JoJo Figure Buying Guide

JoJo Figure Buying Guide – NO STANDS

EDIT: July 2017 – Added SBR figures.

Christmas is right around the corner, and there are lots of very cool things out there to buy and wish for. One set of items I’m really fond of, and think are great gifts to give to JoJo fans, is the Super Action Statue line by Medicos. Medicos pretty much has a hold on JoJo figures, save for the Real Action Heroes line by Medicom Toy and various prize figures; they also produce everything under the Di Molto Bene line, like Minissimos.

The Super Action Statue line is big. Every JoJo part is represented by at least one figure, making it fairly easy to obtain one of your favorite character. I’ve compiled a list of the characters available in each part (that I’m aware of, there may be a mistake here and there) and where to buy them. Some of the figures are long out of print and expensive now, but those are mostly certain color schemes. If you’re not particularly set on a certain color (like pink Killer Queen, for example) there are cheaper alternatives available to you.

I will be making another post with just the Stands available since this would be waaaaay too long if I included them here!

Note! This line, as far as I am aware, DOES NOT have any bootlegs! This is great news since it makes it easier to safely buy a figure without worrying about poor quality. This may change in the future but this line has been out for quite some time, so you’d think it’d have been bootlegged by now if it was going to be.

While I’m at it with the bold text, let me also throw out a disclaimer that the Amazon and eBay links are affiliate links that provide me a very small commission of off every purchase. This comes to no extra cost to you, but I want to let you know that they do help me out some! Thank you!

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