Trunks Premium Color Edition Figuarts Review

Trunks Premium Color Edition Figuarts Review

Confession: I didn’t like Dragonball Z as a teenager. I gave it a few shots, since it aired before Sailor Moon on Toonami (I believe it did, anyway) but it never really grabbed me. Perhaps it was partly due to how I never watched the beginning, or even attempted to find and rent some of the early episodes from Blockbuster (RIP). Either way, I didn’t enjoy it and I kind of forgot about giving it an honest shot again until recently.

Dragonball Z Kai helped me get the original story of DBZ without the filler, and it made the overall experience much more enjoyable. Of course, since I love figures, I ended up poking around the internet to see what was available. To no surprise, the answer was a lot. 

As I had heard very nice things about most of the SH Figuarts Dragonball line, I figured I’d pick one out and see what I think. I was torn between Piccolo and Trunks; Vegeta was actually my favorite character but he had a few more versions than the other two and I didn’t want to have to pick between them, haha.

I ended up going for Trunks since an auction was ending within 5 minutes of me finding it and I figured it was fate. Or something.

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