Eudial from Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 29

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 29 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 29 Review

Where’s episode 28? Read this post to find out why I skipped it.

Recap: Two mysterious Sailor Guardians (who are totally Neptune and Uranus) have been watching the group, seemingly every time something of note happens. The current Guardians are wary of the two, and wonder if they’re friendly or the enemy.

Hotaru Tomoe is comforted by Chibimoon, who grows fascinated by the quiet girl’s healing ability. Hotaru tells everyone they should leave the grounds of the school before the guards catch them, and they do so upon reassuring the two mysterious Guardians are gone.

The scene changes to Hotaru at home, where we learn that the woman seen in the previous two episodes, Kaolinite, acts as a mother-like caregiver for her, since her actual mother passed away some time ago. Hotaru doesn’t approve of Kaolinite, and her ways of sucking up to her father, Dr. Tomoe. Dr. Tomoe is seen giving Hotaru a crystal while she tries to sleep, so that she feels better. Apparently, Hotaru has some sort of health condition which causes her to collapse/feel faint. She notices that when her father gives her the crystal, he feels unusually cold.

Hotaru Tomoe in episode 29
Hotaru Tomoe in episode 29

After this, we go back to the main group, who discuss what they think about Neptune and Uranus/Michiru and Haruka. They consider the fact that they might be enemies, and need to be treated with caution. Chibiusa recollects about Hotaru here, and Usagi agrees that she seemed like a ‘grown up’ girl who probably doesn’t pose danger. Thing is, Hotaru saw the girls transform in the previous episode, so she knows their true identities.

Back at Tomoe’s lab, we see Kaolinite using the crystal Hotaru was given to discover that three talismans are needed for their ultimate goal. She almost hears the end of the message, but is interrupted by someone else; Mamoru wakes up from a dream that seems an exact replica of this, and he wonders if it means he and the Guardians need to find the talismans before anyone else does.

The scene moves to Michiru and Haruka’s home, where Michiru explains that her mirror fogged up while she was doing divinations. She thinks this is due to an interruption, much like what Kaolinite and Mamoru experienced. Michiru and Haruka then discuss how they need to collect the talismans too, for their own goals. It’s all intentionally vague, to give the viewer more reason to be wary of them.

Mamoru goes to the bookstore to research Mugen Academy, Michiru and Haruka’s school. Michiru sees him there and they talk; someone spots her mid conversation and says her name, so now Mamoru knows it. She responds by giving him two tickets to her next concert. Usagi spots this from afar and seems a little nervous that Michiru is talking to him, but before she can really comprehend anything, she runs into Haruka at the arcade.

Michiru Kaioh in episode 29
Michiru Kaioh in episode 29

Usagi asks Haruka if she’s a Sailor Guardian.

Yes, she really does that. Hilarious. She realizes immediately how silly that question is, and Haruka laughs it off. I mean, it’s a ridiculous question, even if the answer is yes.

Next, the Guardians (minus Rei) are at the diner, and Chibiusa explains that she’s the class president. Everyone’s proud, but they then realize Rei’s not around, and Minako explains that she’s purifying herself since it’s her birthday. We then see Rei, who is in the mountains doing just what Minako said. She senses the same message that Mamoru did, and Kaolinite is seen reading her crystal again. She discovers that she needs to destroy the talismans, and sends Eudial to do it.

The Guardians climb the mountain to see Rei and give her cake/presents. Ami gives her a book to study from, because Ami is the group’s party pooper. 🙂 After that, they see Haruka in the dojo across the way studying judo. Makoto decides to train with Haruka, and fails miserably. Everyone yells at Haruka for beating up a girl, since they think Haruka’s a man, and she gives them a lecture about how women shouldn’t take for granted that they have difficulty beating men.

Man, when everyone finds out Haruka is a woman, they’re going to be so surprised.

Makoto thinks "he's" wimpy.
Makoto thinks “he’s” wimpy.

After all of this, the girls go to bed, but Rei stays up to watch the events unfold at the dojo. Eudial is brainwashing the students, apparently. Makoto notices her friend, and goes to see what’s going on. When they both notice Eudial’s schemes, they transform and attack her. Mars’ fire doesn’t do much to her, since she’s the fire witch, but Ami, now Mercury, comes over and attacks, giving Moon the chance to destroy her.

Now, let me just say that Eudial in the classic anime was my favorite villain. She was great; she got a lot done, and she was funny. Eudial in the manga? Not at all. We barely even got the chance to learn her ability, which was fire based!

Anyway, Uranus is seen hanging around, as she likes to do, and when Moon FINALLY FIGURES OUT that Haruka is Uranus, Uranus tells her not to get in her way and then kisses her.

I can see why so many people like Uranus. I always have, and I’m glad Crystal is doing a great job translating her personality from the manga to anime.

What I Liked/Didn’t Like: I LOVE how much better the animation looks, and I’m really fond of how youthful the ‘main’ Guardians are. If I had any nitpick about the overall design of the characters, it would be that Michiru doesn’t look quite as mature as she should. Haruka looks fine, but for some reason Michiru looks a little off. It may be the lack of lipstick, I’m not sure.

I also love how wonderful all of the attack animations look. No awkward CG!

I liked how the whole ‘is Haruka a man or woman’ thing was handled, and I like how it still hasn’t been completely revealed yet that she’s a woman. This is like the manga, and I appreciate that Toei didn’t rush into it.

I didn’t like how quickly Eudial died, but it was like that in the manga. That’s my one complaint of the manga though, how quickly most villains die. You don’t get enough time to learn about them/their intentions/their powers, sometimes, and it’s annoying. That being said, I prefer faithfulness to the manga than changing random things (like the Generals from Season 1 living longer to accomplish nothing.)

Uranus and Moon's kiss.
Uranus and Moon’s kiss.

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 29 can be viewed on Crunchyroll now if you’re a premium member, or on April 25th at 10:35am EDT if you’re not.