Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 36 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 36 Review

INFINITY 9 “Infinite Labyrinth” 2

Recap: A lot of things happened in episode 35, with one of the most prominent being Mistress 9 using the Legendary Silver Crystal to boost her powers at the end. What will happen as a consequence to that?

Immediately, episode 36 opens with a very quick recap of Mistress 9 absorbing the power of the Legendary Silver Crystal, just in case you forgot about it. Afterward, she informs Master Pharaoh 90 of this accomplishment and the scene changes to Chibiusa, still unconscious in bed but able to dream of her Silver Crystal. In this dream, she reaches for the Crystal and realizes that she felt empty and lost without it, needing comfort from her mother to keep her safe. The image of her mother then changes to Hotaru, who vows to keep both her and her Legendary Silver Crystal away from the enemy.

Mistress 9 surprised.
Mistress 9 surprised.

Mistress 9 senses this disturbance in her body, and begins to get a terrible headache. Then, the scene changes back to the Sailor Guardians, who split up into two groups — Venus leading the group with Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter, and Super Sailor Moon leading the group with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Moon briefly worries about Venus’ group as they leave, and then moves with her group to the elevator, where they plan to head to the basement where the Daimon laboratory is.

Professor Tomoe, in his lab, thinks back to when this adventure with Master Pharaoh 90 started. We’re greeted by a flashback of the event, which consisted of Tomoe and Kaolinite working on recreating Hotaru’s body immediately after the fire, which killed her mother. As they were performing the procedure, a strange storm brewed outside, which allowed the egg of Master Pharaoh 90 to enter Kaolinite’s body and cause her to be ‘vesselized’. Vesselized is a strange word, but the subtitles have been insisting on using it for a while now. Dunno why.

Anyway, Kaolinite becomes a servant of Master Pharaoh 90, and is informed that she is now the head Magus, or Mage/Witch. Professor Tomoe recalls that he was bewildered by all of this at first, but then eventually became enamored with the notion of great power and decided to absorb some of the ability Master Pharaoh 90 gave them. This power allowed him to create ‘perfect’ beings, blends of human and alien, which is how the Witches 5 were made. The flashback also explains what we’ve already figured out; Tomoe put the power of Mistress 9 in Hotaru so that she could be reawakened. Mistress 9 was Master Pharaoh 90’s partner before, which is why she’s so important.

Kaolinite receiving power from Master Pharaoh 90
Kaolinite receiving power from Master Pharaoh 90

The scene then changes back to Moon’s group on the elevator. Moon thinks back to what Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto told her about Sailor Saturn, and how the world will be destroyed if she is awoken. Worried about this, she then thinks about potentially being separated from the others and how she may not be able to do anything if that happens. Uranus and Neptune tell her that they are used to being alone, as well as Pluto, since they were tied to guarding their planets/Space-Time in the past; however, whenever they felt down about this task, they thought of their queen, and her ability to make everything right. Her light is powerful, and full of love.

Just then, the elevator gives out temporarily and Super Sailor Moon is alone in a void. She begins to panic, but then remembers the words of her Guardians, and thinks of her light, and the love her entire group has for each other. She uses Rainbow Moon Heart Ache and is freed from the void, reunited with the others. They then make it down to the bottom floor, where Professor Tomoe waits to greet them. He sends out a few Daimons, and Neptune and Pluto immediately attack and kill them. Tomoe laughs in response to this, stating that he can keep making more. He then takes this opportunity to turn himself into a Super Life Form, which looks like a powered up Daimon. Uranus Space Sword Blasters him, and Sailor Moon uses Rainbow Moon Heart Ache after Uranus is knocked back. As expected, Tomoe dies from this.

One of the last times we see Professor Tomoe.
One of the last times we see Professor Tomoe.

Hotaru senses that her father is dead and tells him goodbye, while inside of Mistress 9.

Super Sailor Moon can feel that there’s someone else around when Hotaru does this, but before anything can be done (ie: looking for her) the walls around the group start to crumble, and Sailor Pluto calls out her Garnet Ball ability to encase them all in a safe bubble, as protection.

Super Sailor Moon’s brooch then begins to glow, and she realizes that the other Guardians are in trouble. This causes her to revert back to her Sailor Moon form, which is a serious problem, since Mistress 9 shows up instantly afterward, ending the episode.

What a cliffhanger, huh?

What I Liked/Didn’t Like:

  • The subs were much better this time around. The only really awkward one I noticed was at the very beginning, when Mistress 9 said that they have nothing to be scared. There’s no ‘of’ at the end of that line, which somehow made it past the previous episode and this one. Still, I didn’t really notice anything else here, which is a tremendous improvement from before.
  • The entire scene with Super Sailor Moon thinking of each individual Guardian when she was alone was a little long, if I have to be honest. I don’t necessarily think she needs to always say every one of their names all the time, either, but it’s a very minor complaint.
  • I thought it was pretty cool that they left Garnet Ball in the episode, since it only occurs one time in the manga.

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 36 is available to view on Crunchyroll now if you’re a premium member, and in SD on June 13th if you’re not.

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