Skoshbox Review March 2017

Skoshbox Review March 2017

Skoshbox changed their booklet starting this month to be more descriptive of each treat, as well as more educational about Japanese terms and culture. It’s pretty cool, honestly. I like that it’s bigger now, so things are easier to read. (I’m old, alright?)

This month’s box only contained four items, but they were all of decent size, so it wasn’t a problem. Let’s review what they were and what I thought!

1.) Winter Limited Pocky

Winter Limited Pocky
Winter Limited Pocky

This is a Pocky stick with very dark, very thick chocolate coating. I personally love dark chocolate, so these were an instant hit. The box contains two pouches inside, which I found to be a generous amount to include in this month’s Skoshbox.

There isn’t a whole lot else to say about these — if you’ve had any Pocky before, you can pretty much imagine what these are like.

Rating: 5/5

2.)  Yogurlet Candy

Yogurlet Candy
Yogurlet Candy

If you recall the lemonade tablets from the January box, you’ll recognize these. These are exactly the same, but in a tangy yogurt flavor. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the flavor, but it’s something Skoshbox has given us a few times — the January box has some chews with the same flavor, as well.

The texture of these is interesting, in that it crumbles as it dissolves in your mouth. Like I said, this isn’t bad, but just repetitive.

Rating: 4/5

3.)  Crunky Popjoy

Crunky Popjoy
Crunky Popjoy

Let’s get CRUNKY!

I have no idea why these are called that, but it’s a pretty great name.

Crunky Popjoy are square shaped chocolate candies with rice puffs inside. They’re kind of like a Crunch bar here in the US but with, in my opinion, tastier chocolate. The rice puffs add to the texture and give the whole thing a fun spin.

There seemed to be a very decent amount of Crunkies in the bag, which was good, since they kind of disappeared!!

Rating: 5/5

4.)  Alfort Premium Biscuits

Alfort Premium Biscuits
Alfort Premium Biscuits

I’ve said this before, but I’m not the biggest fan of matcha/green tea flavor. It’s okay. I respect it, and I respect those who love it, but it’s sometimes just too strong for my tastes. Unfortunately, Alfort Premium Biscuits fall into that category.

If you like matcha flavor, and I mean REALLY like it, these are for you. They’re strong! I only had one, but the flavor overpowered the chocolate biscuit; I felt like the biscuit was just there for the crunch.

I wanted to like these more than I did, but I just don’t really like strong matcha.

I did enjoy the awesome ship on each piece, though! I’ll give Alfort that, haha.

Rating: 2.5/5

Verdict for Mar. 17’s box: GOOD! The Pocky and Crunky were both very delightful, and while the yogurt tabs were tasty, they felt too similar to the lemonade ones from January’s box. The fact that I personally don’t love strong green tea didn’t help the final item in the box, either, but all in all the selection was good.

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