JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episodes 19 and 20 Review

JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episodes 19 and 20 Review

Episode 19: Shigechi’s Harvest, Part 2

Episode 20: Yukako Yamagishi Dreams of Cinderella

I’m doing something different this time around, as you’ve probably gathered from the title and the fact that I haven’t posted a review for episode 19 yet. Honestly, I’ve been having some health issues and haven’t been up to reviewing this past week, which is part of the reason why I decided to ultimately do a joint review. The other reason is, well, these episodes don’t do as much for me as the next ones will, based off of my knowledge of the manga and my personal tastes.

These recaps will be much shorter than usual, but I’ll be returning to my original format beginning with episode 21.

Episode 19 Recap: At the end of episode 18, Okuyasu came across a winning lottery ticket someone threw away. The beginning of episode 19 is directly after this; the three students quickly head off to the bank to turn in the ticket and receive their winnings.

The employee at the bank is immediately suspicious of them due to their age/appearance, and thinks that there’s no way that they should be entitled to so much money. He tells them that their names aren’t written on the back of the ticket, as it should be, and instead sees a man’s signature. The signature belongs to the man who originally purchased the ticket, and the bank employee wastes no time calling him to verify the purchase and invalidate Josuke and his group.

Okuyasu and Josuke chase Shigechi.
Okuyasu and Josuke chase Shigechi.

The fact that nobody noticed the man’s signature on the back before going to the bank is funny, but ultimately not too surprising since they were all so excited to redeem their reward.

With quick thinking, as the employee calls the man, Josuke changes some of the letters in the signature around to spell out a different name, disqualifying him from winning. The new name and phone number don’t exist, so the employee very begrudgingly declares the boys the winners. They need to hold on to the voucher for three days, though, before it can turn into cash.

As you can expect, Shigechi tries to pull a fast one, explaining that he deserves the winnings due to Harvest. This pisses of Okuyasu, which is also not surprising, and he punches the snotty boy; Josuke disagrees with the violence, but it’s too late. Okuyasu’s punch causes Shigechi to give chase from them, with the ticket, and he uses Harvest to pull him along. He climbs the side of a building with Harvest, and Josuke and Okuyasu proceed to use their Stands to follow suit.

On the roof, a long battle takes place between the two groups — Okuyasu and Josuke in one and Shigechi in the other. Not much needs to be said about this battle, except that at one point Shigechi uses Harvest to inject the others with alcohol, causing them to become drunk and unable to properly fight. This is humorous, especially with the rosy cheeks constantly plastered on them, but by the end of the battle the inebriation is no longer a major concern.

This frame doesn't look too great...
This frame doesn’t look too great…

Shigechi is finally persuaded to not be so greedy when Okuyasu uses The Hand and some wits to pull Shigechi in for an attack, and Josuke finishes it by obtaining the voucher and tearing it up in front of him, stating that only his Stand can repair it.

This episode was enjoyable, and only had a few animation hiccups. If I were writing a ‘full’ review I’d have went into more detail about the fight, but that was the gist of it.

What I Liked/Didn’t Like:

  • My favorite obnoxious filter came back right at the beginning of the episode when the bank employee was trying to tell the boys that their names weren’t written on the ticket. This filter has always been annoying, distracting, and unnecessary, even during moments of tension. The inconsistency about using it or not also bothers me, because sometimes I expect it to be used when it isn’t and vice versa. (I know I said a while ago I wouldn’t talk about the filter anymore, but god, I can’t stop. It’s just there, in your face, and it wants you to notice it. Trust me, I’ve noticed!)
  • The frame of Josuke and Okuyasu cheering when they received the voucher from the bank was pretty much a carbon copy of the panel in the manga. David Production did an excellent job there.
  • Okuyasu drunk is pretty hilarious, I have to admit.
This is Okuyasu on alcohol.
This is Okuyasu on alcohol.

Episode 20 Recap: Episode 20 is interesting in that the manga chapters correlating to its story arc take place after Episode 21. David Production flipped the order of these arcs, and at first I was a little confused/disappointed in that decision since I really enjoy the manga chapters episode 21 will be about and I didn’t want to wait another week for that, but after thinking about it for a while, the order change might just work out for the better. I don’t want to talk more about why that is right now because of spoilers, but I figured I’d mention that these episodes were reversed from the manga order for those curious.

A preview of a very important character.
A preview of a very important character.

Yukako notices Koichi having lunch with Josuke and Okuyasu and thinks about how he doesn’t notice her, especially after what happened between the two of them. This saddens her, but as she walks away she notices a woman elated about getting proposed by the man of her dreams. This intrigues her, so she enters the salon she’s near, where the beautician there, Aya, explains what she does.

She states that she changes your appearance to make someone fall for you, and depending on which tier you pay for, the type of person you want to seduce can vary. Yukako is understandably skeptical, but after convincing that it’s just makeup, she agrees to the procedure. She is told that it only lasts thirty minutes, but it’s worth a shot to obtain Koichi’s attention.

Yukako desires Koichi's affection.
Yukako desires Koichi’s affection.

After receiving the makeover, Yukako bumps into Koichi on the street (literally) and he tells her he saw her walk away while he was eating. He says she looked sad and was concerned for her, since even after all that happened, she doesn’t need to worry about him not talking to her. Is this due to her makeover, or is this just how Koichi feels? I wonder! That being said, the makeover definitely causes Koichi to agree to having lunch with her, where they both have a great time. Unfortunately, thirty minutes come and go, and Yukako hurries back to the salon to yell at Aya for the short time limit.

Aya tells her she can get a full body makeover, that she can keep permanently as long as she reapplies special lipstick every thirty minutes. During the procedure, Yukako notices that Aya is a Stand user, and grabs her with her hair. She states that she really doesn’t care that she has a Stand, since she could have killed her by now if she wanted to, rendering the hair grab a bit pointless; this is just how Yukako is, though.

Yukako receives her full makeover and goes to pursue Koichi again, but he’s instantly stopped by Rohan who wants him to join his photography adventures at the department store. It’s weird taking pictures there alone, after all! Josuke and Joseph show up too, really taking away Koichi’s attention. This infuriates Yukako, but she eventually is able to meet up with him in time and actually kiss him. The makeover worked!

There’s one downside, though; Yukako was so absorbed in the kiss that she forgot to reapply the lipstick, rendering her face destroyed. Koichi tells Josuke and Okuyasu that he’s fallen for her but she won’t talk to him anymore, which is super confusing. He does soon run into a woman with very similar hair, and he thinks its her; she turns around and disproves that, though, saying she’s not Yukako. Koichi leaves her, and she turns around to try and say that she actually is Yukako, but it’s too late.

Yukako goes back to the salon and threatens to kill Aya, but Aya says she looks like this because she forgot to reapply the lipstick, which was all her fault. Koichi, having followed Yukako without her realizing, walks into the salon and explains that he knew it was her due to her fierce and aggressive personality. Aya, out of respect for Koichi’s admiration and ability to sense others by their personality, tells Yukako that her Stand remembers every face its worked on and can repair hers under one condition. That condition is that she needs to pick her face out of a bunch, but if she picks the wrong one she’ll lose her face completely.

After a tense few minutes of thought, she decides to have Koichi pick. Koichi tells her that if he guesses wrong, he’ll have her punch out Echoes’ eyes so he can’t see, since he knows her by her personality and can identify her that way.

That’s actually very sweet.

As you can probably guess, Koichi inevitably picks the right face; he states that he has fallen for her, after all.

What I Liked/Didn’t Like:

  • There was no OP or ED, which was a smart move. The arc in the manga was several chapters long so dropping both of them allowed for enough airtime to cover what they needed. Since this was condensed into one episode, some things were dropped, but I’ll admit that I didn’t reread the chapters to check; I felt that the episode’s pacing was great and showed everything that was needed.
  • The animation was beautiful! This was definitely one of the best looking episodes I’ve seen yet.
  • The little tease of a very important character when Yukako went in the salon for the first time was a nice touch.
A beautiful frame from this episode.
A beautiful frame from this episode.

Extra Note: The title for the next episode is translated as “Yoshikage Kira Wants to Live Quietly,” which is slightly different from the manga translation I read, which was “Kira Yoshikage Wants to Live a Quiet Life.” Both titles mean the same thing, but in my opinion “Live a Quiet Life” really flows better than “Lives Quietly.” It’s odd that the Crunchyroll subs went with “Quietly,” but it doesn’t matter too much at the end of the day. The way Kira’s name is written also doesn’t matter; he’s referred to as Kira, but his first name is Yoshikage.

I’m really looking forward to this episode!

Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 19 is available to view on Crunchyroll now. Episode 20 is available to view now if you’re a premium member, and in SD on August 19th if you’re not.

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