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JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 5 Review

JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 5 Review


The episode starts out with a brief recap of episode 4’s end: Keicho gets knocked out by Josuke’s quick thinking, and Okuyasu hears the explosion from outside the house.

After this, the episode begins showing new content. Josuke states that he and Koichi should get out of the house now that they’ve dealt with Keicho, but Koichi shows concern about the bow and arrow. He wants to make sure it’s out of anyone’s hands, so that it doesn’t kill anyone. Josuke agrees after a moment of procrastination, and they head upstairs to find it.

The two protagonists hear some strange noises once they’re in front of the room containing the bow and arrow, so they then wonder how to obtain it safely. After coming up with a plan consisting of Koichi scaring the creature while Josuke grabs the goods, Koichi moves in, but is immediately grabbed by a monstrous, green hand.

Josuke calls out Crazy Diamond and severs the hand, though not intended. It’s not a problem, though, since the creature just grows a new one…


While Koichi and Josuke freak out about what they just saw, Keicho shows up, staggering, and explains that the creature is his dad. He then goes on to explain that the bow and arrow are what his dad needs; Keicho has been using them to find the Stand user to help him.

Of course, if his dad were just sick, it’d be more simple, but it’s not like that at all. Keicho wants a Stand user to kill his dad, since he doesn’t recognize his sons anymore, and no matter what Keicho does to him, he won’t die.

Keicho then mentions that his dad is like this due to DIO’s cells being implanted into him. The name DIO lights a spark in Josuke and he asks how DIO is involved. Keicho explains.

In short, Keicho’s father lost his job when they were kids and bet his soul to DIO to get money. He ended up getting a lot of money from DIO, but when DIO died, he began to change into this monster. The reason for this is that DIO implanted cells, or flesh buds, into his minions, much like he did to Kakyoin and Polnareff in Stardust Crusaders before they were part of the ‘good guys,’ so that they couldn’t betray him. When DIO dies, his flesh buds go berserk.

When Keicho finishes this story, Josuke notices that the DadCreature is rummaging through an old chest. Upon closer inspection, it seems that he’s trying to put some papers together. Keicho sees this too, but begins attacking his dad out of rage.

Josuke sends out Crazy Diamond to restore the papers to their original state, and finds out that the papers were pieces of an old photograph of the Nijimura family. Obviously their dad still holds some memories of his past.

Okuyasu is seen crying while standing outside of the room, and comes in to tell Keicho that they don’t need to use the bow and arrow anymore when he hears Josuke trying to convince him the same thing. This doesn’t work. Keicho insists that he won’t give it up, and even tells Okuyasu that he doesn’t consider him his little brother anymore, since he never grew up.

A rare DIO appearance.
A rare DIO appearance.

While the brothers have their moment, Josuke notices someone on skylight above, and asks if anyone else lives there. Okuyasu says no, but it’s too late to do anything; a Stand comes out of the electrical socket, introduces itself as Chili Pepper (originally named Red Hot Chili Pepper, so this is a very good sub change) and pulls Keicho inside. Okuyasu tries to save him, but Keicho insists he save himself by not doing anything.

Josuke, Okuyasu, and Koichi make their way onto the roof to find the Stand user, but instead find Keicho’s fried body on the power line.

Okuyasu asks Josuke if he heard what Keicho said before he was pulled away; he knows that he was saved because of him, even if he thought Okuyasu was always holding him back.

The scene changes after this and we get to see Okuyasu at the Higashikata home in the morning, before school. He says he’s transferred to Josuke’s school now, and that they can go together.

What I Liked/Didn’t Like:

  • The episode was pretty much 1/1 with the manga’s 10th chapter about the Nijimura brothers. Yes, there were 10 chapters of this, believe it or not.
  • I enjoyed how emotional Okuyasu’s voice actor was throughout his scenes. I think he did an excellent job conveying how the character felt about his brother’s demise.
  • I thought that the flashback scene of the father was a little long, but it matched well with the manga, so it probably just felt that way.
  • I enjoyed Koichi’s grossed out exclamations whenever something bad happened with the father.
  • Chili Pepper is a good name for Red Hot Chili Pepper. Better than Worse Company for Bad Company, definitely.
This Chili Pepper isn't Red Hot.
This Chili Pepper isn’t Red Hot.


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 5 is available to view on Crunchyroll right now, if you’re a premium member. If not, it’ll be available to watch in SD this upcoming Friday, May 6th.