Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 33 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 33 Review

INFINITY 6 – Three Guardians

Recap: Sailor Pluto is back, as we saw in the previous episode, and Chibi Moon immediately asks her if she’s real. She answers that she was brought back by Neo Queen Serenity’s power, and Sailor Moon transforms into Serenity in front of the entire group. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune introduce themselves to her as the Outer Solar System Guardians, and Pluto follows suit.

Chibimoon hugging Pluto
Chibimoon hugging Pluto

Neptune and Uranus apologize for their rudeness before, and say that they’re here on Earth to protect both Princess Serenity and the planet. They go on to explain that they were reborn to defeat the enemies present, but arrived too late.

Sailor Pluto states that the Death Busters came to Earth through a warp in Space Time, and that they need to fix the warp before more enemies show up. Neptune apologizes after Uranus says they were just disguising as students to spy on the enemy, and when Sailor Venus tells them it’s fine and they can help fight, Uranus just says they’d get in the way.

After Tuxedo Mask asks about the items the three Outer Guardians possess, it’s clearly stated that the items are the Talismans they were warned not to collect. Uranus explains that the Talismans are to be used to bury the Deity of Destruction.

Back at the Tsukino household, Chibiusa and Mr. Tsukino discover that the Academy has been closed via the news. Usagi sees this after a moment, and the main group of Guardians go to their base, with Luna and Artemis. Luna explains that Professor Tomoe is to be suspected, but Hotaru is not, and that Chibiusa should keep an eye on her friend to learn about the Professor and what he’s up to. The episode also takes this opportunity to tell us, briefly, that Hotaru’s mother died in a fire a while ago.

Chibiusa agrees to the task, as a Guardian, and the scene changes to Professor Tomoe and Kaolinite.

Luna's data on Hotaru
Luna’s data on Hotaru

Kaolinite uses her water mirror to discover the strong energies of three new Guardian planets. She summons Cyprene, the final sorceress of the group, and gives her the Taioron crystal, stating that she needs to find and destroy Haruka and Michiru.

When we go back to Chibiusa, we find out that Hotaru has invited her to either a movie or to just hang out. Chibiusa wonders why she was invited out, and ends up waiting for her friend for over an hour. Hotaru, back at home, is seen undergoing surgery by her father, which exposes her partially artificial/genetically engineered arm. Chibiusa, worried about her, runs to her house and sees her arm, prompting her to run away.

Hotaru has a flashback about her mother, who definitely died in a fire. She then thinks about how Chibiusa is her only friend, and that since she saw her arm, she might not want to be her friend anymore. This causes Hotaru to wonder why she’s even alive.

Chibimoon feels guilty after leaving Hotaru, but immediately notices a strange hail coming from the sky. She catches up with Usagi and Mamoru and they notice that everyone around them is acting possessed (and fighting one another). Cyprene is then seen approaching Haruka, whom she calls a fugitive; she attacks Haruka soon after her introduction, and Haruka dodges and transforms. Neptune and Pluto catch up to her.

Hotaru with her arm exposed
Hotaru with her arm exposed

The Inner Guardians notice the Outers about to fight, and Jupiter says they don’t need help. Moon insists on helping them though, so they all leave to do so. Cyprene almost instantly uses her magic to make the Inners fight the Outers after the Inners attempt to attack her, but Moon’s Legendary Silver Crystal prevents herself from becoming tainted.

Everyone, save for Moon, fights, and Cyprene breaks off into two witches – the other named Ptilol.

Chibimoon and Tuxedo Mask show up after this and Chibi Moon tries her Pink Sugar Heart Attack to try and cleanse the others, but Jupiter attacks her instead. Tuxedo Mask is able to deflect it away. Moon thinks that the Outer Guardians cannot really hate everyone else deep down since they saved the Inners last episode; that, and they must be watching over them. After this thought, she, Tuxedo Mask, and Chibimoon combine their strength and hearts to conjure the Holy Grail, which Sailor Moon now holds.

The episode ends before anything happens with it, though.

Jupiter and Uranus fighting
Jupiter and Uranus fighting

What I Liked/Didn’t Like:

  • I think it’s a little strange that Sailor Pluto has lipstick on but Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune do not. Neptune, in particular, confuses me, and I think lipstick would make her look more mature. It’s really funny that the three Guardians don’t use lip rods to transform but Pluto has lipstick.
  • Neptune explains that Uranus is both a man and a woman, and possesses the strengths of both genders. The classic anime, if I recall correctly, doesn’t state this, so this is an interesting touch. Not bad or anything, just interesting. The episode approached the subject decently, I think, and didn’t really push it longer than it needed to. After all, it doesn’t matter what Uranus is, at the end of the day.
  • The scene with Hotaru seeing Chibimoon run away was very well done. The music added to the atmosphere and really made me feel bad for her.
  • We don’t get to see Pluto’s transformation sequence. 🙁
  • I did love how action packed this episode was, definitely.

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