JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders Episode 48 Review – FINALE

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders Episode 48 Review – FINALE

Episode 48: Long Journey Farewell, My Friends

DIO, a balanced individual.
DIO, a balanced individual.

            Here we are, folks! The final episode of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders is upon us at last. I was completely wrong about its air date, since I naively assumed that the series would reach 52 episodes; I hadn’t read the manga, though, so I didn’t know exactly how long the DIO fight was. Oops!

            Am I complaining that the series was too short? Not at all. I just thought it’d be 52 episodes since many two-part anime series run that long, but the lack of filler here made it so we stopped at 48. This means that Sailor Moon Crystal (which I didn’t forget about, I swear) will be the only currently-airing series I’ll be reviewing for the next few weeks, but that’ll be over soon, as well.

            I’ll figure out ideas for more content by the time that’s over. For now, though, sit back and enjoy our last Stardust Crusaders episode!

            Previously, DIO had managed to weasel his way to the unconscious body of Joseph Joestar while running away from Jotaro. This was intentional, since upon arriving at the body, he proceeded to drink his blood.

            The beginning of this episode follows suit with this, and DIO announces how great Joseph’s blood has made his (or rather, Jonathan’s) body feel. He states that Jotaro made this happen, and that the Joestar bloodline as a whole was simply ‘dog shit’ in the path of him following his true destiny. Yeah, DIO likes to ham it up with his speeches, just a little. Throwing an insult toward Jotaro’s family is really just icing on the cake for him, and it’s to be expected. Heck, anything less would be disappointing.

            Jotaro notices Joseph’s soul leave his body, and an important message is relayed to him as the soul ascends further and further. Basically, Joseph tells him to be careful and not lose his temper, even if DIO does something to Joseph’s body. He also reiterates that Kakyoin found out DIO’s secret, and that Joseph was able to relay this secret to Jotaro, which was his final role in this battle.

            In other words, Jotaro has a lot on his shoulders. He’s lost a lot of friends, as well as a family member. To lose this fight against DIO by simply allowing his rage to become too strong would not only cause himself to die, but his mother and his late friends and grandfather’s final wish to die as well. It’s really kind of deep, if you think about it.

OH MY GOD!!! :(
OH MY GOD!!! 🙁

            Seeing Joseph’s soul move toward the heavens is heart-wrenching. I had hoped that he, somehow, would have been spared. Not necessarily by DIO, since he’s a true antagonist in every sense of the word, but in general. Joseph’s a crafty old man, so maybe I thought he’d have come up with some way out of this.

            Unfortunately, getting speared in the throat is kind of, well, fatal.

            After Joseph’s soul reaches its destination and disappears from Jotaro’s sight, Jotaro wonders if he was seeing things, but DIO interrupts him before he can say or do anything else. What’s amusing about DIO’s interruption is that it happens after Joseph completely communicates to Jotaro through his soul, which I’d imagine took about a minute. I know this is a fictional story, and so time can’t really be held to strict standards constantly, but it’s funny how DIO could wait so long before interrupting. Maybe he was really preparing himself to drink more blood, who knows.

            Either way, he interrupts Jotaro and rams his fingers into Joseph’s chest and sucks out the remainder of his blood. Well, if Joseph wasn’t dead before, he definitely is now! I cringed a little here, just in sheer shock, even though I shouldn’t have been surprised at all. DIO is DIO, and DIO does terrible things. Jotaro is visibly angered by this, and even calls DIO a bastard. He then runs forward to meet the antagonist for their final battle.

            The final opening for Stardust Crusaders is different from the previous episodes’ in that The World shows up during pretty much every scene, and the sound effects from it and the other Stands have increased in volume, nearly drowning out the song. I like this; this shows, once again, that David Production has really put every ounce of love and attention into this series. I just can’t stop being amazed by these animators, really.

            Here are a few screenshots from the opening that I found pretty neat; most don’t show The World, but he was definitely lurking around!

There he is again!
There he is again!
I just like how this one turned out.
I just like how this one turned out.

           After the opening, DIO and Jotaro immediately find themselves in the air and ready for their fight. DIO stops time and counts each second to show off that his abilities are improving; he can stop time for longer than he could previously. This we already knew.

            What we probably also already knew is then presented to us as DIO rams a finger into the side of his own head and rotates it around and around, while claiming that having Joestar blood allows him to feel the greatest high. DIO’s voice actor shines here, enunciating the high pitched tone only a crazed individual would be capable of emitting when DIO says this.

Jotaro, upon seeing this act, realizes that Joseph was right. He can’t let his anger overcome him, even if DIO is, well, literally insane, but he has more rage to throw at the antagonist. After all, he’s currently stuck in DIO’s time stop, and it’s now been nine seconds.

Time resumes, and The World pummels Jotaro, breaking more than several bones. The anime emphasizes this with a quick flash of each injury before Jotaro is sent flying. If you recall, Jotaro went through a lot in the previous episode, so this incident really adds fuel to the fire. Jotaro’s landing is as painful as his sendoff, with his body skidding against pavement before he finally stops moving. DIO announces his final time stop, and then commences doing just that, stopping time. He begins to count the seconds, much like the previous time.

The Excited Narrator returns to state that DIO has disappeared for some reason. While we wait for him to return, the focus goes back to Jotaro, where we find out that he’s understandably pissed off. Knowing that he only has two seconds to move while DIO has stopped time, he vouches to himself that he’ll use those two seconds to punch DIO with all of his force.

Immediately after this thought is made public to the viewer, DIO returns with a surprise.

The Road Roller!
The Road Roller!

He’s on a steamroller. Rather, the ‘Road Roller,’ as he calls it, but technicalities really don’t matter here. How in the world (hah, The World) did DIO summon a steamroller? Did The World create this? Does it matter?

DIO slams the steamroller down on Jotaro, but Jotaro calls out Star Platinum to ORAORAORA punch the vehicle as much as it can, so it doesn’t fully crush him. DIO soon begins to use The World to punch the steamroller back toward Jotaro, and when he counts to eight seconds, the steamroller falls.

Jotaro was under that.

There’s no way Jotaro could have survived such a blow. Really.


DIO boasts his win and continues to count the seconds of stopped time. He has reached the potential to stop time for ten seconds. After realizing this, he states that he’ll take Jotaro’s blood, if there’s any left. Why he felt the need to announce that when he obviously believes Jotaro is dead is beyond me, but whatever. DIO likes to talk; more importantly, he likes to hear himself talk.

When DIO attempts to move forward, he realizes that he actually cannot; Jotaro then appears behind him and declares that it has been eleven seconds since DIO stopped time, and that it must be his final limit. He then explains how he’s, well, alive. He stopped time with Star Platinum at the nine second mark and escaped from being crushed by the steamroller.

I’m actually not surprised by Star Platinum’s ability to stop time. After all, it was heavily hinted at in previous episodes, with Jotaro being able to move for two seconds in DIO’s world. Star Platinum and The World are also very, very similar Stands – they fight close-range, as Kakyoin originally discovered, and they primarily use punches to do damage.

Shocked by the discovery that Jotaro can also stop time, DIO remains vulnerable, unable to move. Jotaro tells him that this is basically what it felt like to be stuck in DIO’s world, where time was stopped, before he realized he could control time as well. He uses an interesting underwater metaphor here, but it means the same thing. He then states that while he has no remorse for the antagonist, he can’t simply kill him right away. After kicking him hard enough to break his legs, Jotaro waits for DIO’s wounds to heal, and announces that if he were in a Western, he’d be tempted to count the call for guns to be drawn. DIO struggles to stand up, but after a few moments of thinking of world domination, manages to do so, following up with shooting blood from his injured legs into Jotaro’s eyes.


DIO immediately continues the match by sending The World forward to kick Jotaro; Jotaro, although blinded by blood, calls out Star Platinum to meet its fist against The World’s leg with an incredible might, so much so that its fist cracks. With an unfaltering spirit, Jotaro doesn’t flinch from the pain, and instead waits for the impact to reach The World. When it does, The World splits, and DIO soon follows.

“I-Impossible…I-I’m DIO…. I am DIO!”

When DIO’s corpse falls to the ground, Jotaro says he’ll remain until dawn to see it turn to dust. He then tells DIO’s corpse that he only died because of one thing; he pissed Jotaro off.

Good grief.

DIO and The World: utterly defeated. DEAD.
DIO and The World: utterly defeated. DEAD.

            Ambulances donning the Speedwagon Foundation’s name drive by, and we see Jotaro in one of them. The drivers of the two vehicles communicate to one another, and via these messages, we discover that Kakyoin’s body is being retrieved by helicopter (so he can be properly buried, RIP,) Polnareff is unconscious but stable, and Joseph and DIO’s bodies are in the ambulance with Jotaro.

            Jotaro explains that the two bodies are in the same ambulance because DIO has something he needs to return – Joseph’s blood. The doctors insist that putting his blood back in his body will do nothing, since Joseph is dead, and his heart has stopped. Jotaro responds by stating that he’s tired of hearing things are impossible or useless, and that he has experience starting and stopping hearts. (Remember the previous episode?)

            With Star Platinum, Jotaro carefully starts Joseph’s heart again, and the doctors quickly administer the blood transfusion while understandably in awe. A few seconds pass, full of tension, but then Joseph’s body begins to look as it did before, full of life. He then opens his eyes!

            What happens next is shocking: Joseph sits up, with a purple, menacing aura around him, and after exclaiming that Jotaro is a fool, says that he’s now alive again. This looks bad, like he was possessed by DIO before he died and this resurrection is simply allowing DIO to live again through is body.

            It’s a good thing Joseph is a jokester throughout the series, because as soon as Star Platinum is called, he surrenders and explains that he was joking. Jotaro quizzes him on some pointless pop culture trivia to make sure he’s really his grandfather, and when Joseph answers them all correctly, everyone lets out a sigh of relief.

            I suppose Joseph’s wound injury wasn’t as bad as I thought! I’m glad. I really didn’t want him to die, too.

            After the celebration over Joseph no longer being dead, he and Jotaro take DIO’s corpse to the desert so they can watch it turn to dust in the sunrise. Joseph, in memoriam of his late friends, calls each of them by name as their portraits overtake the sky, and he states that it’s finally over.

It's finally over.
It’s finally over.

            Seeing Avdol, Iggy, and Kakyoin’s faces one last time makes me tear up, I’ll admit. It’s a nice closure to their contributions, and a nice homage to their lives.

            The scene changes to the airport, where Polnareff, now conscious, explains to Joseph that he’s returning to France alone. He can’t abandon his home country, after all. The three men say their goodbyes, and Jotaro smiles (for the third time in the series!! I think…) and Polnareff finally goes his separate way. I hope life is kind to him.

Au revoir, Polnareff!
Au revoir, Polnareff!

            Finally, the scene changes to Holly and Suzie Q; Holly wakes up and feels great. She states that she senses her father and son coming back, and after an emotional gaze into the sun, we see Jotaro and Joseph one last time on the plane, where Jotaro looks at the photograph of the Stardust Crusaders and smiles before putting it inside his jacket, where I hope he decides to keep it for a long time.

            The plane flies off into the distance, and the frame says: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders – END.


            Unlike the end of Battle Tendency, there is no teaser for part IV: Diamond is Unbreakable. This is very disappointing, and I hope that David Production is able to get the rights and the funding to animate it. Until then, I’m planning on reading the entire manga, so I know what happens before/if it does become an anime.

Final Thought: David Production did an INCREDIBLE job with this series. It wasn’t perfect, there were animation blips, but as far as I know, as someone who didn’t read the manga, I think the story was told wonderfully, and the voice acting was great. I would love to see them animate all of the JoJo parts if possible, because they deserve this license.

“OH MY GOD!” – Joseph Joestar

Jotaro will never forget Polnareff.
Jotaro will never forget Polnareff.
They're coming home!
They’re coming home!
What a bizarre adventure.
What a bizarre adventure.