Sailor Moon Crystal and Jojo Stardust Crusaders Last Episode Dates + The Future of TWT


With less than ten episodes left for Sailor Moon Crystal (until Toei announces an official second season) and a little over twenty left for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, I figured I needed to really think about what I’m going to do with That Writing Thing in the coming months.
First, though, you’re probably wondering exactly when the last episode of these two series is going to air. I went ahead and looked at the calendar, and assuming both will continue to run without breaks (and Jojo ends at episode 52), I believe the dates for the last episode are as follows:


Sailor Moon Crystal End Date: July 18, 2015
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders End Date: July 17, 2015
They end at pretty much the same time!

Following this, what will I write about? I’m interested in Digimon Adventure: tri, but Toei hasn’t announced an actual start date for it, yet, although they did state ‘Spring 2015.’ I’m hoping we won’t have another Crystal delay debacle here, and that Digimon will actually begin in Spring, or Summer at the latest. We’ll see, though.

Aside from that, I’ll definitely write about Jojo and Sailor Moon merchandise, even though I will clearly admit that I don’t own a whole lot of Jojo stuff; after Stardust Crusaders finishes airing, I’ll read part four of the manga and probably talk about that, too.

I’ve noticed that my Marvel Heroes review is one of the most viewed posts here, so I’ll make sure to write about video games from time to time, as well. Specific titles I can’t say, yet, since I don’t know what I’ll talk about.

That’s about it for this update! Thanks for reading, and feel free to follow me on Twitter to keep up with my posts and post ideas. Have a great day!