Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 32 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 32 Review



Setsuna was introduced at the very end of the previous episode, as a student at the Academy. (How is she alive? It is a mystery that may be explained in a future episode.) At the beginning of episode 32, she’s in her lab researching the distorted space around Sankakusu. Sankakusu is looking pretty bad, what with giant dark clouds looming above it and all…

Professor Tomoe and Kaolinite are working on creating more Daimon, but Professor Tomoe notices that the most recent one is defective again. Master Pharaoh 90 begins to talk to them, and is upset by their lack of finding Hostes. He then goes on to take the time and explain that the Sailor Guardians are really impeding their plans. Which is honestly no surprise, since that’s their job.

Pharaoh 90 tells his associates/minions to go and obtain Sailor Moon’s ‘radiance’ or power, as she has the strength to destroy the Witches 5 in no time flat. She needs to go for their plan to be achieved.

After Pharaoh 90 leaves, Kaolinite summons Tellu, the next Witches 5 member, to gather Hostes. Tellu announces her alter ego’s name, Ruru Teruno, and the scene changes to Chibiusa.

Someone has a crush.
Someone has a crush.

Chibiusa’s teacher gives the class an assignment that entails giving what they made (in Chibiusa’s case, the clay Holy Grail) to a loved one. Chibiusa decides she’ll give it to Hotaru, and a short scene plays where we see Hotaru being bullied by classmates at the Academy. After the scene shifts to Makoto learning about a new plant species named Tellun, Chibiusa and Usagi go to the Tomoe home to deliver the Grail to Hotaru. Hotaru begins to feel as if another being is inside of her when she has another illness spell, and the other being craves Chibiusa’s Legendary Silver Crystal. The illness spell doesn’t last long, and Hotaru is able to shake off the feeling, for now at least.

Makoto buys a Tellun from the plant shop and takes it to her apartment. Minako visits her, and they both fall asleep from the effects of the plant, which has been revealed to be created by Ruru Teruno/Tellu. (No surprise with that name.) Minako eventually wakes up, and then Makoto follows suit, noticing the Tellun has bloomed and withered all of its surrounding plants. Makoto cuts it with a knife, and spooky purple mist seeps out of it.

Makoto, Ami, Rei, and Minako find Usagi and Chibiusa looking at a map of the city, and Makoto tells Usagi that the Academy’s Botanical Garden is their enemy. Before Usagi can absorb that, Michiru and Haruka walk by, and give chase when Usagi yells to them. Usagi ends up running to Haruka’s apartment, pleading to her through the door that they should work together. Haruka looks sad, here, which is a good touch.

Usagi pleads to Haruka.
Usagi pleads to Haruka.

The group (sans Michiru and Haruka) run to the Botanical Garden, where everyone’s energy gets sapped by the Tellun. Tellu then shows up and says the plant is part of her, and she explains that she wants their Hostes (or energy) for her master.

Everyone musters up enough energy to transform, and Setsuna, barely able to move in her lab, worries she’ll die here. Michiru and Haruka feel the pain of their teammate, and Setsuna realizes that she was reborn for a purpose.

The Guardians all attack Tellu, but she deflects everything. She even sucks up Moon Spiral Heart Attack to everyone’s surprise, so Chibi Moon calls Luna-P to assist her, and Luna-P delivers her Moon Rod. Chibi Moon attacks with Pink Sugar Heart Attack for the first time, but it also gets absorbed, and Tellu becomes stronger. Tuxedo Mask shows up and saves Chibi Moon from getting hit, but the ultimate blow to Tellu comes from Sailor Pluto, with Dead Scream.

Chibi Moon can’t believe it, but Pluto is there, and Pluto looks at everyone and smiles once Tellu is defeated.

What I Liked/Didn’t Like:

Makoto's Senpai
Makoto’s Senpai
  • I loved how Makoto thought her favorite plant reminded her of her senpai, Nichogi. This name was never mentioned in the 90s anime, so it’s cool that it was here. I enjoyed the cute frame of Makoto thinking of him, as it did evoke the 90s style a bit. I’m a sucker for that.
  • Pharaoh 90’s voice is spot on for how I’d expect him to sound. Perfectly evil.
  • I thought Haruka’s outfit in this episode was very stylish. I like how she can wear men’s or women’s outfits in a blink. She does what she wants and she doesn’t care.
  • I really liked how the transformations were all blended into one another, cutting down on its runtime. Chibi Moon’s mini transformation was cute, too. I especially liked the frame below:
  • Very minor nitpick, but I think it’s funny that Crunchyroll’s subs insist on using Tenoh/Kaioh and the text in the anime (on the map) use Tenou/Kaiou. It doesn’t matter, but I thought it was interesting.
Cute Sailor Chibi Moon
Cute Sailor Chibi Moon

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 32 is available to view on Crunchyroll now if you’re a premium member, and in SD on May 16th if you’re not.

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