Skoshbox Review April 2017

Skoshbox Review April 2017

(Featuring my kitten, Legolas!)

I tossed the booklet from this box in the trash after eating the snacks this month, which I usually don’t do until I’ve written up the review. So, the names of the snacks might be the slightest bit off here, as I have to look over my notes now and hope that I wrote something coherent for everything. Oops!

1.) Yasashii Shoga

Yasashii Shoga
Yasashii Shoga

This is a soft jelly-like candy, much in the style of the Puru Mocchi from February . This one, though, is ginger flavored.

I’ll admit, I don’t particularly enjoy ginger in candy. I like ginger in sodas and drinks, but only fairly heavily sweetened.

This candy isn’t nearly as unpleasant as I was worried it would be. It does have a ginger taste to it, but it’s not really too overpowering. There’s enough sweetener in there to mask most of it, but if you’re not a big fan of ginger, you’ll still sense it trying to push its way to your taste buds.

I honestly just ate one of these; I didn’t want to risk the ginger becoming too much.

Rating: 3/5

2.) Green Bean Mame

Green Bean Mame
Green Bean Mame

These, despite the name, are pea snacks. (I know, the package does say PEA under the name but still. Green beans make me think of string beans.)

The peas are covered in cornstarch here, and dried. They’re not very pea-like in taste, but instead are pleasantly tasty like a cracker. They aren’t salty, either, so eating a whole lot of them doesn’t feel bad.

I think these were really mellow and satisfying to snack on!

Rating: 5/5

3.)  Popcorn Choco White

Popcorn Choco White
Popcorn Choco White

This is popcorn coated in a thick layer of white chocolate. Unfortunately, the first few pieces I had were kind of stale in texture under the chocolate, which I attributed to the expiration date being a few weeks off. Not all pieces were that way, though, and the ones that were fresher were definitely nicer and fun to eat.

The white chocolate tasted as it should and not plasticky or artificial, and when the popcorn was fresh it reminded me of caramel corn.

This was a very nice snack!

Rating: 5/5

4.)  Mochi Mochi Chocola

Mochi Mochi Chocola
Mochi Mochi Chocola

This is an adorable little pack of mochi balls with strawberry filling. I thought the inclusion of a little pick was absolutely adorable and practical!

The mochi was really, really soft and at first I wasn’t sure I really liked it. The filling was kind of goopy and runny, and the outer rice layer was really sticky, more than I prefer.

So, I thought of putting them in the fridge for a day, and they were much, much nicer.

I don’t know if that was the intentional way of preparing them, but it worked for me. The mochi was firm and the filling somewhat solid.

I rated this based on the cold preparation method, as it was what really sealed the deal for the snack.

Rating: 5/5

Verdict for Apr. ’17’s box: VERY GOOD! The only really ‘lackluster’ snack to me was the Yasashii Shoga, but that’s just due to the fact that I don’t like ginger a whole lot in candy. The best item in the box was probably the Green Bean Mame, with the Mochi in second.