JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 7 Review

JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 7 Review

Toshikazu Hazamada (Surface) or (Show Off)

Recap: The episode begins with a scene of a teenager stabbing out his own eye with a pencil in his bedroom. The radio announcer, who is pretty much our Excited Narrator for this arc, is heard as he does this, adding to atmosphere.

Tamami, the antagonist turned ‘friend’ from the previous episode, meets up with Josuke and Koichi in front of their school, explaining that there are other Stand users that go there. He specifically mentions a Toshikazu Hazamada; Hazamada apparently recently got into an argument with a friend, who in turn, stabbed their eye out with a pencil. If that sounds familiar, well, it is.

Tamami shows a picture of Hazamada to Josuke and Koichi, and the two protagonists head off to find the Stand user. They don’t see him, but they do find his locker, which Josuke immediately busts open.

The antagonist of this episode.
The antagonist of this episode.

This locker contains a lot of seemingly harmless stuff, including manga and a tennis racket. If you look at the screenshot I took of the manga below, you’ll notice that one in particular stands out a little. (Stands out… haha, get it?) It might be a bit of a teaser for a certain character that’ll show up in this arc later, but I don’t want to get into detail since I’d rather not spoil anyone who hasn’t read the manga.

Is this a hint?
Is this a hint?

Anyway, Hazamada’s locker also contains a large wooden doll. Josuke touches the doll, and the hands on it begin to mold into the shape of Josuke’s hands. Soon after, the rest of the doll takes the shape of Josuke, confirming Tamami’s information that Hazamada is a Stand user.

Hazamada’s Stand causes Josuke to mimic all of its moves, and it ends up making Josuke smack Koichi across the room and into a glass window. The enemy Stand then explains that it’s called Show Off, and can make whomever it takes the shape of do whatever it does.

Show Off, to no real surprise. is not this Stand’s original name. It’s actually Surface. Surface, being the name of a (fairly obscure) band, is enough to need to be changed, so Crunchyroll went with Show Off. I don’t particularly like this change, especially in comparison to pretty much all of the others this arc, but in the grand scheme of things it’s not a big deal. I’m going to use Surface for the rest of this for simplicity’s sake, though.

It's not Surface, it's Show Off!
It’s not Surface, it’s Show Off!

Josuke tries to attack Surface with Crazy Diamond, but it doesn’t have the range to hit it. Since Josuke can’t move forward, Crazy Diamond can’t hit. Surface then gets Josuke to gouge out his own eye with a nearby pencil. a ‘SQUISH’ sound plays, and Josuke falls over. It seems as if he’s seriously injured, but after Hazamada and Surface move to find Jotaro (who, Surface has stated, is their real goal) we see Echoes nearby, and the ‘SQUISH’ sound on Surface’s face.

Josuke thanks Koichi for tricking Surface/Hazamada, and Koichi explains that he was only able to do this since Crazy Diamond healed him when he hit him earlier. Josuke then fully heals Koichi from the wounds he received after hitting the glass, and the two move to call Jotaro.

Jotaro’s phone line is busy, meaning that Hazamada/Surface is already talking to him. We then see Jotaro talking to Surface, and being told to go to the train station in 15 minutes. After he hangs up and leaves his hotel room, Josuke is able to get through to the line, but realizes that Jotaro must have left.

Josuke and Koichi have 9 minutes to get to the train station before Surface does; Josuke exclaims that they need to figure out what to do. The scene changes back to Surface and Hazamada, who meet a couple of bikers. These bikers insult Hazamada, and Hazamada moves to kill them. He gets very close to doing so, but a shard of glass comes flying his way. Josuke and Koichi are seen across the street, and Hazamada reminds Josuke that he can control his movements if he’s in sight of Surface. Josuke then repairs the shard of glass back to its original state, a bottle, which breaks Surface’s hand.

Turtle? Turtle!
Turtle? Turtle!

Hazamada tells Surface to keep his hand in his pocket, since they need to catch up to Jotaro first. Koichi and Josuke run off, and Koichi explains that the way Hazamada is going will be faster than their route. Josuke responds by saying that this is why he has Koichi on his side, and the scene goes back to the antagonist, who is stuck at the train tracks due to the train bell going off. Hazamada and Surface decide to detour through the station building, which will take them to the same destination, but a little slower. As they go through, they see Josuke and Koichi run past the tracks, and we discover that Koichi used Echoes to mimic the train bell sound.

Koichi and Josuke make it to Jotaro first, and Josuke explains to his nephew that there’s an enemy Stand user that copied his appearance, and that the difference between the two is that it’s missing a hand. Hazamada sees this exchange, and before we know it, Josuke grabs a pen from Jotaro’s pocket outside his will, and he sees that Surface is on the other side of the glass, in the building behind him. Hazamada orders Surface to make Josuke stab Jotaro with the pen, and he begins the arm movement, and it looks like he’ll do it…

Until the bikers from earlier find Hazamada and kick his ass.

Josuke throws the pen far away, and we see the bikers explain to Hazamada that a kind bystander healed their wounds and told them where to find him.

After breaking Surface, who reverted back to a plain doll, Chili Pepper is seen looking down at the group from a power line, explaining that he’ll be coming for them.

What I Liked/Didn’t Like:

  • I loved the smooth transitions when Josuke was looking at the picture of Hazamada to find him among the students.
  • ‘Show Off’ isn’t what I’d particularly choose to name ‘Surface,’ but it’s not a big deal.
  • THERE WAS NO WEIRD FILTER ANYWHERE IN THIS EPISODE. Unlike the previous episodes (particularly the previous one), this episode had no filter. I really REALLY hope future ones continue this trend because the filter was annoying/distracting.
  • I liked how Koichi kept being shown out of breath when Josuke wasn’t, showing how different Koichi’s physical wellbeing is, in comparison to the JoJo of this arc. I thought it was a good touch.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 7 is available to view on Crunchyroll right now, if you’re a premium member. If not, it’ll be available to watch in SD this upcoming Friday, May 20th.

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