Skoshbox Review May 2016

Skoshbox Review May 2016

I was unable to get around to reviewing April’s box, but I had every intention of reviewing May’s. Unfortunately, May’s box is pretty weak in comparison to any of the others this year, even compared to March’s, of which I had originally given the title.

1. Gudetama Gum – I’m not really the biggest gum fan, but I fully expect to get some once in a while in a Skoshbox. That being said, this gum isn’t very big, so I would have liked getting two of them this month.

The package has Gudetama on it. I admit, up until about a month ago, I had no idea who Gudetama was. Apparently, he’s a Sanrio character (like Hello Kitty or Keroppi.) He’s a lazy egg guy. Pretty cute.


The gum inside the package is simple. It’s a thin, white square that tastes like generic fruity soda flavor. It’s also soft; I actually enjoyed it quite a bit, but like I said before, I wouldn’t have minded a second piece.

The package also came with a Gudetama sticker. I got one where he’s in a croissant, it looks like. Why is he in there? Does he want to get eaten? 🙁

Rating: 3.5/5

Gudetama Gum
Gudetama Gum

2. Lifeguard Drink Candy

So, Lifeguard Drink Candy is … something. I didn’t know what to expect with this one. The description that came with the booklet just said it was a ‘Vitamin Energy Drink in Candy Form.’

It’s goop. Gummy, slimy goop that comes in a small pouch. There are three pouches in the pack.


It was hard to open a pouch, but as you can see above, the recommended way to eat it is to pour it out. I just squeezed it into my mouth. The feeling wasn’t pleasant at all. Like, it was really, really gross.

I liked the flavor; it made me think of a lemon lime Gatorade. That was fine, but the texture wasn’t.

I ended up throwing 2 of the pouches out.

Lifeguard Drink Candy
Lifeguard Drink Candy

Rating: 1/5 – just for the flavor alone.

3. Umaibo: Takoyaki

I was a little disappointed when I saw two Umaibo in the box, since I had gotten one previously in January. While I enjoyed the Umaibo in January, I felt as if there must be many snacks yet to be packaged in a Skoshbox that haven’t yet, so seeing ‘repeats’ is odd.

These Umaibo are a different flavor than January’s, but I still would have liked something new.

Anyway, the Umaibo here are Takoyaki flavor. I don’t particularly enjoy the texture of octopus, so I wouldn’t know if these taste as they should, but they tasted good. The seasoning was clearly visible all over the snack, giving it depth both visually and in taste.


I will also admit that the packaging is cute.

Umaibo: Takoyaki
Umaibo: Takoyaki

Rating: 4/5

4. Fettuccine Gummy

These are very interesting gummies in the shape of fettuccine noodles. They’re orange flavor, and I love orange flavored stuff so I was excited to try them.


The packaging is pretty bold, throwing that juicy orange in your face!

The actual gummies are as close to fettuccine as they can get, with a sugary coating much like gummy worms have. The taste is really strong; I can’t say I’ve had stronger tasting orange gummies before. Sometimes the taste gets a little sour, though I don’t really think it’s supposed to. Who knows, my taste buds might just be out of whack or something.

I enjoyed this one. If you really like orange flavor, you probably will, too.

Fettuccine Gummy
Fettuccine Gummy

Rating: 4.5/5

5. Peko x Sanrio Ichigo Choco

These are adorable little chocolates adorned with Peko-chan and Sanrio characters. There’s a layer of strawberry candy on top and chocolate on the bottom.

The package is the best out of this box by far. Just look at it!


I love how it opens up to reveal the pouch of candy:


And I really love how the candy is arranged. The characters are formed well and you can really tell who is on each piece.

Peko x Sanrio Ichigo Choco
Peko x Sanrio Ichigo Choco

The flavor is mellow; the chocolate in particular isn’t strong. That being said, it’s a good kind of mellow, and you don’t feel guilty eating most of the pack on your own. I liked these a lot.

Rating: 5/5

Best of the Box: The Peko x Sanrio Choco was the best of the box, with Fettuccine Gummy in second.

That being said, this box was the weakest of the year, and I hope June’s is better mixed. I would love some Pocky, though it is getting warmer out.