Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Stardust Crusaders Episode 39

First Time Review: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Stardust Crusaders

Episode 39 – The Guardian of Hell, Pet Shop, part 2.

            Since Episode 38 was pretty intense, and I’m guessing that seeing the conclusion to the Pet Shop arc is at the top of everyone’s list (if not, it should be!) I’m going to skip the middleman and dive right in, head first, into this review. Let’s go!

Pet Shop and Iggy's abandoned leg.
Pet Shop and Iggy’s abandoned leg.

           As most of the 2-part episodes seem to do, this episode starts out with a brief recap of what happened at the end of episode 38. In case you had forgotten, Iggy was in serious trouble, as his foot was stuck in Pet Shop’s ice while Pet Shop was diving in for the kill. After a cloud of ice and smoke clears away, we return to the present time, where nothing is in the ice but Iggy’s leg. That was unexpected.

            Pet Shop, visibly surprised, looks for Iggy’s location, and when he sees a pool of blood in the water, it’s pretty much confirmed that Iggy suffered a grave wound. This wasn’t another one of his illusions created by the Fool, shockingly enough.

            After the opening, the scene changes to the rest of the group, where Avdol admits that it may have been for the best if the ‘beggar’ hadn’t found the mansion, since he may have done so and gotten killed for it. In other words, Avdol has figured out what’s up: the mansion has a guardian Stand user.

            This Stand user, Pet Shop, is a definite threat. Iggy is now shown underwater, with the Fool protecting him and allowing him to breathe; the first thought in his mind is that he has to enact revenge on the bird for cutting off his leg with one of his icicles, and the second thought is that the Speedwagon Foundation will have to make him a prosthetic as soon as possible.

            I can only imagine how much pain Iggy must have been in at that moment.

The Excited Narrator's diagram of a bird's anatomy. We're learning!
The Excited Narrator’s diagram of a bird’s anatomy. We’re learning!

            After a few moments, Iggy hears the sound of something coming into the water. The excited narrator explains that birds can last underwater longer than dogs, since they have so many air sacs in their body. That being said, birds can’t actually fly underwater, but this is an anime, so I can’t really expect everything to be realistic.

           Iggy panics, realizing that Pet Shop did come into the water after him, and when Pet Shop sends a giant icicle into the Fool’s fort and we see his crazy stare through the ice, well, it’s confirmed that this bird is insane. Thankfully, as a dog, Iggy can hear when Pet Shop sends three more icicles toward the Fool, which allows him to think fast enough to deflect them once they come close. One of the deflected icicles cuts right through one of Pet Shop’s wings.


           Guess that means we’re done with Pet Shop, right? Heh, no way. As the Fool begins to crumble around him, Iggy figures out that hiding underwater was a bad idea, since Pet Shop can freeze all of it. Surrounded by ice, Iggy has to figure out how to get away, and fast. He decides to dig his way out from the bottom.

            Things seem to go relatively smoothly until Iggy sees a huge, empty void under the Fool. A crazed face greets him there, ready to finish the battle; Pet Shop immediately opens his beak and creates an icicle to shoot directly at Iggy.           

            There isn’t much this dog can do, now! The Fool is behind him, and so he has no time to really defend himself. Tension continues to run high, just like in the last episode; however, Iggy notices that the Fool is about to collapse, so he decides to let the air pressure caused by that to push him forward. Once close enough to Pet Shop, he opens his mouth and bites down on the bird’s beak, closing the icicle inside and causing Pet Shop to explode.

            Talk about a violent end.

Pet Shop's final moment.
Pet Shop’s final moment.

            Iggy ends up on the surface of the water, but realizes that he has no energy to swim to shore. He resorts himself to dying here, and a bunch of scenes from his life play, with sad music to accompany them. Even though I haven’t read the manga, I got the impression that Iggy wasn’t going to actually die here, for some reason. Sure, plenty of characters die in this series, but I just don’t believe it’s his time yet. Maybe the music was too much, I don’t know. (Though when a certain character died in Battle Tendency, really sad music played, so my thoughts could be way off.)

           After the scenes from his life finish playing, Iggy gets dragged back up to the water’s surface by the boy from last episode! I knew he wasn’t dead! The boy comments that he remembered Iggy from earlier, and he begs the dog not to die as he insists that he’ll take him somewhere to get patched up. The narrator follows up with this by announcing that the ‘Bastard Bird’ and his Stand are officially dead. Excellent.

            We go back to the group now, where Polnareff asks where Iggy is. Joseph expresses his concern for the dog, since they hadn’t seen him in a while, and Jotaro stops and listens in the distance, since he thinks he hears someone calling for them. Iggy then turns past one of the buildings, and hobbles toward everyone. Polnareff is the first to run to him; I like this, since it shows that even if Iggy has been nothing but a little shit to Polnareff, he still doesn’t want to see him hurt.

            The group figures out that a Stand must have hurt Iggy, and while Joseph examines his treated wound, Jotaro explains that the voice he heard wasn’t Iggy’s. Whose was it, then? I wonder… I mean, the preview for this episode didn’t show anyone special, or anything….


            That voice begins to explain that Iggy was treated by a Speedwagon Foundation doctor, the same doctor that treated their eyes. There was only one person who had their eyes injured in this group, so it really didn’t come to any surprise that the mysterious voice Jotaro heard belonged to Kakyoin.

            Everyone looks really, really happy to see him, and even Jotaro smiles a little. I’ll admit, I found this scene ridiculously touching for some reason. Like, I wasn’t going to cry or anything but I definitely felt happy, you know?

Jotaro's smiling! See?
Jotaro’s smiling! See?

            Kakyoin explains that the doctor fixed his vision, so he can see, but he still has scars, so he wears sunglasses to cover them. I don’t know how in the hell any doctor could have fixed his vision in the 80s, but whatever, it’s an anime. I really expected him to be blind, though, as I stated in previous reviews.

            Anyway, after the gang reunites, Iggy motions to lead them to the mansion. As they follow, the ‘beggar’s’ car from earlier passes by on a tow truck, confirming his death. Avdol expresses regret for asking him to find the mansion. They continue walking, until Joseph begins to feel DIO’s presence, and the narrator begins to explain the group’s individual motivations for killing him. Iggy only cares about killing DIO due to what happened today, Joseph wants to save Holly, Kakyoin wants to overcome the weakness inside of him, Avdol can’t allow such evil to exist, and Polnareff wants revenge for DIO brainwashing him for so long. Jotaro basically says that everything will be done and over with once DIO’s ass is kicked.

            Once the group arrives at the mansion, the doors open, and an eerily empty corridor awaits. Polnareff is warned not to proceed, and with good reason. The next enemy appears right in front of them, and his face kind of gives away his relation to a previous Stand user. Look at the picture below and see for yourself!

Who else had metal on their face like that?
Who else had metal on their face like that?

            Next episode, we’ll see what his deal really is.


Final Thought: Kakyoin’s back! I am so excited, you don’t even know. I’m also excited to see what this Stand user’s deal is, since he totally looks like he’s related to someone else.