JoJo Figure Buying Guide Statue Legend

JoJo Figure Buying Guide Statue Legend

(Parts 4 through 8)

*Last updated 10/7/17 – Added Crazy Diamond!*

There are more figures for JoJo out there than the Super Action Statue line, which I’ve written about here and here (for the Stands). There are expensive, large figures with real clothing (known as Real Action Heroes, which I’ll talk about later) and statues fairly similar in size to the SAS line without articulation or extra accessories, known as Statue Legend.

Statue Legend is produced and designed by Di Molto Bene, the same company that makes Minissimo. The Statue Legend line is long and covers most of the parts of JoJo, and continues to add more and more characters to its collection to this day. Aside from the lack of articulation, the crucial difference between this line and Super Action Statue line is that Statue Legend consists of not only main characters, but side and less prominent characters as well, both good and evil.

Since the Statue Legend line is pretty big, I’ll be cutting this down to several posts. This post will cover parts 4 through 8 — Diamond is Unbreakable through JoJolion. (Stone Ocean and Steel Ball Run don’t seem to have any Statue Legends yet, though.) Check out the parts 1-3 guide here!

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Note! This line, as far as I am aware, DOES NOT have any bootlegs! This is great news since it makes it easier to safely buy a figure without worrying about poor quality. This may change in the future but this line has been out for quite some time, so you’d think it’d have been bootlegged by now if it was going to be.

While I’m at it with the bold text, let me also throw out a disclaimer that the Amazon and eBay links are affiliate links that provide me a very small commission of off every purchase. This comes to no extra cost to you, but I want to let you know that they do help me out some! Thank you!

Part 4 – Diamond is Unbreakable

Josuke Higashikata (Limited Exclusive to Medicos’ site for now. Currently VERY expensive!)

Crazy Diamond

Rohan Kishibe (COMING SOON!)

Yoshikage Kira

Kosaku Kawajiri

Killer Queen

Killer Queen (Pink Version)

Keicho Nijimura and Bad Company (Worse Company)

Keicho Nijimura (Blue Version)

Yukako Yamagishi

Yukako Yamagishi (Pink and Orange Version)

Akira Otoishi and Red Hot Chili Pepper

Akira Otoishi and Red Hot Chili Pepper (Green/Orange Version)

Mikitaka Hazekura

Mikitaka Hazekura (Brown Version)

Shigechi (Shigekiyo) and Harvest

Shigechi (Shigekiyo) Harvest (Green and Purple Version)

Tonio Trussardi (Tonio Trendy) and Pearl Jam (Pole Jam)

Tonio Trussardi and Pearl Jam (Orange Version, Limited)

Yuya Fungami

Yuya Fungami (Green Version, Limited)

Highway Star

Highway Star (Brown Version)

Terunosuke Miyamoto

Terunosuke Miyamoto (Blond Version, Limited)

Enigma (Mysterioso)

Enigma (Silver Version, Limited)

Part 5 – Golden Wind

Giorno Giovanna (COMING SOON)

Gold Experience (COMING SOON)

Bruno Buccellati/Bruno Bucciarati (COMING SOON)

Sticky Fingers (COMING SOON)

Black Sabbath

Pesci and Beach Boy


Prosciutto and The Grateful Dead

Prosciutto and The Grateful Dead (Green Version)

White Album

Risotto Nero

Risotto Nero (Purple Version)

Part 6 – Stone Ocean

Medicos hasn’t made or announced any characters from this part yet!

Part 7 – Steel Ball Run

Medicos hasn’t made or announced any characters from this part yet!

Part 8 – JoJolion

Josuke Higashikata

Josuke Higashikata (Orange Version)

Soft and Wet

Soft and Wet (Green Version)

Hopefully I didn’t miss any; let me know if I did! Remember to check Mandarake and Jungle as well, as they are both options for buying these figures used! Their stock depends on what people have sold back to them, so you may need to check once in a while to see if what you want shows up.

Hope this helps!