Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 35 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 35 Review

INFINITY 9 “Infinite Labyrinth” 1

Recap: At the end of the last episode, Chibiusa was knocked unconscious and detransformed by Hotaru in her newly awakened evil form. Right when this episode begins, we’re greeted with the entire group in the hospital with Chibiusa, ready to hear her prognosis.

Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna leaving to kill Hotaru.
Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna leaving to kill Hotaru.

Unfortunately, the doctor states that she suffered cardiac arrest and died. This prompts appropriate shock and negative reaction from everyone, but Haruka says that Chibiusa can be saved if Hotaru is killed. Usagi is unhappy with that solution, though, as she doesn’t want to kill Hotaru.

There are awful subtitles all around here, as I’ll state later on in the ‘What I Liked/Didn’t Like’ section. It really feels like they ran the Japanese subs through Google Translate or something for this episode (and the previous one), since I’ve never seen subs this bad (save for Duwang.)

Anyway, Mamoru takes Chibiusa’s body back home and stays with her, acting as life support temporarily with his Earth power, until her soul is returned to her. Or something. The scene immediately changes to Hotaru, now Mistress 9, who dismisses Kaolinite from her duties. Kaolinite, unhappy with this, moves to revive all of the Witches 5, while Mistress 9 shows Pharaoh 90 Chibi Moon’s Legendary Silver Crystal.

Jupiter in Tellu's room.
Jupiter in Tellu’s room.

The revived Witches 5 turn the academy into a labyrinth, and each of the inner Guardians face their counterpart. (Mars and Eudial, Mercury and Viluy, Venus and Mimete, and Jupiter and Tellu.) The Witches 5 use their powers to convince the Guardians not to fight for Sailor Moon anymore, and they tell this to Moon before becoming confined to a pillar of something. It’s white and goopy, maybe magical plaster. Who knows.

When the Guardians tell Moon that she’s been wasting their time, Mamoru and Chibiusa show up too, as part of the illusion. This causes Moon to attack the forms of her friends with Moon Spiral Heart Attack to free herself from seeing them go after her.

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto show up and attack the Witches 5, killing them (for real this time?) and freeing the other Guardians. Sailor Moon’s brooch then reacts to the group being together, and they conjure up the power to allow the Chalice to show up, prompting Sailor Moon to transform into Super Sailor Moon.

Sailor Neptune uses her mirror to find what they’re looking for — who revived the Witches 5. Kaolinite, the source is on floor 60, so the subtitles appropriately say “it’s in up floor.” I just can’t stop with these, they’re providing entertainment all on their own, I swear.

Mistress 9 gaining more power.
Mistress 9 gaining more power.

The inner Guardians all attack Kaolinite when she transforms into a Daemon, with Jupiter stating “I stop you” as she does so, but Kaolinite shrugs it all off. In retaliation, she shoots out some pretty badass eye lasers at the group, but the outers (Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto) hold a barrier to prevent any destruction. They can’t hold it long, so Super Sailor Moon does her thing and kills Kaolinite.

Mistress 9 senses Kaolinite’s demise, and takes the Legendary Silver Crystal she had and absorbs it, strengthening her power.

The ending is different again! This time it’s all about Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask and it owns. Definitely my favorite one so far.

What I Liked/Didn’t Like:

  • Bad subs again. Right at the beginning of the episode, Haruka says “She was taken her soul, I guess” about Chibiusa. Yeah, you read that right. I don’t remember the subs ever being this bad before. Mamoru has some gems, too, using ‘relive’ instead of ‘revive,’ and Mistress 9 even says an awkward line at the end of the episode.
  • The music was top notch, especially when Super Moon attacked Kaolinite.
  • Sailor Pluto delivering her Chrono Typhoon without yelling it out was a nice touch. Something the old dub never did!
  • I appreciate that Toei felt the need to put effort into the EDs. Not sarcastic, I think that it shows that they’re caring for the series now. Y’know, except for the subtitles, but I don’t know who to blame for those. The OPs have been changing a little, too, but I’ll admit that none of them have really grabbed me as much as the EDs have.

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 35 is available to view on Crunchyroll now if you’re a premium member, and in SD on June 6th if you’re not.

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