Review: Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 8

Review: Sailor Moon Crystal

Episode 8

Act 8: Minako, Sailor V


The episodes have been getting better and better as of late, and episode 8 is no exception to this. I enjoyed watching pretty much every second of it and the ending made me very excited for episode 9. Let’s go over why!

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Review: Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 7

Review: Sailor Moon Crystal

Episode 7

Act 7: Mamoru Chiba, Tuxedo Mask


I was very excited to watch this episode after the success of episode 6, so much so that I actually watched and reviewed it the day it came out! This is a habit I should totally get into more.

I didn’t mention this during my previous review, since I admittedly have not been re-reading the manga (I originally intended to and time just stopped agreeing with me, so unfortunately I have not had the chance to re-read each chapter as the episodes come out) but I do find it odd how Crystal is deviating from the manga so much. It’s still closer than the classic anime, but I was under the impression that it was to be a near-exact replica, and it’s not. I never recalled Queen Beryl simply showing up at the point in the manga where episode 6 took place: not that this change was a bad thing per se, though it was still a little odd.

Anyway, episode 7 had more animation bloopers than 6, which was disappointing since I was all ready to stop riffing on the quality of the animation since then, but I couldn’t help noticing a few choice stills during this episode. These will probably be cleaned up for the Blu-rays, but they shouldn’t necessarily be this bad now. It’s definitely weird how one episode can be almost perfect and the next not so much. (For one thing, I will never ‘like’ the way Luna is drawn and animated – it always looks so awkward to me.)

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Review: Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 6

Review: Sailor Moon Crystal

Episode 6

Act 6: Tuxedo Mask

I think it’s very interesting that in Crystal, the term ‘Mask’ is sometimes used, as opposed to ‘Kamen,’ which I thought meant the same thing. I don’t know much Japanese, (more to the point: I don’t really know any Japanese, save for a few words here and there) but sometimes I hear the voice actors/actresses saying ‘mask’ instead of ‘kamen.’ The villains seem to use ‘kamen’ more than ‘mask’ for some reason. During this episode, everyone seemed to use ‘kamen;’ this is interesting to me, even if it doesn’t mean anything, nor does it make any difference. Just wanted to point that out.

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I was excited for Destiny

I was excited for Destiny, but now I’m just excited for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Back in late 2012, I was delving into the world of PC gaming; I had never really played much on my computer before then, mainly due to the fact that my somewhat rickety PC couldn’t really handle anything more intensive than Bejeweled 3 (which I still play on occasion, don’t judge.) Thing was, I was fairly intrigued by the notion that you could play beautiful games on the computer, and I wanted to do that.

My boyfriend bought me my first ‘gaming computer’ back in July 2012, so I was finally able to enjoy playing games on Steam starting not long after that; I couldn’t tell you the specific game I started out with, but I do recall Team Fortress 2 being an early contender. I loved playing games, and I still do, but back then I needed recommendations. Luckily enough, Borderlands 2 released in August 2012, and my boyfriend talked about how much he loved the first game and how I may enjoy playing the second with him. Since I had already experimented in First Person Shooters a little (via Team Fortress 2) I figured it wouldn’t hurt to take him up on the recommendation, and we ended up buying a two-pack of Borderlands 2. (Technically a four-pack, but the other two went to others that we didn’t play the game with.)

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Review: Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 5

Review: Sailor Moon Crystal

Episode 5

Act 5: Makoto – Sailor Jupiter

After several somewhat lackluster episodes, I am finally happy to announce that episode 5 of Sailor Moon Crystal was a rousing success. The only reason why I took so long in writing this review is that I have had some technical difficulties going on with my site and didn’t get around to getting everything sorted out until recently. Anyway, without further ado: here’s my long delayed review! (Oh, that even rhymes.)

So, much like the previous episodes that were right before the introduction of a new Guardian, the end of episode 4 teased the viewers about the newest addition to the team, Sailor Jupiter. I was nervous about this, only due to the low production value of episodes 2 and 3, which were the other Guardian introduction episodes. However, I assumed (probably naively) that the three week gap between episodes 4 and 5 would allow for the production team to tidy up any loose strands, so to speak. I was pleasantly surprised to see how nice the episode looked as a whole.


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Nintendo Announces the New 3DS

Nintendo Announces the Successor to the 3DS: the New 3DS.


Why is Nintendo so bad at naming their consoles lately? This is something I’ll never understand. After all, the Wii U is still a confusing moniker to many older and potentially less video game savvy folk; the design of which being very unhelpful in terms of curbing their confusion as well. I own a Wii U, and I admittedly haven’t played it too much; this is mainly my own fault and I admit it, however, all things considered, it still lacks many games I would find myself itching to play.

This article really isn’t about the Wii U, though, as that topic has been run into the ground time and time again. Instead, I’m going to discuss Nintendo’s handheld gem, the 3DS.

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