JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders Episode 47 Review

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders Episode 47 Review

DIO’s World, Part 3


            I’m finally feeling less sad about the last episode, which is a good thing because I seriously don’t have time to just sit around and mope about a depressing scene in an anime. I mean, I think it’s great when you get emotionally involved in something fictional, like a book or movie, don’t get me wrong. I just think that dwelling on an emotion-provoking incident is a bad idea.

            So, moving along; we’re probably on the final stretch here with Stardust Crusaders. I have no idea how much longer this fight will continue, honestly, but I doubt we’ll get to 52 episodes like I originally thought.

            Am I ready for this wild ride to end? I think so.

           The episode opens with DIO and Jotaro in a fist-flinging fight, with a quick glimpse of what it would actually look like to a non-Stand wielding bystander. Seriously, there’s a second or two of them without their Stands visible; it looks pretty interesting. That being said, there aren’t any bystanders around. Joseph is down for the count, hopefully not dead, and all of the civilians have either been killed by DIO when he stopped time, or have fled. At least I hope they fled; the anime doesn’t actually show this.

            After this tiff, DIO brags about how much he enjoys killing the Joestars and how he won’t show any mercy when killing Jotaro, and then the opening plays.

            I was spoiled on this next bit here, but I feel compelled to tell you about it as well, so if you missed it when you watched the episode you can go back and see it for yourself:

            David Production added a neat little scene with DIO at the end of the opening. It’s really cool, honestly, and I feel like they really love working on this series when they stick things like that in places people normally wouldn’t expect. Hell, I skip openings all the time when watching episodes; I watch them the first time, sure, but I’m usually too excited for the plot to wait 2-3 minutes for the opening to end.


And speaking of interesting things in the opening, you should check these images out:


           (There are ones of Jotaro and Joseph as well, but I don’t want to flood this with images.)

           Why are they interesting? Think back to episode 46, when Kakyoin used Hierophant Green to create a barrier. Now look at the second image there. David Production had some fun foreshadowing to the end of the series with this opening, didn’t they? The first image is of Polnareff going up/down the stairs, with Avdol and Iggy unable to reach them. This is accurate, since Polnareff did that very recently and Avdol and Iggy were unfortunately dead at that time, so they were unable to follow.

            I think this is very neat!

           Anyway, enough gushing over the opening. I’ll continue the proper review now.

            DIO has stopped time (again), but as he continues to discuss how he’ll end the end the Joestar bloodline forever by killing Jotaro, he notices our protagonist move his finger.

            This is a problem for DIO, since nobody has been able to move while The World has stopped time before. His first thought is that Star Platinum must be the same as The World, as Jotaro said previously, and he wonders if Jotaro can see him while time is stopped.

            When time resumes, Jotaro is asked if he could see DIO then; Jotaro’s response is, well, what you’d expect. He doesn’t answer. This irritates DIO, and he almost has a bit of a fit before he leaves, where he decides then that it doesn’t matter if Jotaro can see him when The World has stopped time or not.

            As DIO moves, he has a flashback about when he discovered he could stop time. This occurred six months ago, when he could only stop time for a second. Now he can do so for five seconds, but he obviously aspires to stop it for longer. This was more than casually mentioned in the previous episode, but the flashback here gives a little more insight to how DIO works. I can’t complain.

Flashbacks are always fun.
Flashbacks are always fun.

            When he’s finished thinking of the past, DIO catches up with Jotaro, where he stops time again. Once time has topped, Jotaro’s hand moves even more than last time, but before we can really figure out why this is, DIO unveils a magnet Jotaro placed on him when they fought earlier.

            “I can’t take my eyes off of you for a second!”

            Yeah, I’m not surprised Jotaro did that. I am surprised at the reason, though; it wasn’t to make DIO think he could move during stopped time, necessarily. It was to lure DIO close enough so that Jotaro could seriously wound him once time resumed.

            I can’t help but notice that DIO keeps mentioning the Joestar bloodline, and I do wonder if Jotaro can function some during stopped time due to his heritage. Since DIO is in Jonathan’s body, he and Jotaro might be more similar than one might originally think. Is this why Star Platinum is the same type of Stand as The World?

            I don’t really know; this is all speculation, to be honest. That being said, it’s kind of intriguing to think about!

            DIO is sent careening into a store, where his leg has fallen off. He demands the employee there to give it back to him, and the scene changes before she does. Considering DIO’s excellent track record for killing innocents, I’m going to safely assume she dies.

            And what do you know, as soon as DIO returns to Jotaro, we see that he’s killed her and taken her blood.

            DIO announces that he noticed Jotaro’s eyes following him when time was stopped, so he knows that Jotaro has some sort of power in The World’s, well, world. He has a solution for this, though, and he exclaims so with gusto as he pulls out a lot of knives. I don’t know how many, exactly, but it looks to be at least fifty.

            The World stops time again and throws the knives at Jotaro, who tries to knock as many back as possible with Star Platinum. He can’t knock them all away, which isn’t surprising. Jotaro ends up with several impaled knives and possibly quite a few broken bones when he’s sent flying onto the street. As this occurs, DIO even comments about cars and how even though they’re fascinating, too many of them cause the streets to become crowded. As a metaphor of sorts, this means that DIO’s World is his world only, and only he should have the power to stop time. Jotaro being able to move during this, even for a moment, really makes DIO feel a little threatened, I think, which is not something DIO ever wants to feel.

DIO showing off. Again.
DIO showing off. Again.

            Jotaro is now on the ground, where he’s thankfully not dead. Thinking that DIO would potentially resort to throwing something, he stuffed some magazines under his uniform before the fight to save himself. It worked, but now his uniform is ruined. (Well, if Jotaro weren’t mad earlier, now he’s pissed.)

            I can’t help but notice the censoring on his uniform. The knives impaled some magazines. That totally needed to be censored.

            Jotaro decides that his only course of action now is to play dead and wait for a chance to bash DIO’s head, as that’s the one way to actually kill him. As soon as DIO drops down to Jotaro, he announces that he needs to play it safe, since Jotaro might be playing dead. Can’t say I’m shocked that DIO would think that after the magnet incident.

            After pulling a road sign out of the ground, DIO proceeds to try and slide Jotaro’s head off, but a mysterious stranger suddenly appears from behind and pierces through DIO’s skull.

Oh hello Polnareff.
Oh hello Polnareff.

            If only he didn’t miss…

            DIO stops time and sends Polnareff flying into a nearby building. Jotaro quickly realizes that he needs to get DIO to come back to him so that he’ll be in Star Platinum’s range and away from Polnareff, or else Polnareff will definitely be killed. After moving a hand, Jotaro triggers DIO to fly back over to him, where he is ambushed by two police.

            It’s always kind of sad when civilians show up around DIO, because he uses them and kills them pretty much instantly. After forcing one of the policemen to shoot Jotaro to check if he’s alive, DIO kills him and watches for another sign of life from our protagonist. Jotaro quickly calls Star Platinum to grab the bullet before it breaks skin, but DIO can’t see this; Star Platinum is inside Jotaro’s body.

            After DIO checks for any signs of breathing, he states that he’ll check for a heartbeat. Star Platinum grabs Jotaro’s heart and stops it. This gets intense, as DIO doesn’t seem to want to move away, and every second without a heartbeat adds to the chance of Jotaro dying.

Za Warudo this, you jerkwad.
Za Warudo this, you jerkwad.

            It seems like an eternity, but DIO finally moves. He decides to lop off Jotaro’s head with the sign to know for sure that he’s gone. It’s a great thing DIO announces everything, because Jotaro hears him say this and uses Star Platinum to jumpstart his heart so he can attack DIO as the sign drops. The attack actually allows for Jotaro to bash DIO’s head. DIO bleeds profusely, and panics when he realizes he can’t stand.

            Jotaro steals gasoline from a nearby car and pours it on DIO so he can trace where he tries to go; DIO follows up with this by grabbing onto a passing car and running away, but due to the gasoline on him, Jotaro discovers his destination and surprises him before he can hide in the sewer. He also may have thrown one of the knives he had lodged into one of the magazines at the car, causing it to veer off the road.

            Jotaro punches DIO with Star Platinum some more, enough to send him flying up the street. DIO yells out that Jotaro fell for his trick, since they are now on the street where Joseph is; before Jotaro can do anything, DIO steals Joseph’s blood and heals. He looks even more menacing now, believe it or not.

            Joseph totally groaned when DIO took his blood, though, which means he isn’t dead! At least not yet! I don’t have to mope, heh.

            The episode ends with a shocked and really pissed off Jotaro.


Final Thought: I’m assuming that Star Platinum cushioned the blow to the ground when Jotaro was sent flying during the episode, since he can walk now. Yeah, that’s what I think of first when watching this, not ‘why is DIO still alive?’ I just assume DIO is going to put up a long fight since he’s the main antagonist and all.