Michiru Kaioh in Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 30

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 30 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 30 Review

INFINITY 3 – Two New Soldiers

(I like how the title says Soldiers but the subs/official merchandise all say Guardians now.)

Recap: Immediately after being kissed by Sailor Uranus, Sailor Moon wonders if she’s Haruka. When she meets up with the others at headquarters, she recollects the kiss, but refuses to tell any of them about it.

That night, she dreams of Haruka/Uranus, and is told in her dream that Uranus and Neptune have a limited time to complete their goal of collecting the talismans. Hotaru, Rei, and Mamoru are also seen waking up from a nightmare that explains that collecting the three talismans will appease the Deity of Destruction, which is a Bad Thing. Rei in particular feels that this is a bad hunch.

The next day, Usagi walks around town and notices a poster for Michiru’s concert. She wonders if Mamoru is interested in her, which is a pretty ridiculous thought; Usagi needs to stop worrying so much about him! He obviously loves her. That being said, Usagi’s thoughts are kind of understandable to a degree, as she keeps thinking about Haruka and their kiss, even when they meet again. And they do meet again; Haruka is told Usagi’s name, and she gives her tickets to Michiru’s concert.

Mamoru sees this exchange from a distance.

Usagi proceeds to meet with the others at the arcade, where she finds out that they all had the talisman dream. They then discuss the posters on the wall; a pop star named Mimi Hanyu (who does NOT look like a villain in any way, shape or form) is having a concert at the Academy at the same time Michiru is having her concert. Minako expresses that she wants to sneak into Mimi’s concert and also act as a spy. This scene evokes a lot of charm from the 90s anime, what with Minako’s ridiculous outbursts and all. I love it.

Sailor Uranus in Usagi's dream.
Sailor Uranus in Usagi’s dream.

Of course, Mamoru walks into the arcade right as Usagi announces that she has enough tickets for Michiru’s concert for everyone, and he looks embarrassed about this, almost like he wanted to give one of his tickets to her. Poor Mamoru, he snoozed, and therefore … losed. Heh.

The scene changes to Kaolinite who recollects how the Sailor Guardians killed Eudial so fast, thinking specifically to Sailor Moon’s Moon Spiral Heart Attack. This attack looks to be as powerful as the Taioron Crystal Kaolinite desires, and so she summons Mimete to destroy Moon and the other Guardians so that there’s no competition. Mimete, who officially states her pseudonym to be Mimi Hanyu, agrees to the job, and the scene moves forward.

Chibiusa, in school, is told by her friend Momo that she never returned to her that day she met Hotaru, which prompts Chibiusa to remember that she never returned Hotaru’s handkerchief. She goes to the Tomoe household at her earliest convenience, and Hotaru is happy to see her. They exchange pleasantries, until Hotaru collapses from her illness again. She asks Chibiusa to get her amulet for her, since it makes her feel better for a while. This is the same crystal we saw her dad give her in the previous episode, and when Chibiusa brings it to her, she tells her that soon she won’t be herself anymore. This alludes to something important for the plot of this season, no doubt.

The amulet is dropped to the floor, and Chibiusa takes the opportunity to help Hotaru out. She takes her Silver Crystal out of her own locket and gives it to Hotaru to alleviate her pain for the time being. The thought is that Hotaru already knows Chibiusa is Sailor Chibimoon, so why not use the Crystal to help her?

Chibiusa and Hotaru pinky swear.
Chibiusa and Hotaru pinky swear.

After this, the two pinky swear, with Hotaru promising that she won’t tell anyone about Chibiusa’s identity and Chibiusa promising she won’t tell anyone about Dr. Tomoe’s creations.

Michiru and Haruka see Chibiusa coming out of Hotaru’s home, and offer to take Chibiusa back to her own house in their helicopter. She obliges, and learns that Michiru’s ‘amulet’ is her mirror, which she calls her talisman. When Chibiusa is dropped off, she’s warned by Haruka not to tell anyone what she was told.

She immediately tells Usagi that they took her home in the helicopter from Hotaru’s house, but nothing else.

The scene changes to Michiru’s concert, where Mamoru runs into the girls and explains that he brought Chibiusa to the show since Usagi already had tickets. While Michiru plays, Usagi spots Haruka in the audience, and Rei, Ami, and Makoto notice Minako has disappeared.

We quickly see Minako change into a male Academy student with an old Sailor V compact, so she can sneak into Mimi’s show.

Mimete from Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 30
Mimete from Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 30

It’s a good thing she does this, since Mimi (Mimete) immediately begins to drain the energy out of the audience. Michiru and Haruka sense this from the other hall, and Minako uses her communicator to tell Usagi and the others to come over. Minako then transforms and attacks Mimete, but Mimete dodges and turns three audience members into Daimon. Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury rush in and follow up with their attacks, and Moon finishes off the Daimon, releasing the audience members.

Mimete, seething with rage, moves to kill the Guardians, but suddenly, two new attacks from Neptune and Uranus come in and instantly kill her.

Another one bites the dust!

What I Liked/Didn’t Like:

  • This episode has a lot of charm, much like the others so far in this season. The image of Minako below is an example of this; her expression is wacky, intended to get a chuckle or two out of you. This also gives her personality, which she, much like the other three Guardians, lacked a lot of before. I can’t stress enough how much I like this.
Minako in a pose evoking the 90s style.
Minako in a pose evoking the 90s style.
  • The music in this episode was great, especially the track that played when Usagi walks around and meets Haruka at the beginning of the episode.
  • Mimete dies about as fast as Eudial does, but this isn’t surprising, since the manga was like this too. I just have it in my heart that I like when villains stick around a while, even just 3 or 4 episodes.
  • From what you can see, Deep Submerge and World Shaking look good, but you can’t see too much of both, nor have Neptune/Uranus’ transformations been shown yet. I’m excited to see them.
  • If I talk too much about how much I like the animation/art in Crystal now, well, it’s because it’s SO much better than the previous seasons. I watch these new episodes thinking that I can’t believe the first seasons were even made with such low production values. I feel like this season is how it should have been from the start.

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 30 can be viewed on Crunchyroll now if you’re a premium member, or on May 2nd at 10:35am EDT if you’re not.