Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 31 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 31 Review


Hey, we’re finally at the episode where we get to see Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus’ transformations!

Recap: As soon as the episode begins, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus face off with the other Sailor Guardians, insisting that they’re not allies. After Chibimoon remarks that Neptune’s mirror is one of the talismans (since Michiru called it her talisman last episode) the group assumes she’s been causing their bad dreams. Instead of stating if she did cause them one way or another, Sailor Uranus performs a World Shaking at the group to get them to go away. It works. We don’t see exactly what happens, as the scene changes, but the main group is physically unharmed when we see them again. They’re mostly angry that Uranus attacked them, but Moon really wants to know if they’re actually their enemy or not.

During the night, Mamoru and Usagi have the same dream, where Bad Things happen. Same as usual. They wake up and notice that they shared the dream.

There’s a short scene with the Guardians (minus Usagi) and Chibiusa, where Chibiusa shows off a clay grail she’s trying to make, inspired by her mother’s Holy Grail/Moon Chalice from the future.

After a bit, Usagi runs into Haruka, whom she calls Sailor Uranus in public (since she’s sure of the connection.) They have a short talk about Haruka’s gender, and then Mamoru shows up. Usagi and Mamoru go back home, to where Usagi immediately thinks Mamoru is mad at her for hanging around Haruka so much. Before she can explain, however, Chibiusa pops in and asks for help building the Grail.

Chibiusa pretending to be asleep.
Chibiusa pretending to be asleep.

When the Grail is finished, Usagi takes the opportunity to apologize to Mamoru for being around Haruka so much. Mamoru gives her a playful flick on the forehead and says it’s fine, and she says it was silly of her to be jealous of him and Michiru.

The scene changes to Ami, Makoto, and Usagi talking about entrance exams for school. Ami states that there’s a student getting higher marks than her named Yui Bido. Yui runs into Ami immediately after this, and offers her a trial enrollment into the Academy. She tells the other Guardians this with her communicator and Rei instantly tells her it’s dangerous to go alone.

Yes, like in Zelda. 

Ami with glasses.
Ami with glasses.

Ami proceeds to take Yui up on the offer, and when she arrives at the Academy, she’s greeted by a miniature solar system that gives her a strange vibe. Yui explains what it is, and Ami thinks she’s never heard of that system before. A security camera is revealed to have been watching her, and on the other side of it, Kaolinite states that she feels Ami must be protected by a planet. Yui communicates to Kaolinite that she must be, proving that Yui is the enemy of the episode. She formally announces her real name, Viluy. You weren’t surprised by that though, right?

Ami, feeling that she’s being watched, throws something at the camera, knocking it out. She runs into a room of animals that are now beasts, much like the one from the first episode of the season; in a panic, she runs out of the room, but Yui catches her, surrounded by brainwashed students. More students become brainwashed by the program Yui wrote, but Haruka and Michiru show up, knock two of them out, and give Ami the time to run and transform.

Ami attacks Yui (now Viluy) but almost instantly gets trapped in response. Things look bad until Jupiter and Mars come in and attack Viluy, freeing Mercury. But before anyone can do anything else, Haruka and Michiru run over and….


scene25621 scene26131

This is the moment a lot of people were waiting for, since we didn’t see it last episode. I’ll talk about what I thought of the sequences in the What I Liked section below. 🙂

After they transform, Uranus calls forth her talisman, the Space Sword, and uses Space Sword Blaster. It kills Viluy in an instant, to nobody’s surprise. Sailor Moon wonders why Uranus and Neptune saved the group, and they run away (again).

Before the episode ends, we see that Setsuna is alive and a student at the Academy. She looks muuuuuch better than she did before, which I’m very glad about.

The ending actually changed. The old one was great, but this one is pretty great too. It’s focused around Chibiusa, and the song is miles better than the opening’s song. Hm.

What I Liked/Didn’t Like:

  • I liked Haruka’s response to Usagi asking if she’s a man or woman. Basically, it doesn’t matter. Haruka can be whatever she wants, ’cause she’s awesome. Always has been. I’m liking Crystal’s interpretation of her so far, though it’s essentially the manga’s.
  • I enjoyed the moment when Chibiusa interrupted Usagi from apologizing. She assumed that Usagi may have been having an affair (her words) which would cause a fight between her and Mamoru. It was pretty charming. I also like how she pretended to be asleep so they’d make up.
  • Usagi admitted that being jealous of seeing Mamoru with Michiru earlier was silly! That’s great! It shows that’s she’s grown up a bit.
  • I really, really like how Mercury transformed by just jumping into the pool. No transformation sequence or anything. She goes in as Ami, comes out as Mercury. Very clever.
  • Uranus and Neptune’s transformations don’t have the impact the 90s ones did, for some reason. I think the music being quieter is part of it, but the lack of lip rods doesn’t help. Yeah, they weren’t in the manga, but they were a lovely addition to the 9os anime and I was really hoping they’d keep them for Crystal. It’s funny, too, because Uranus and Neptune get lipstick when they’re done transforming, so a lip rod would have made a lot of sense. The animation was fine, though, so that’s good.
Setsuna Meioh in Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 31
Setsuna Meioh in Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 31

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 31 is available to view on Crunchyroll now if you’re a premium member, and in SD on May 9th if you’re not.