JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Stardust Crusaders Episode 44 Review

First Time Review: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Stardust Crusaders

Episode 44: The Miasma of the Void, Cool (Vanilla) Ice, Part 3

Star Platinum is upset that there are less than ten episodes left.
Star Platinum is upset that there are less than ten episodes left.

           Vanilla Ice is the worst. I know I went on about how Terence D’Arby was a menacing guy before, but Vanilla Ice takes everything D’Arby did and amplifies it by a thousand. He’s just that bad.

            I’m not going to spoil anything before the jump because we’re in the serious part of this series now and I really, really don’t want to ruin anyone’s experience by blowing anything before anyone can click away. As I said last review, if you haven’t watched this episode first, please go do that! It’s necessary for the full experience, trust me.

            So when we last left off, Polnareff really looked like he was going to be sucked into the void and die, much like Avdol. To my surprise, this episode begins not with Polnareff, but with Jotaro and his group, where Joseph notices the strange means of destruction the mansion seems to have suffered. There are perfect holes in the wall, which is definitely peculiar. Joseph instructs Jotaro to open the door out so they can proceed toward DIO, and after Star Platinum busts it open, the opening plays.

            Wait, there’s an opening this time? Really? Wow. That’s a tease for sure.

            After the opening (which I may or may not have skipped because I really wanted to see what happened) we finally recap the last few moments of the previous episode. It sure looks like Polnareff is done for. Vanilla Ice comes out of Cream looking worse for wear, explaining that he’s bleeding because of what Avdol had done to him before he died. He didn’t expect Avdol to sacrifice himself to save Polnareff; instead, he expected Avdol to try and save himself and put them both at risk. In other words, Vanilla Ice is upset that he couldn’t kill Avdol and Polnareff in one go.

            As Vanilla Ice limps around, blood drops down from the ceiling and the camera pans up to Polnareff, who is hanging from the ceiling by The Fool’s grasp. Iggy had used the last remainder of his energy to summon The Fool and grab Polnareff right before Cream got to him. Polnareff reiterates that he told Iggy multiple times not to do that, since he was injured grievously in the previous episode. Polnareff looks so upset here, and he even cries a little. Oh man. I don’t think I’m prepared for the rest of this episode, heh.

Look who isn't dead!
Look who isn’t dead!

            The Excited Narrator, who is a little less Excited now, explains that Vanilla Ice was wrong about Iggy; he had resolve, and sending out The Fool with the tiny remainder of his energy proved that. Iggy smiles after the narrator says this and then passes away. The Fool crumbles, leaving Polnareff to fall to the ground.

            Sad music plays during this entire scene, I might add. This does nothing but add to the emotion, which is completely unnecessary, but I can’t complain. David Production did this in the previous arc, anyway, so I’m not surprised that they’re doing it again.

            With tears in his eyes, Polnareff summons Silver Chariot and viciously attacks Vanilla Ice, snapping his neck and all. I think Polnareff might just be a little upset. He tells Vanilla Ice that he was right, since he does have terrible luck with friends, as he was supposed to save Iggy and not the other way around.

Damn it! It's because of your stubbornness that...
Damn it! It’s because of your stubbornness that…

            “I just realized how much I liked him.”

            With Vanilla Ice down, Polnareff takes a moment to reminisce about Iggy, realizing that he really did like the little guy in the end, even if he had a strange obsession with farting on his face. The flashbacks are quick, but enough to really make you feel for the dog and for Polnareff.

            Of course, it comes to no surprise that Vanilla Ice isn’t dead, since Polnareff had pierced his brain stem in the last episode and he survived that, so when he stands up and summons Cream behind Polnareff, well, I really wasn’t shocked.

            Polnareff was ready for this, though, since he immediately sends Chariot to impale him multiple times on a dime. As Vanilla Ice stands back up after this, Polnareff states that he has figured out his immortality, and then he slices open a few windows. The sunlight hits part of Vanilla Ice, causing him to crumble.

            Polnareff continues to explain that Vanilla Ice must have started to turn into a vampire when he stabbed his brain stem last episode. As Vanilla Ice stands in shock, Polnareff eggs him on to move forward into the sunlight. He tells him to really indulge his obsession with protecting DIO to the fullest, and since he doesn’t expect Vanilla Ice to actually move, instructs Chariot to casually push him into the sun as he tells him to go to Hell.

            It’s like an old action movie here, seriously. I love it.

            Vanilla Ice crumbles to dust since he’s well, a vampire, and finally dies.

            GOOD. He killed Avdol and Iggy, who was just a dog. I’m glad Polnareff was able to kill him.

Is this emotional enough for you?
Is this emotional enough for you?

            Thing is, there’s no time to be cheery and celebrate his death, since even sadder music than before plays and the essence of The Fool begins to flow into the atmosphere. Polnareff watches as this happens, and when the image of Avdol and Iggy appear in front of him and Avdol cheers him on with a simple fist pump, I almost lose it.


            This show.

            Seriously, I just… how can a show all about big burly guys be so emotional? I really didn’t expect this, and David Production did a tremendous job making these deaths hit home.

            To top it all off, after Polnareff continues to mourn, a still frame with the text “Avdol and Iggy have died” appears on screen.

            It just doesn’t end, does it? Right when you start to feel a little better about the deaths, the episode just throws them at you again. Wow.

If you weren't sad before, let the 'Iggy has died, Avdol has died' text rub it in.
If you weren’t sad before, let the ‘Iggy has died, Avdol has died’ text rub it in.

            Surprisingly enough, the scene changes to Suzie Q, Holly’s mother. I’m not going to lie, I was super disappointed when this happened. I bet it was in the manga, but still, talk about a flow-changer.

            The scene is somewhat humorous in the beginning with Suzie being all confused about Japanese culture, but it goes on for quite a while, and I’m actually happy to see it end when she reunites with Holly. I didn’t mind the Holly scene, but everything leading to it made it take too long to show up.

            I did like the turtle Suzie had, though. He’s a cool guy.

The only part of the Susie Q segment really worthwhile.
The only part of the Suzie Q segment really worthwhile.

            When the scene changes again, we’re introduced to a weird little guy, whom I assume is the next villain. Thing is, I don’t think he’s really threatening, since he explains to himself that D’Arby and Vanilla Ice picked on him when they all met with DIO about what to do with Jotaro’s group.

            We then reunite with Jotaro’s group, who spot a woman begging for help. This isn’t fishy at all. Joseph tells her they’ll help, and Jotaro agrees, but then he punches her in the face with Star Platinum.

“We are friends … of justice, that is.”

The woman is then revealed to be the strange guy we just saw, nicknamed Nukesaku. Nukesaku forgot to switch his hands around to match the woman’s face on the back of his head. It looked like her hands were backwards when she begged for help, which is how the group knew she was a phony.

Jotaro tests Nukesaku’s claim of being a vampire by punching him through several pillars. When he comes out scathed, but alive, Kakyoin suggests they use him as a guide to DIO. Jotaro agrees, but refuses to answer when Nukesaku asks how he knew his nickname. Good grief.

After the ending, Polnareff is seen with the curtain wrapped around his wounds. He can walk up the stairs now, but DIO, presumably aware of Vanilla Ice’s death, appears before him, with a very menacing, dark aura.

DIO's beautiful visage.
DIO’s beautiful visage.

To put it bluntly, shit is about to go down, and fast.

Final Thought: I don’t want to wait until next week! After the deaths of Avdol and Iggy, I’m anxious about the DIO fight, but also excited. I just hope there aren’t many flow-breakers coming up like the Suzie Q segment.