Review: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders Episode 42

First Time Review: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Stardust Crusaders

Episode 42: The Miasma of the Void, Cool (Vanilla) Ice, Part 1

Terence D'Arby's final hurrah.
Terence D’Arby’s final hurrah.

            As I briefly mentioned near the end of my previous review, this is one of the few times where a villain sticks around longer than two episodes. That being said, it’s pretty obvious that Terence D’Arby won’t be around for long since the episode is named after another villain, Cool (Vanilla) Ice.

            All I know about Vanilla Ice is that he’s one of the more menacing villains, which makes sense, since he’s all that’s left between the protagonists and DIO…

            The cliffhanger for episode 41 was that Jotaro was clearly going to tell Terence his next move; this sparked surprise from Joseph, and potentially the viewer, since Terence could obviously tell if Jotaro was lying. Joseph and Jotaro had even wondered if Terence’s Stand, Atum, could read minds. When we return to the group in episode 42, Jotaro reiterates to Joseph that he’s going to pitch a certain way; Terence hears this, as Jotaro planned, and finally explains what Atum’s capabilities are. In short, it can read the souls of whomever it looks at, much like using night vision goggles.

Through the eyes of Atum.
Through the eyes of Atum.

            Terence tests Jotaro’s claim to see if he’s lying about this pitch. Atum reads Jotaro’s soul and a resounding ‘YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!’ pops up around him, so I guess he’s not lying! He throws his pitch, a high straight to the outside, and Terence gloats about how the game will end if there’s an 11 point lead.

            He doesn’t need to worry about that kind of lead, though, at least not in his favor. Jotaro pitches, as he says, but at the very end of the trajectory, the ball takes a sharp turn and one of Jotaro’s Star Platinums catches the ball, sending the batter out. How did he do this?

            Jotaro declares the same pitch, and Terence, after panicking a little, uses Atum to see that he’s not lying. Atum does sense that Jotaro’s cheating, though. Terence (and I) don’t know exactly how he’s cheating, but I’m assuming it’ll be explained soon enough. Jotaro throws his pitch, and the same thing happens as before.

            Terence presses Jotaro and finds out that he’s not rigging the console, but he can’t get an answer as to what’s actually going on. Atum’s one flaw is that it can’t read souls to find the answer to any question that cannot be answered via a simple yes or no. So, if Terence wants to know how Jotaro is cheating, he’ll have to guess and ask him yes or no questions to find his answer.

            To no surprise, Jotaro declares that he knows Atum’s flaw, and he pours salt on Terence’s wound by stating something his brother liked to say: “It’s not cheating if you don’t get caught.” Jotaro owns.

            Speaking of owning, Jotaro doesn’t let up with that, either. He declares another pitch, and changes it up right at the end. Terence breaks down, unaware of exactly how Jotaro is able to continually pull this cheat off. In a fit of anger and desperation, he knocks Jotaro’s hat onto the ground and insists he check the controller and seat to make sure Jotaro hadn’t altered anything to his favor. Jotaro picks up his hat and puts it back on, since priorities are priorities and all.

            Terence continues to ask Jotaro questions, and learns that Jotaro didn’t use Star Platinum to cheat, but did rig something. Joseph comments how Terence has aged quite a bit, proving that this interaction is really stressing him out. That being said, Terence still pitches when Jotaro tells him to, even though he never figured out Jotaro’s trick and obviously ends up losing the baseball match. Kakyoin’s soul is released at this moment, much to Terence’s dismay. He insists he didn’t give up and that Kakyoin’s soul was released by accident, but you know how that is. He’s done, definitely.


           When Jotaro and Joseph move to check on Kakyoin, Terence notices Hermit Purple coming out of Jotaro’s controller. What a sly dog Joseph is! Jotaro explains he never signaled for Joseph to do that, but hoped that he would catch on to the idea at some point. Terence never looked at Joseph’s soul with Atum, so he never caught on that he was the one cheating.

            Jotaro finishes this altercation with several blows from Star Platinum to Terence, and Terence officially retires after he’s shot through the sky, which opens a hole; this proves that Jotaro, Joseph, and Kakyoin were in some sort of Stand’s strange concoction.

            I noticed two spots with slightly wonky animation here, but I assume this is due to the budget being allocated to the rest of the episode (and season, really.)

Looking smooth, Joseph.
Looking smooth, Joseph.
Looking smoother, Kakyoin.
Looking smoother, Kakyoin.

            After Joseph notices the hole in the sky, the three move on, and the scene changes.

            We’re now in DIO’s lair. It’s menacing, to say the least. His final devotee appears and tells him that Terence has fallen. DIO responds by explaining why Terence failed, and the answer is much like that of when he told Hol Horse why Alessi and Mariah failed: they weren’t truly loyal to him.

            The final devotee, now formally introduced as Vanilla Ice (Cool Ice in the subtitles, for obvious copyright reasons) proves that he is extremely loyal when he offers his blood to sustain DIO’s stolen body; DIO tells him that he needs someone’s blood to finally be antiquated with Jonathan’s body. Vanilla Ice goes on to cut his own head off to give his blood to DIO.

His outfit says VI for Vanilla Ice.
His outfit says VI for Vanilla Ice.

            Yes, you read that right. Instead of nicking his arm or wrist, he cuts off his head. That’s definitely something a normal, balanced person would do. Yeah.

            I’m scared.

            DIO approves of Vanilla Ice’s gesture, but says he doesn’t want him to die now; he revives him with his own blood, and then explains that Ice needs his own body, as it’s immediately compatible.

            I like how DIO’s face is completely obscured by darkness in this entire scene. You can’t see his expression at all, so you can’t know how he’s feeling unless he says it out loud. This really adds to how terrifying he really is, I think.

            Vanilla Ice states that he’ll eliminate Jotaro and his group, and then moves out. Here’s the thing though; Vanilla Ice’s Stand, which I’ve read is named Cream, eats him to carry him around. Like, I just don’t even know what to say about this.

            Cream then eats his limbs to fold himself into a tiny ball (I can’t describe this better, sorry) and then bursts through the door and out of DIO’s room. DIO comments that he should have opened the door if he really wanted to leave that way, but he didn’t need to since his Stand can leave this world all together. This must be a big hint for the viewer, so I’ll have to keep it in mind.

            After this scene, we meet back up with Avdol, Polnareff, and Iggy. Avdol states that it’s been over ten minutes since Joseph told him to set fire to the mansion, which I totally pointed out before, but he wants to go in instead. Breaking that promise, Avdol! Avdol makes Polnareff promise him that he’ll abandon him if he gets seriously injured, and vice versa. Polnareff agrees, but insists, Avdol treat him to a nice dinner when this is all said and done.

            I … I get the sneaking suspicion that this exchange is bad news. Why would they need to make it if nothing bad happens? Someone’s definitely going to be abandoned here, I just feel it.

            The three go into the mansion and notice that it’s literally a labyrinth inside. Avdol states that setting a fire in here would be dangerous, despite what Joseph said, so he uses Magician’s Red to create a guide that can sense if anyone is around, as long as they’re within 15 meters. I didn’t know he could even do this!

            Someone is spotted via the guide not too long after they begin moving, and Iggy finds them hidden in a column. He instantly kills them with The Fool, and the Narrator explains that they were Billie Jean. Billie Jean got no respect! As soon as Billie dies, the columns and the labyrinth go away. His Stand caused those illusions, as well as the one Terence brought Jotaro into, presumably.

Billie Jean is not my lover.
Billie Jean is not my lover.

            After they leave Billie behind, Avdol notices writing on a wall next to him that states he’ll die if he turns around. The guide from Magician’s Red doesn’t pick up anything, so he’s confused by the message. Polnareff and Iggy don’t notice this at all, since they’re walking away; Avdol slowly turns around and upon noticing Cream, punches Polnareff away from him in an effort to keep him away. I’m guessing his thought here is to save Polnareff so he can move forward, at least. Knowing Polnareff, though, he’ll just try and save Avdol.

            Polnareff looks back just when Avdol’s arms get sliced off. I don’t know if he died, but it doesn’t look good either way. Cream moves forward for Polnareff and Iggy, and Polnareff yells in an effort to locate Avdol, to no avail.

            Seeing Polnareff desperately try to figure out what happened to Avdol is pretty heart-wrenching. I mean, he thought he died once already, and blamed himself for it; this potentially being a real death may very well cause him to flip out.

            After Vanilla Ice exclaims that Avdol is dead, Polnareff yells that he doesn’t believe him and the episode ends.


Final Thought: I don’t know what to say. I was worried back at the beginning of this arc that the picture of the group meant someone was going to die, and I think I was right. Poor Polnareff.


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