JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 9 Review

JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 9 Review

Yukako Yamagishi Falls in Love, Part 2

Recap:  When we last left Koichi, he was trapped in a summer house with Yukako, who was ‘training’ him to be a well rounded man. In other words, Yukako was nearly killing him, and she still is when this episode starts.

After Josuke and Okuyasu realize that both Koichi and Yukako have been missing for a while, the scene goes back to Koichi. Koichi has to answer a question to unlock the bathroom door, but he has to go so bad that he can’t remember what the right answer is. (He thinks that it was a title of a movie, but the movie was too long for him to watch.)

As you’d expect, Koichi doesn’t make it, and pees before answering the question. Yukako, being the ‘ideal wife’ (in her eyes) happily washes Koichi’s pants, but Koichi is embarrassed about the entire situation. Maybe he thinks that she won’t like him anymore and he can finally go home, but that’s not how Yukako works.

What happens when you have to answer trivia to pee.
What happens when you have to answer trivia to pee.

Seeing Koichi in distress prompts Yukako to state that she admires him even more, and that he must have some sort of trump card up his sleeve. She then shows him her newest project, an electric chair. She hopes it’ll be ready by dinner’s study time.

Yeah, she made an electric chair to ‘train’ Koichi. Something’s clearly wrong with this girl.

Yukako tells Koichi that she wants to make Italian for dinner, and that she needs olive oil to do so. She leaves the room, and Koichi immediately thinks of a plan to get out. Since Yukako definitely won’t risk leaving the house, she must want to order olive oil for delivery (who delivers olive oil? does Amazon even do it?). The phone cord is still cut, however, so she has to use the payphone. Koichi uses Echoes to spot a payphone 48 meters away.

I don’t know how Koichi can instantly gauge meter length, but it’s an anime so I’ll let that slide.

Yukako notices Koichi through the window, and exclaims that she’s wise to his game. She says that he has no coins, so he can’t call anyone, and she’ll just break the 110 (911) button so he can’t call the police, either. Feeling helpless, Koichi thinks he can’t do anything now, but after a few moments he realizes that he can use Echoes to mark Yukako and make phone dialing sounds to call Josuke. I don’t really understand how these payphones work, with nearby sounds acting as pressing the buttons but like I just said, it’s an anime.

Josuke answers the phone, and Yukako figures out that Koichi has a Stand power, like she does. Josuke hears the sound of the ocean through the line, and with Okuyasu and a map, deduces the general area of where Koichi is. Yukako then moves to deal with Koichi, and Koichi barricades himself in his room with everything he can find. As Yukako spews some crap about how they’re both united by having Stand powers, Koichi rigs the door with the electric chair to shock Yukako when she touches the handle. She does so, and is very angry that he did this to her.

Promptly afterward, Echoes throws an ‘I Hate You’ onto Yukako, but the reverberation of this phrase does nothing to her, and quickly falls off. Echoes then stops moving, and cocoons itself into a rock-like form. Koichi freaks out, thinking his Stand is dead.

He's back and better than ever!
He’s back and better than ever!

Yukako uses her Stand to grab the dresser blocking the door, and as she begins to move it, Echoes’ cocoon hatches. Yukako makes it inside after a few seconds, and instantly notices Echoes is gone. She asks where it went, and Koichi sees that it’s now Act 2, a flying mecha-like little dude.

Spoiler alert: Act 2 owns.

Echoes conjures up wind and blows Yukako back, realizing that this happened because he wished it to. Echoes Act 2 was able to create the ‘Whoosh’ sound effect from Koichi’s will, blowing Yukako away.

Josuke and Okuyasu arrive via taxi, but don’t know exactly what house Koichi is in. Josuke tells Okuyasu that they need to find the payphone to find the house, since Echoes Act 1 has a shorter range. They begin their search, and Yukako heads back toward Koichi.

Koichi cuts his hair in front of her, and says she can’t beat Act 2. She defiantly continues to walk forward, touching the handrail and getting burned in the process.

That's a good face.
That’s a good face.

With a face like that, no wonder Koichi doesn’t have any interest!

Yukako says she’s getting violent now, and uses her Stand to envelop the entire house. Josuke hears the crashing sound from this, and Okuyasu points out that the house covered in hair must be the one they’re looking for. Thanks, Okuyasu.

Koichi tells Yukako that he’s in this mess because she wouldn’t understand him when he said he didn’t care for her. This causes her to grab him with her hair, as she stated before that she’ll kill him so he’ll remain hers forever.

When Koichi is grabbed, the sound effect ‘Dogon’ can be seen on his back. I couldn’t figure out via Googling it what it meant, exactly, but it causes an explosion to knock Yukako far away, so I assume it’s some sort of crashing/bomb sound.

Yukako, now with white hair, is seemingly knocked out, but Echoes senses her heartbeat. Koichi is glad he didn’t kill her, even if he hates her. He’s just the type of person to care a little, at the end of the day. That being said, caring hurts him again here, since Yukako uses this opportunity to grab Koichi again via grabbing Echoes, nearly strangling him. After a second or two, the cliff she stands on begins to crack, and Koichi warns her to grab something. Thinking he’s messing with her, she refuses, and the cliff cracks, causing her to fall.

She nearly hits a pointy rock, but instead is propelled upward with a ‘boing!’ from Echoes, who applied the sound effect moments prior.


Josuke and Okuyasu make it over to Koichi, finally.

Happy Koichi saved her, Yukako states that she loves him even more now, which freaks everyone out. Totally understandable!

The episode ends with Koichi getting a perfect score on his English exam, thanks to Yukako’s ridiculous method of study. He doesn’t know how to feel about that!

What I Liked/Didn’t Like:

  • I really like Echoes Act 1’s sound effects in this episode. The way ‘I Hate You’ was animated/narrated was great, and even more entertaining than it was in the manga.
  • Echoes Act 2’s way of grabbing the ‘Whoosh’ off the door and molding it into a ball was oddly adorable. And then it went ‘wheee!’ all happy when Koichi named it Act 2.
  • Yukako’s voice actress continued to really impress me with her performance here, too.

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