JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders Episode 46 Review

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders Episode 46 Review

DIO’s World, Part 2

I know, I’m choosing the very last frame in the episode as my header image. It works, though.

            I’m not going to lie. I kind of dreaded reviewing this episode. Have you ever felt like you could kind of tell what was going to happen in something, be it a book, movie, or show and you didn’t really want to continue reading or watching because you were worried you might be right? That’s how I felt going into this, since the end of the previous episode set us up for something potentially happening to my favorite Stardust Crusaders character.

            Sigh. Well, no matter what, I’m going to have to review this, so I guess I should begin.

            Immediately, Kakyoin goes off to pursue his plan, and Joseph follows him at a distance. As Kakyoin moves, the Narrator (notably less Excited now) explains that whenever Kakyoin sees his Stand, he thinks of how he never really opened up to anyone before he met Jotaro and the others. The reason for this is that he believed nobody would be able to truly understand him if they couldn’t see Hierophant Green. There’s a brief flashback of his mother talking to one of his teachers, concerned about his lack of friends.

Kakyoin and Hierophant Green as a child.
Kakyoin and Hierophant Green as a child.

            This is the most backstory we’ve gotten about Kakyoin since, well, ever. I’m grateful for it, but seeing as how Kakyoin’s next thought is that he’ll make Hierophant Green invisible to everyone to find The World, I’m also kind of nervous.

            Polnareff and Jotaro catch up to the car Joseph was driving, and upon seeing the wreck, Jotaro realizes that Joseph and Kakyoin must be on the rooftops with DIO. DIO realizes that he only has Joseph and Kakyoin in front of him, so Jotaro and Polnareff have to be planning some sort of pincer attack from the back. He comments on how useless that is and then is caught by surprise by an Emerald Splash. One of the emeralds touch him, causing a web-like barrier to appear all around. Kakyoin then announces his idea officially: the barrier goes for 20 meters around, so he can pinpoint where The World will be.

            This is all well and good, but we’re dealing with DIO. The solution to defeating him can’t be that simple.

Kakyoin vs DIO
Kakyoin vs DIO

            After Kakyoin’s announcement, he sends out another Emerald Splash. DIO stops the emeralds from hitting him with The World, and then the music (which was fairly triumphant) stops. He exclaims that The World’s true power is to reign over the world as he calls it out and deflects all of the Emerald Splash back toward Kakyoin.

            Kakyoin is sent barreling into a water tower.

            Sad music begins to play.

            Oh dear, I am not ready for this. I was worried it’d happen, but I wasn’t ready.

            Kakyoin’s first thought is that his injuries seem fatal; he can’t speak or lift a finger. The scene changes to his point of view briefly, and we see his vision blur. He notices the time. It’s 5:15 in the morning – about midnight in Japan. He wonders what his parents are doing, and assumes they’re asleep. He apologizes to them for making them worry, what with being on such a long journey and all.

            The sad music continues to play, and the Narrator comes in and says what Noriaki Kakyoin’s final thoughts are.

            Yep, if the Narrator says something like that, it means he’s dead.

            Did I cry during this? Maybe.

            Kind of.


            I don’t do that much, but I started thinking about the beginning of the episode and how Kakyoin never had any friends before meeting Jotaro and the others, and how he meets his end against a broken water tower in Egypt, miles and miles away from his parents, who won’t hear the news of their son’s death for quite some time.

            It’s depressing, damnit.

            Anyway, Kakyoin’s final thoughts are of DIO, and how he was able to destroy Hierophant Green’s barrier all at once. Kakyoin concludes that it must have something to do with time, and uses his last ounce of strength to call one more Emerald Splash toward the clock tower. He hopes Joseph gets the hint.

            I know I keep going on about this, but how emotional can the animators make this scene? Seriously! Kakyoin’s last words are literally “My final Emerald Splash…”

            The Noriaki Kakyoin has died card appears. If I wasn’t already crying, I sure as hell would have started now. (Damn you, David Production!)

I don't remember the last time I cried during an episode of an anime. Really.
I don’t remember the last time I cried during an episode of an anime. Really.

            Joseph realizes that Kakyoin was trying to send him a message, and after silently grieving over his friend for a second, sends Hermit Purple after DIO.

            Joseph realizes that Kakyoin was trying to send him a message, and after silently grieving over his friend for a second, sends Hermit Purple after DIO. Even infused with Hamon, Hermit Purple is the weakest Stand, and DIO announces such. Joseph then gives chase, and from an adjacent rooftop, Jotaro and Polnareff watch. Polnareff asks where Kakyoin is. Goddamnit, Polnareff! Not now!

            Joseph thinks again about what Kakyoin did before he died, and finally figures out via the broken clock tower that The World can stop time. A flashback of Kakyoin’s fatal attack proceeds to play, in DIO’s point of view. The World actually punched a hole right through him, so Kakyoin was going to die even before hitting the water tower. Poor guy.

            The flashback is important, albeit depressing, since it shows exactly what happens when The World stops time; more specific, it shows what DIO can do with this power.

            Joseph states that he has figured out Kakyoin’s final message, and one final image of Kakyoin appears in the background as Joseph moves forward.

            DIO stops time and shows up behind Joseph when he doesn’t expect it. The World moves to punch him, but cannot; DIO states that Joseph has suffused his body with Hamon, so he can’t touch it. After announcing that he knows The World can stop time, but only for a few seconds, Joseph is forced off of the rooftop by debris, as DIO exclaims that he doesn’t need to touch Joseph to kill him.

Look who's here!
Look who’s here!

            Joseph meets Jotaro on the ground, and he tells his grandson to not come any closer. DIO follows, and calls The World to stop time. During this break, DIO states that he now has the power to stop time for five seconds, thanks to Jonathan’s body healing. He grabs a knife and places it mere inches from Joseph’s neck, and then counts down the seconds until time resumes.

            Once he says “zero,” the knife goes right into Joseph’s neck, and he collapses. He tells Jotaro that he’s no match for DIO, and then he dies.

            If that sounded brief, it’s because it was. I don’t know if Joseph is really dead; he looks dead, and Hermit Purple crumbled away, but there was no death card like with Kakyoin. I sure as hell hope he’s not dead, because I don’t think I could handle another death right now, but I don’t know.

            DIO tells Jotaro that Kakyoin is dead too, and in response, Jotaro gets closer to “beat the shit out of him.” Once in range, Star Platinum attacks The World, but is a smidge too slow, and Jotaro’s pants get ripped. He momentarily states that those pants cost 200,000 yen. That’s pretty pricey!

            Jotaro realizes that The World is very similar to Star Platinum. DIO exclaims that The World is more powerful, which he’s going to do since he’s DIO, but the two Stands are quickly called out again to clash.

            The episode ends with their fists touching.

I thought this would make a good wallpaper.
I thought this would make a good wallpaper.

Final Thought: RIP Noriaki Kakyoin. 🙁 Hopefully I won’t need to RIP Joseph Joestar too.