Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 37 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 37 Review

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Recap: As expected, the last episode ended on quite the cliffhanger. Mistress 9 approached Sailor Moon’s group right as she discovers the Inner Guardians are in trouble. What will she do to save them?

Mistress 9, now with the captured and unconscious Inner Guardians, moves to attack Sailor Moon and the three Outer Guardians. Pluto once again puts up a barrier around them, preventing any attack their way, but the Inners’ souls are still able to be absorbed by the enemy. Sailor Moon inevitably rushes over to check on their bodies, reaffirming that their souls are gone. This was a bit of a pointless action, but in a time of crisis, I suppose it would make some sense.

Forming a barrier.
Forming a barrier.

Hotaru’s soul and consciousness, still in Mistress 9, fights to keep her body intact, as Mistress 9 tries to transform into her original, Daemonlike form. After this goes on for a bit, Sailor Moon takes the opportunity to attack Mistress 9, but to little effect; she’s just too powerful at this point for our protagonist alone, especially not in her Super state. Hotaru, however, decides to take the captured souls from Mistress 9’s possession and return them all to their owners. This is a very risky move — leaving her/Mistress 9’s body means that she’ll die, but she’ll be able to return the souls back to the Inner Guardians and Chibiusa, as well as Chibiusa’s Legendary Silver Crystal.

Hotaru thinks to herself before leaving. She thinks about her father, briefly, and how he’s gone. She also thinks about who gave her the motivation to be strong in a time of need, being Chibiusa. Nobody showed her kindness and friendship like Chibiusa did, even though their encounters were always fairly brief. This feeling enables her to move forward with delivering the souls to everyone, sacrificing herself in the process. In a way, you can think of it as a thank you to Chibiusa for all she has done for her.

This scene goes on for a little while, admittedly longer than probably necessary, though a character is sacrificing themselves, so I suppose it makes sense.

Hotaru's goodbye.
Hotaru’s goodbye.

Hotaru finally moves on with delivering the souls, beginning with the Inner Guardians, and ending with Chibiusa. As she finishes her delivery, she tells Chibiusa that their meeting was destiny (and how it’s strange to say when they’re both girls, though I personally don’t think it matters) and disappears. Chibiusa mourns her friend, thinking that her life/fate was so sad, and Mamoru quickly tells her to go help Sailor Moon. Man, don’t give her time to mourn or anything, Mamoru!

Chibiusa transforms as told, since she feels as if Hotaru saved her for a reason, and goes off to help the others. Mamoru also dons his Tuxedo Mask getup, and the scene changes back to the Inner Guardians, who attack Mistress 9 one by one. The Outer Guardians, meanwhile, are still holding up their large barrier to protect the surrounding city, so they can’t attack.

Chibi Moon comes in and deals a blow to Mistress 9. This isn’t enough to kill her, though, and Tuxedo Mask tells Sailor Moon to transform into Super Sailor Moon. She agrees, and Chibimoon watches in admiration, hoping she could be as strong as her mother. Thinking more about this, and wishing for similar power, causes a second Moon Chalice to appear next to Sailor Moon’s, and Luna, Artemis, and Diana notice this from the control room. This surprises everyone, but they go along with it and Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon transform into their Super forms together. Unfortunately, since we saw Chibi Moon’s transformation earlier, we weren’t able to see her Super transformation here. This was kind of disappointing, since Sailor Moon’s Super transformation was shown.

Super Guardians.
Super Guardians.

Anyway, the two Super Guardians get ready to deliver an attack toward Mistress 9, but the episode ends before we can see it!

What I Liked/Didn’t Like:

  • The scene with Hotaru thinking about delivering the souls was a tiny bit long, in my opinion. I can understand why, since she sacrificed herself and all, but I feel that if it were a little shorter we may have been able to see Super Chibi Moon’s transformation instead. Not a big deal, though.
  • Chibiusa mourning Hotaru was pretty sad. I have to admit that Toei did a good job conveying the emotion there. After all, she was Chibiusa’s closest friend.
  • The episode was pretty straightforward overall; it went by quickly, and I feel like there isn’t a whole lot else to say about it!
  • The pose below was pretty entertaining though:
Tux's pose.
Tux’s pose.

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 37 is available to view on Crunchyroll now if you’re a premium member, and in SD on June 20th if you’re not.

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