Review: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Stardust Crusaders 26



First Time Review: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Stardust Crusaders


Episode 26 – Iggy the Fool and Geb’s N’doul, Part 2.


               We ended the previous episode with some Serious Shit going on, and not surprisingly this one immediately continues where it left off. The group is thrown off of the vehicle and everyone lands in the sand. Since Iggy’s a huge jerk, he doesn’t have to experience this; he wasn’t anywhere near the vehicle at the time, and is instead just sleeping. Avdol, being one of the only really observant members of the team, notices the Stand (in water form) dissipating into the sand near them. He warns everyone to stay still and not make any sounds, as they’ve discovered previously that N’doul works off of sound. The episode reminds us of N’doul’s method of locating and attacking the group, having him think out loud to himself that he knows where they all landed from the crash.

Joseph on guard.
Joseph on guard.


            Since Avdol wants to confuse N’doul’s Stand out by luring it away from everyone, he decides to throw his bracelets into the sand to make some noise. This is a clever idea, but I don’t expect it to really work too well; it’s far too early in the episode for solid progress, after all. N’doul picks up the sounds as tip-toeing steps, and Avdol tsk-tsks him, figuratively. N’doul can’t actually hear that. Avdol thinks for some odd reason that his Stand, Magician’s Red, will be able to defeat N’doul’s Stand, even though Red is fire-based, and Geb is water based. Usually Avdol is pretty smart, so I don’t know what he was thinking here.


            Anyway, after the opening plays, Geb starts to surface from the sand and Avdol sends out Magician’s Red. At this point, you might be wondering if Avdol’s plan is actually going to work, and you might be excited, but N’doul begins to rethink the steps he thought he heard. Since Avdol threw five bangles and nothing else, N’doul doubts that what he heard were steps at all. He thinks that it’s weird how Avdol didn’t move after walking five steps. Avdol’s plan = failed.


I knew it.

Avdol vs. N'doul.
Avdol vs. N’doul.


Magician’s Red is already out, and Avdol sends him after Geb, not knowing that N’doul is up to his game. Geb avoids the blow and knocks Avdol over, instead. This doesn’t look good, but before we can really absorb what’s happening, the episode changes focus over to Iggy, who is still lying about, being a jerk. When the animators think that we’ve had enough of staring at Iggy, we go back to Avdol, who is wincing in pain. A deep wound on his neck is revealed via blood spurting out immensely, and he falls over. Everyone panics, and for a little more than a second, I wonder if Avdol is dead. For real this time.


N’doul remarks that the sounds he heard were from rings being thrown and not footsteps, like he imagined. He rubs his arm to acknowledge a burn mark, which only Avdol could have caused. Since N’doul now knows who fought him, he sends Geb after Avdol, and Geb molds itself into a claw, ready to gouge Avdol, much like Kakyoin. Jotaro isn’t having any of this, though, and begins to move. Joseph expresses concern after Jotaro, but I’m sure he knows what he’s doing.


Jotaro’s running causes N’doul to stop paying any mind to Avdol, who is struggling to breathe, and instead pay full attention to the running sounds. Jotaro can only run so fast, so I wonder how he’s going to keep away from Geb. In an odd turn of events, he picks up Iggy mid-run, and N’doul notices this by the sound of the dog being lifted up from the sand. Why did Jotaro pick up Iggy? There has to be a reason aside from ‘just because,’ since this is a pretty intense moment, what with Geb chasing him and all.

The Fool.
The Fool.


Amusingly, Jotaro expresses his disdain for Iggy and how he fled the vehicle at the end of the previous episode, and then asks him if he can find N’doul by scent. Since Iggy can’t really answer this question, it’s assumed that it was asked rhetorically; Jotaro doesn’t waste any time trying to get a modicum of an answer, and instead shoves the dog into the sand to get a clue as to where N’doul is hiding.


While Iggy is pinned down, a sand tornado appears and without much in the way of actually knowing what’s going on, he calls his Stand, The Fool. Jotaro looks at Iggy, who is now in the air with The Fool, and then looks back down at the sand since Iggy cannot be in two places at once. Iggy somehow left a sand sculpture in his original place, trolling Jotaro. This is pretty great.


Jotaro, now being pretty annoyed, grabs onto The Fool and causes Iggy to carry him along, putting immense pressure on the dog’s energy. Jotaro states that he’s not moving and that they need to find N’doul.


Well, actually, let me rephrase: Jotaro threatens to have Star Platinum break Iggy’s neck if he drops him. I know Iggy’s a jerk and all, but he is still a dog. Come on, Jotaro; that threat’s a little too much don’t you think?


Anyway, N’doul realizes that he hasn’t heard Jotaro’s footsteps in forever, and Polnareff notices around this time that Jotaro and Iggy are losing altitude, potentially due to the added weight of Jotaro. Iggy begins to really struggle to keep The Fool in the air and the struggling and wriggling around causes him to fart, which totally made me laugh.

Jotaro sensing N'doul's location.
Jotaro sensing N’doul’s location.


Jotaro decides to be risky and push off of the ground and keep The Fool up; this move will cause N’doul to find their location. With Star Platinum’s help, he kicks the ground and allows The Fool to move higher and faster. To no surprise, N’doul immediately picks up on the sound of the impact; he knows Iggy’s Stand can fly now. Going back to Polnareff and Joseph, we find out that since they must guard Kakyoin and Avdol, Jotaro and Iggy are forced to fight N’doul alone.


Deducing that The Fool is only heard when something hits it, Jotaro mentally calculates that they need to find N’doul before they lose altitude again. Since N’doul knows they’re coming for him, this probably won’t be an easy task. Luckily, Jotaro, with the help of his trusty Star Platinum again, discovers that he’s about 400 meters from N’doul; he also notices that N’doul is blind, and knowing that may be an advantage. Before Jotaro can really think of any plan to outsmart N’doul, though, sand particles begin to hit The Fool, giving away its location.

N'doul inbetweener.
N’doul inbetweener.
Geb inbetweener. Apologies for bad screencap timing.
Geb inbetweener. Apologies for bad screencap timing.


Geb spirals through the sand, causing the particles to fly and hit The Fool. N’doul gets a little cocky and announces that he even knows how high up The Fool is via the sound, and then shoots Geb toward Jotaro, hitting him in the shoulder. Jotaro sent out Star Platinum in defense, but couldn’t manage a hit on Geb before he burrowed back into the sand. N’doul remains cocky and taunts Jotaro’s slower Stand, and then attempts to hit Jotaro again. Iggy looks at Jotaro with exasperation and lowers The Fool, most likely to drop Jotaro off and relieve himself from the added weight. Since this means that Iggy is abandoning the team, N’doul laughs and states to Jotaro that his ally, well, sucks.


The absolute best part of the episode happens now: Jotaro calls Star Platinum to grab Iggy and throw him at N’doul. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, since it made me laugh so much. Jotaro takes all of the cockiness from N’doul’s previous lines and amps it by a thousand when he then tells N’doul that Geb and The Fool need to be called out before Iggy collides into him.

Surprise, motherfucker.
Surprise, motherfucker.


Iggy calls out The Fool and N’doul calls out Geb before it’s too late, and they don’t collide. N’doul is confused as to why Jotaro would throw a dog, and then curses his luck. Immediately after this, he realizes that he has lost Jotaro’s location, as he moved while N’doul and Iggy were trying not to kill each other.


Jotaro then pops up behind N’doul, and I can pretty much fathom a guess as to what’s going to happen. N’doul is going to have a very, very bad day.

Geb's card.
Geb’s card.


N’doul drops his staff, since he doesn’t need it to listen anymore, and we get continuous glimpses at Jotaro, N’doul, and Iggy while it slowly falls to the ground. I like this part; I like how the dramatic effect of the staff falling is accentuated by the heatwave effect over all of them. Right before the staff falls, Iggy flips out and runs away to avoid what’s to come. While he runs, Jotaro sends out Star Platinum and N’doul sends out Geb, and they attack one another in a very rapid scene. Jotaro’s hat even falls off during this! N’doul loses the duel, to no surprise, and Jotaro interrogates him about Dio. N’doul explains his Stand’s powers, but refuses to tell Jotaro about anyone else’s Stands, and then he dies.

Jotaro thinking about DIO.
Jotaro thinking about DIO.


While Jotaro walks back to the others, Iggy brings him his hat, which he assumed to be lost. When I think that Iggy does something nice for once, he proves me wrong, since Jotaro feels chewed up gum on the underside of his hat.


Iggy is the worst dog ever, seriously.



The next few minutes of the episode give a preview to the next one, but as it’s already out and I’ve already seen it, I’ll just talk about it in its own post.


Review Summary: Satisfying conclusion to part one. Iggy is an ass, but in a kind of lovable way. I hope Avdol isn’t dead!