Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders Episode 41 Review

First Time Review: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders

Episode 41 – D’Arby the Player, part 2.

Kakyoin performs the patented 'spin your car like a maniac' technique.
Kakyoin performs the patented ‘spin your car like a maniac’ technique.

           Terence “Younger” D’Arby is a creepy jerk, much like Demande from Sailor Moon. Both have similar personalities to a degree, with one collecting dolls made with victims’ souls and the other obsessing over the Queen they’ll never have. I find both villains despicable, yet intriguing, as good villains should be. Between the two, I think Terence is more off-putting, as evidenced in my episode 40 review; that being said, I’m sure episode 41 will prove this point even more.

            I guess I should get this show on the road, then!

            Episode 40 ended with Terence gaining an entire car-length’s lead over Kakyoin upon exiting the tunnel. This was unexpected, and everyone (sans Terence) was obviously distressed with this conclusion. Now, episode 41 begins with a bang; Terence gloats about being ahead, but Kakyoin announces that he has less power, and performs the same move he did at the beginning of the game — spinning his car drastically. This time, though, Kakyoin’s car spins with the goal of knocking Terence off the track, which he ends up succeeding at.

            Joseph expresses his glee over this turn of events, much like the viewer is expected to. Joseph pretty much acts like the viewer’s voice in these recent episodes, I feel.

            After successfully knocking Terence off the track, Kakyoin goes on a fairly lengthy spiel about why his plan worked. Basically, Kakyoin is bragging, but in the clever intellectual way he likes. Of course, if Terence were completely out of the game, Jotaro’s soul would have been freed of Atum by now, so ….

            It comes to no surprise when Terence counteracts Kakyoin’s spiel by stating that what the protagonist did was more harmful than beneficial. Kakyoin knocking Terence off the track actually propelled him further. This was Terence’s plan all along. Kakyoin panics, reminiscent of how Joseph reacted when he realized he was screwed when pit against Daniel “Elder” D’Arby.

And I thought Demande was a creeper. Terence takes the cake here.
And I thought Demande was a creeper. Terence takes the cake here.

            Kakyoin has lost all hope; Atum wastes no time in taking his soul and placing it in the doll Terence had already made. Terence then adds to the creep factor by caressing the Kakyoin doll while gloating to Jotaro and Joseph how this doll really adds a lot to his collection. He then explains that he can’t die while in possession of Kakyoin’s soul, or else Kakyoin will die as well. Does this sound similar to the Daniel D’Arby arc? It does, doesn’t it. The antagonists can’t be killed while they have souls, or the souls will die forever. This leaves Jotaro and Joseph with a tight predicament on their hands, but Jotaro quickly decides to play a video game against Terence to get Kakyoin’s soul back.

            Joseph, though, is surprised by Jotaro’s decision; he wanted to challenge Terence to a game next. Jotaro retaliates by asking him if he’s played any of the video games there more than Kakyoin has. Spoiler: he hasn’t.

            I can’t help but notice a new game on the table this time: Xeo Xes. Looks like a space shooter game.

            Jotaro wagers his soul and Terence wagers Kakyoin’s. Terence then calls Atum’s hand away from Jotaro’s arm, since there’s no need to have it there any longer, with Kakyoin up for bet now.

            Jotaro doesn’t pick Xeo Xes, which isn’t surprising considering the preview for this episode kind of spoiled his choice; he picks OH THAT’S A BASEBALL!!, the game I commented on seeing last episode. I missed the ‘A’, though, since it’s kind of hard to see on the cartridge!

            The opening screen for this wonderful game is read out by Daniel’s voice actor. At least, I’m pretty certain it is, since it really sounds like him. Jotaro and Terence pick their teams, which are represented by their Stands. Seeing an entire baseball team of Star Platinums is really amusing for some reason.


            Jotaro clicks one of the buttons on his controller in an almost methodical fashion. He keeps doing this, and he keeps striking out. Joseph panics and finally determines that his grandson has never played a video game before. This is hilarious. Sad, and hilarious. Jotaro doesn’t have time for that crap!

            Joseph continues to berate Jotaro for standing up against Terence if he doesn’t know how to play video games. Jotaro is silent for a moment, but then rebukes by telling Joseph he should be supportive instead of panicky. Terence, after waiting and listening, declares to Jotaro that pretending to not know how to play won’t get him anywhere.

            I don’t think Jotaro is pretending, honestly.

            After Jotaro says he wants to break Terence’s nose and get Kakyoin’s soul back, the game continues. Terence reminds him that if one of the teams gains an eleven point lead, the game is over; Jotaro immediately strikes again, though. Joseph, still panicking, compares this scene to members of a tea ceremony trying to compete in a baseball championship. It’s a sad sight.

            Terence announces that he’s ready to pitch again after he thinks to himself that he’ll perform some screwball pitches to really mess with Jotaro. Jotaro tells him to go ahead, since he’s pretty much figured out how to bat now.

I've pretty much learned how to bat now.
I’ve pretty much learned how to bat now.

            Yes, Jotaro has learned how to play the game. Terence can’t believe those words, since Star Platinum has impeccable reflexes and strength; obviously hearing that a ball may actually be struck by that Stand worries him.

            As it should, since Star Platinum hits the next pitch with gusto, sending it clear out of the park. Joseph is SO HAPPY about this. He’s like a little kid sometimes and I love it.

            After the inbetweeners, Terence thinks to himself that he now really sees why DIO needs Jotaro dead, and why Daniel D’Arby lost to him. Jotaro is clever, and quick to learn. Terence isn’t scared, though; instead, he’s excited to have a real challenge. Joseph, upon seeing Jotaro score more home runs, decides to allow Terence to give Kakyoin’s soul back now to spare his own life. Like that’ll ever happen. Terence responds by explaining why his brother was easier to defeat, and why he’ll not be so easy. The color scheme of the characters and surroundings change during this speech, and I can’t help but notice how Terence’s scheme changes to look more like DIO’s. Coincidence? Probably, but still worth noting.

Terence explaining some of his past.
Terence explaining some of his past.

            Terence then announces that he’ll switch pitchers to a faster one, and that this pitcher will throw a forkball. I don’t know baseball terms at all, really, so I can’t go into more detail about what a forkball is. That being said, Jotaro believes Terence’s announcement and swings his bat in the hopes that a forkball is thrown. It isn’t. Terence, surprisingly, didn’t throw a forkball, and so Jotaro’s team is out. The two teams switch roles.

            Jotaro visibly swallows as a nervous reaction. This is a first for him, definitely. He explains that he was uncertain about the pitch; he didn’t necessarily believe Terence, but he didn’t not believe him either. He’s been uncertain about him since he entered the mansion. Joseph wonders if Atum can read minds; Terence simply announces that he’ll hit a home run when the game continues.

            I was wondering if Atum had other powers, honestly. For it to just take souls would be kind of a cop-out, since Osiris did that. Atum has to be capable of something else, but what? Jotaro asks Joseph once again if the game or console is rigged, and he says they can’t be, since he’s checked several times. Atum must be allowing Terence to see things he wouldn’t be able to normally see, then.

            Jotaro decides to try and hit the batter, one of the Atums, to see if he can learn something. Unfortunately, Terence sees this plan and hits the ball before it can hit Atum. How did he know Jotaro’s trick? Joseph panics again, reiterating what the viewer is probably wondering.

            Terence ends up getting two home runs, bringing the score to 4-2; Jaguars (Jotaro) still in the lead. The credits begin to play over the scene, signifying no proper ending credit run. Joseph wonders how he and Jotaro can prevent Atum from figuring out their plans as they happen; while he does this, Terence brings the score to 4-3.

Without the hat again.
Without the hat again.

            Jotaro takes off his hat, meaning that he’s super serious. The hat has only been taken off twice in this series so far, if you recall. He declares that he’ll throw a pitch high to the outside after Joseph ensures Terence isn’t using underhanded methods like looking at Jotaro’s eyes for the reflection of the TV screen.

            Jotaro has a menacing air about him, and Joseph backs away, looking worried. Is Jotaro thinking that Atum feeds off of fear, or nervousness? I have no idea. All I do know is that this arc is intense; this is the first 3-parter with a villain so far.

            I do wonder one thing though, and please don’t spoil me if the answer comes up later. Joseph told Avdol last episode to burn the mansion if they didn’t return in ten minutes, so how has it not been ten minutes yet?


You never want these eyes staring at you.
You never want these eyes staring at you.

            FINAL THOUGHT: What is Atum’s deal? How does it seem to know everything everyone is thinking? Why is Terence so creepy? Is Polnareff and Avdol alright? I guess we’ll find out next week! I can’t wait, seriously.