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JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Trailer – Thoughts

JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Trailer – Thoughts

Diamond is Unbreakable ... it's happening!
Diamond is Unbreakable … it’s happening!

Much like Sailor Moon CrystalJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is airing again starting the first week of April (as you may already know.) Since Crystal had a trailer for its third, upcoming season put out recently, I was eagerly awaiting JoJo’s to be released, to up the hype, and to also quell fears.

Yes, I was a little fearful of this trailer. Why? Well, the PV (preview) released in December  didn’t look as nice as I thought it would. Josuke looked a little off, so much so that someone in Japan edited him to look better.

If I had to really put my finger down on what looked off in the PV, it was his nose. The edit defined it a lot more, and made it feel closer to the style of part 3’s anime. Now, Araki began developing a new style when he was working on part 4’s manga; at the very beginning, Josuke was drawn more like Jotaro was in part 3 (aka pretty huge), but as the manga went on, he was drawn a bit more slender, much to the style of a 15-16 year old. That being said, his nose was never flat/almost-non existent, which is why the anime PV seemed a little weird.

Now, the trailers for Diamond is Unbreakable are interesting in a different way than the PV was. For one thing, there are three of them, but they’re all very, very similar. They’re each told in the perspective of a main character in the part: Josuke Higashikata, Koichi Hirose, and Jotaro Kujo. The Josuke trailer is the ‘real’ trailer, in that it’s the longest, and the one with the most unique frames. The other two trailers take most of their material from Josuke’s but add a few frames to change the perspective. I think that David Production did something very interesting here, which I like.

To keep things simple, I’ll mainly be talking about Josuke’s trailer. The link at the bottom of this post goes to a combined trailer someone made on Youtube that shows everything, but Josuke’s is the meat of it.

Jotaro Kujo in Diamond is Unbreakable.
Jotaro Kujo in Diamond is Unbreakable.

Jotaro Kujo, now almost 30, shows up at the beginning of the trailer. Immediately, I notice how different his face looks here as opposed to how it did in Stardust Crusaders:


His nose is less defined, his cheekbones are pretty non-existent, and his upper lip lacks shading. As you can see in the image below, he looked different than his younger counterpart in the manga, but not that different. There’s shading there, for one thing.

Jotaro Kujo in Diamond is Unbreakable's Manga.
Jotaro Kujo in Diamond is Unbreakable’s Manga.

That all being said, I don’t necessarily hate how he looks; I would have just appreciated some more detail. Stardust Crusaders had plenty of detail, so I’m not really sure why so much of it got dropped for Diamond is Unbreakable. 

Anyway, Josuke and Koichi show up a few seconds later. Let me analyze how they look:

Josuke and Koichi.
Josuke and Koichi.

There’s one thing here that really bothers me about their designs. It’s not Josuke, though his face does appear pretty flat (I assume this is something I’ll just have to get used to with Diamond is Unbreakable’s anime style). It’s Koichi’s face.

Koichi from Diamond is Unbreakable's Manga.
Koichi from Diamond is Unbreakable’s Manga.

His nose in the anime is way too big. Seriously, it’s so huge! I don’t know why they chose to do this. It’s not just this frame, either. In Koichi’s version of the trailer, he has more screen time, and his nose is still huge.

This is definitely something that will take a while to get used to, unlike the flat faces. (Also, notice Jotaro in this picture? His face isn’t as defined as it was in the previous manga panel. Perhaps David Production was following this? Who knows. I still prefer the details.)

Koichi's freaking out because his nose blew up in size.
Koichi’s freaking out because his nose blew up in size.

Even though the characters’ faces are a little flat, and Koichi’s nose is huge, David Production still put a lot of love into certain aspects of the trailer. The television in the Higashikata house even has a manufacturer label (ZONY — the most well known of TV brands) and the Nintendo 64-styled console seems to have been added as an homage to the time the story takes place. (1999) Things like this is why I still really like David Production’s work, even if some of their design decisions are strange.


Josuke’s stand, Crazy Diamond (who will TOTALLY be named something else in the subs) looks great. I mean, I already love the hell out of its design (possibly due to how it looks a lot like The World? I’ll talk more about that when the first episode airs) but David Productions really nailed its animation. I can’t really describe it with words; you’ll have to check out the trailers to see, but it’s smooth.

Crazy Diamond. Sub name pending? How about PSYCHO OPAL?
Crazy Diamond. Sub name pending? How about PSYCHO OPAL?

Crazy Diamond is so fabulous, it almost puts Sailor Moon to shame! Kind of.


The trailers are timed well; the pacing works in that it keeps the hype going. The bits and pieces you hear of the theme song (I assume this is the theme) really works. There’s a kind of hip-hip vibe to it that just defines Diamond is Unbreakable. 

The voice acting is also on point, but I loved the cast for Stardust Crusaders so this isn’t surprising. I think I’ll talk more about the voice actors in the episode reviews, since I didn’t want this post to be too long or too rambly.

In short, this trailer brought back my interest in this anime. I don’t think the designs for the characters are perfect, unfortunately. Koichi got the worst treatment for some reason; I don’t know why.

That being said, I believe this will be a joy to watch and review every week, and I hope you feel the same way!

Diamond is Unbreakable starts airing on April 1st on Crunchyroll. It might be up early on the 2nd though, due to timezone differences.

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The combined trailers can be watched here!