JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 8 Review

JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 8 Review

Yukako Yamagishi Falls in Love, Part 1

Recap:  Here we begin with a very brief flashback of Hazamada in his hospital room, telling Josuke that Stand users are attracted to other Stand users. This is an important statement, hence why it was mentioned at the beginning of this episode…

After the flashback, Josuke and Okuyasu notice that Koichi is sitting by himself at the cafe in town. This is unusual for him, so the two taller boys are intrigued. After a bit, a girl (who Okuyasu states is a classmate) shows up and sits with Koichi, prompting a few outbursts from Okuyasu.

The girl, Yukako Yamagishi, expresses her love for Koichi, and at first, Koichi is psyched. A girl loves him? How exciting, right?

Someone loves Koichi?
Someone loves Koichi?

Okuyasu cries a little, jealous that no girl has come up to him with such a profession. Poor Okuyasu. (When Yukako tells Koichi his face is sharp, Okuyasu whines to Josuke that his face is sharp too!)

After a bit, Koichi states that he doesn’t feel the same about Yukako. He doesn’t hate her, but he doesn’t necessarily love her, either. After all, he was told this completely out of the blue! She doesn’t approve of this response, however, and flips out, knocking her coffee over and spilling it all over the table. She quickly realizes the mess she made, cries a little, and confirms that Koichi will see her again later as she leaves the cafe. Okuyasu, noticing this sudden change in her personality, states to Josuke that his jealousy flew away, and that they should pretend they saw nothing.

Koichi, understandably freaked out, goes to take a sip of his drink, only to discover that it’s filled with hair. Josuke overhears Koichi yell, notices the hair in his drink, and thinks back to Hazamada’s words. He thinks that Yukako can’t be a Stand user, though, and moves on.

The scene changes to Koichi, who is now cleaning the science lab at school. Yukako is also there, and she apologizes for how she acted at the cafe.

Yukako's sweater.
Yukako’s sweater.

She then asks Koichi if they can be friends, and he says yes. This prompts her to state that she was so worried about his response that she stayed up all night, knitting a sweater for him. She knew his height and chest size, but was worried the shoulders wouldn’t fit.

After Yukako brings out a freshly made lunch for the two of them, Koichi thinks to himself that this girl is very, very strange, and when the class representative comes into the room to tell him he needs to keep cleaning, he feels really relieved. Yukako, however, is seething at the fact that another girl took Koichi away.

Yukako catches up to the class rep on the roof, and insists that Koichi is hers and hers alone. When the class rep says she doesn’t care about Koichi, Yukako gets even angrier, and the class rep gets a taste of Yukako’s power — she becomes entangled with the same hair Koichi was forced to drink earlier and pulled into the furnace nearby.

The class rep burns, and it looks like she’ll die. Luckily, The Hand pulls the fire away, though it cuts some of her hair in the process. Josuke, with Okuyasu, explain to each other that Yukako is, in fact, a Stand user, but probably won’t hurt Koichi.

Later, Koichi, Josuke, and Okuyasu meet up, and Koichi shows the others that he got a 16 on his English test. This was because he couldn’t concentrate, as he was worried about Yukako.

Koichi then says that he needs to tell her he doesn’t care for her, so she leaves him alone. Josuke thinks this is a bad idea, that it’ll just make her really mad, so he suggests that Koichi act like a bad student, smelly, breaking the rules, etc.

The next day, Josuke and Okuyasu talk to each other near Yukako, explaining that Koichi is bad; he steals, cheats, and steals girls’ underwear.

She looks like she hears this, and doesn’t look thrilled.

Yukako giving Koichi a rude awakening.
Yukako giving Koichi a rude awakening.

That night, Koichi falls asleep, but appears to have a nightmare about Yukako appearing to him. He gets awakened, not due to the nightmare, but due to Yukako actually appearing at his window like a serial killer would. After stating that she heard he’s been misbehaving and needs to be reformed, she uses her Stand to grab him, and takes him to a far away house by the shore.

Josuke’s plan backfired terribly.

When Koichi is at the new house, he notices that the phone line is cut. This is bad. He decides to ask Yukako about her power, to which she answers that she was shot with an arrow earlier in the year, giving her that ability. She then states that she hasn’t seen anyone else with the power, meaning that she has no idea Koichi is a Stand user.

After that, Yukako tells Koichi he needs to eat, and since it has been some time since he was abducted from his house, he happily accepts. She doesn’t allow him to eat, though, as his test score was so poor, that he needs to study.

She brings out three boxes, each with an answer to a question on the front. When Koichi answers, the food under the box corresponding to his choice will have what he eats. He answers the first question correctly, and gets some eggs. The second question, though, stumps him, and he looks to Yukako’s expression to pick the right answer. She notices this, and states that he is a cheater for doing so, and makes him eat the ‘wrong’ answers’ food. Which is asparagus covered in dictionary pages and corn flakes with flash cards. She says he needs to ‘learn as he eats.’

When he refuses, she uses her Stand to toss him to the ceiling and back down, and says he’ll probably be in this house until Summer, so he needs to obey her. He’ll thank her later for her efforts in improving him, after all.

At least, she thinks so.

What will happen now? We’ll have to wait a week to find out!

What I Liked/Didn’t Like:

  • The new ‘EDM’ remix of the OP is pretty bad. I don’t know why they chose to remix the OP in the first place, especially since it isn’t even halfway through the cour. It’s strange. Hopefully they go back to the original song soon.
  • I really like how Yukako’s voice actress changed so drastically whenever Yukako had an ‘intense’ moment. I think she did a really good job conveying how different Yukako’s personality is, depending on her mood.
  • The music that plays whenever Yukako is around was a nice touch. Added to the emotion of her scenes, definitely.
  • Okuyasu’s facial expressions were amazing in this episode. He really made the scene where Koichi first talks to Yukako, in my opinion.
  • The weird filter has been toned down a lot. You can see it a tiny bit when Hazamada tells Josuke about Stand users inclination to find other Stand users, but it’s hardly noticeable. I’m really liking that they seemed to have dropped that.
How tasty.
How tasty.

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