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, known as Stardust Crusaders, was not the first animated adaptation of the series. Back in 1993, an OVA (or Original Video Animation) was released, encompassing Jotaro’s journey to Egypt.

            Of course, if this OVA were exactly like the series I recently reviewed I wouldn’t have to talk about it for long. It’s different; honestly, it’s different and a little confusing. Let’s start at the beginning:

            A company named A.P.P.P. (Another Push Pin Planning) acquired the rights to animate Stardust Crusaders a little before 1993. This wasn’t too long after the manga had been completed; its final chapter was published in 1992.

            Now, if you’re old enough to have watched older Japanese animation (from the late eighties to early nineties,) you’ll probably already assume that this OVA looks a bit different from the recent adaptation, not only in style, but technique. A prime example would be CG; the recent Stardust Crusaders anime used it fairly liberally, whereas, well, the old one really wouldn’t. Thing is, the old OVA chose to follow drastically different character designs, which I found extremely interesting. We’ll go over that in specifics in later posts, though.


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