Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 39 Review – SEASON FINALE

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 39 Review

INFINITY 12 – Infinite Journey

Recap: Well, here we are with the final episode of the Infinity arc! While the next (Dream) arc hasn’t been announced yet, I’m pretty sure it’ll be animated at some point.

At the end of this review, I’ll briefly state how I felt about this season of Crystal compared to the previous two.

Anyway, the previous episode ended with Sailor Saturn about to swing the Silence Glaive. This is a problem, especially since Super Sailor Moon is, well, absent.

Surprisingly enough, we have to see almost five whole minutes of reused footage from episode 38 before anything new happens. I understand completely when a studio wants to recap what happened in a previous episode, but the five minutes of it here seemed a little long. Besides, this is the last episode of the season, so you’d think they’d want to have as much airtime as possible available for stuff, right?

Anyway, after the long recap, Sailor Saturn begins to swing her Glaive. This is where the last episode ended, and it was quite the cliffhanger then; luckily, though, Super Sailor Moon awakens before Saturn can complete her task, and she uses the Chalice to give the entire group their Super Sailor forms. If you remember, a few episodes ago, the group had received new brooches on their bows, but not the rest of the Super outfit. Now they have the entire thing, though that doesn’t come into play for their abilities quite yet.

This entire scene has what sounds like the opening theme play as Super Sailor Moon brings everyone their new outfits, which doesn’t have quite the impact the song in the classic anime did, but whatever. Not a big deal, considering the animation looked great the entire time here.

Sailor Saturn's Sacrifice
Sailor Saturn’s Sacrifice

After the new costumes are given out, Super Sailor Moon watches as Sailor Saturn declares her duty to rid the planet of the intruder (Pharaoh 90) while bringing it new life. This is her purpose with the Glaive, after all, and she’s determined to see it through. Of course, this appears a little confusing at first, at least to me, but I recall it always being a little confusing. Sailor Saturn is a very interesting character; particularly in Crystal, she states her motivations for doing what she does, explaining that rebirth is ‘beautiful’. She continues to swing the Glaive, thereby destroying the planet, and everyone watches this.

Saturn then instructs Pluto to close the gate behind Pharaoh 90 and herself, since it should have never been opened in the first place. Pluto seems a little unhappy about this, as it means Saturn will die, and even though she and Neptune/Uranus were originally brought to the planet to make sure Saturn never awoke, she ended up seeing that Saturn wasn’t the ‘enemy’ in the grand scheme of things. That being said, this is the only way to completely rid the planet of Pharaoh 90, so she does as told, and Saturn goes away.

Super Sailor Moon is given Saturn’s energy, as further proof that she’s gone. Everyone shows their feelings here, and Moon follows this sacrifice of Saturn’s up by calling Neo Queen Serenity’s power and reviving the city and everyone there.

Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus walking away.
Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus walking away.

Soon after, a baby appears nearby and Sailor Neptune goes to check it out. The baby’s forehead glows in the symbol of Saturn, and she realizes that Hotaru has been reincarnated again. (This is presumably due to her attack ‘Death Reborn Revolution’. When she uses it, she gets reborn.) She, Uranus, and Pluto decide to care for her, since her father and mother are gone, and they inform the rest of the Guardians that they’re going to leave. Their duty has been finished, so their next goal is to care for Hotaru. Tearfully, Chibi Moon says goodbye, and they return the notion, respecting her as a full fledged Guardian like the others.

Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto have now left the group, and the scene changes to the others in civilian form. There’s humorous banter between them, with Minako telling Usagi that she’s glad someone else has bad grades, and that they can fail in high school together. The others go on about what they want to do in high school, and Chibiusa and Mamoru eventually get Usagi to go with them to see the solar eclipse before Chibiusa has to go back home to the 30th century.

If this looks familiar, it's because it's close to a Stars scene.
If this looks familiar, it’s because it’s close to a Stars scene.

As the three of them watch the eclipse, Chibiusa hears a bell in the distance, which raises awareness/concern. We don’t get to see what (or who) is causing the sound, though, as the screen goes black and the ending credits play.

Now, the bell is definitely a sign for what’s to come (the next arc) so this is a pretty solid confirmation that we’re getting the next season at some point!

What I Liked/Didn’t Like:

  • Saturn’s final scene was always a little confusing to me, even in the manga and the classic anime. I like Saturn a lot as a character, but the scene goes pretty quick here to really absorb it all. This isn’t a complaint, though, it’s more like a statement of my inability to comprehend some stuff, haha.
  • I thought the animation was excellent the entire episode. Definitely no complaints there.
  • I really liked the banter between the group about high school and grades. Even Rei berated Usagi a little bit, which is something I missed seeing!
  • The teaser for the next arc at the end was mean, but in a good way. Really made me wanting the next episode as soon as possible.
  • All in all, the episode was well rounded and a good end to the season. Only honest complaint was the five minutes of recapping at the beginning.
Hearing bells.
Hearing bells.

Final Thoughts on the Infinity Arc:

So, the first two seasons of Crystal were hideously inconsistent, if you recall. The animation was anywhere from lackluster to awful, and the writing couldn’t decide if it wanted to follow the manga directly or not. I honestly wouldn’t have minded some deviation from the manga in some instances (the Ayakashi Sisters in the second arc could have lived a little longer, for example) but the choices Toei made in regards to changes from the manga were odd. (The Generals being around for way longer than they needed to felt unnecessary and forced.)

That being said, the Infinity arc didn’t have any of these issues. The anime followed the manga very well (often panel for panel) and the animation was much improved. The transformation sequences being 2D helped tremendously, and the Guardians’ designs being quite less stiff/directly inspired from the manga allowed for a smoother transition to animation.

The only real ‘faults’ I found with the Infinity arc were there in the manga, as well, and they’re all my personal opinion. Basically, I enjoyed the campy classic anime’s character development and stretching of plot points. I really liked how the Witches 5 stuck around for a bit in the classic anime, as opposed to the manga where they were gone as soon as they arrived. But, like I said, that’s all personal opinion, and I knew going in to Crystal that it wouldn’t be the same. That’s not a bad thing; I wouldn’t necessarily want a repeat of the classic anime. Monster of the Day gets old, and sometimes episodes back then got a little -too- silly.

Crystal seems to be doing much, much better than it was before. It’s definitely worth a shot watching now, if you’re at all interested; if the first two seasons let you down, give this one a chance!

I can only say I wish Toei would go back and remake the first two seasons now to match the third, but that won’t happen.

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 39 is available to view on Crunchyroll now if you’re a premium member, and in SD on July 4th if you’re not.

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  1. Nice review there! Keep up the good work.
    The finale was pretty tight IMO, but as you mentioned, it was quite confusing at times. And, oh the burning cliffhanger at the end.
    However I feel that season 1 (and 2 as well, sort of) handled characters much better than what this one did. But that’s just me I guess.


    • Thanks a lot for the comment!

      I thought that Season 1 did have a few high points in regards to the characters’ backstories and personalities, but ultimately fell short at the end. I think that if the animation were redone for the first two seasons, that would have been more palatable, but I highly doubt it’ll ever happen.

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