JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 4 Review

JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 4 Review

Recap: Recap: When we last left our hero Mr. Josuke Higashikata, he was on his way to save Koichi from Keicho. This is still the case when this episode begins.

Josuke enters the Nijimura doorway, looking for a way to save his friend in time.

Keicho begins to pull the arrow out from Koichi, which poses a dangerous threat to the little guy’s health. He’ll bleed out if the arrow is completely removed! Josuke screams for Keicho to stop, but Keicho simply responds by stating how important the arrow is. Josuke needs to think of something to do, so he runs into the house completely.

However, he’s quickly interrupted by Okuyasu waking up and coming inside just enough to bear the brunt of his brother’s attack. Okuyasu is shot quite a few times on his face, and things immediately begin to look bad for him as well.

Keicho takes this opportunity to demoralize his younger brother, stating that if he weren’t so stupid he wouldn’t have gotten attacked by his Stand. He then explains that Okuyasu’s Stand, The Hand, is terrifying, but Okuyasu is too incompetent to use it. Apparently, to Keicho, people only deserve to live if they grow, and Okuyasu hasn’t grown. Keicho feels no remorse for his younger brother’s condition, since Okuyasu being a bit slow drags him down.

Keicho says his Stand’s name here, and the subs changed it to something kind of awkward. It’s Bad Company, but the subs say Worse Company. I know, copyright stuff forbids the use of band/song names here, but Worse Company doesn’t sound very good. (It’s especially funny seeing Worse Company in the subs since Keicho’s jacket says BAD CO. right on it. Plus, you clearly hear him saying Bad Company.

That being said, not having Diamond is Unbreakable here at all would be Worse than having Bad subs. (Hah, like what I did there?)

Moving on…

Saving Okuyasu.
Saving Okuyasu.

As Keicho continues to attack Josuke with his Stand, Josuke pulls Okuyasu out of the house so he doesn’t die, hurting his hand in the process.

After asking Okuyasu to tell him about Keicho’s Stand and not getting any answer, Josuke uses Crazy Diamond to heal him. This confuses Okuyasu, and he asks why he was saved. Josuke says that he didn’t deserve to die there, probably in reference to what Keicho was saying.

Josuke tells Okuyasu to stay back, but he doesn’t listen. He follows Josuke and explains that since he’s stupid, he needs an explanation as to why Josuke didn’t heal the wound in his hand. Anyone else would deduce that he can’t heal himself, but Okuyasu needed it to be explained to him. Josuke also tells him that he can’t save someone who has died.

When Josuke reaches the room with Koichi, he thinks that he has very little time to save him. Okuyasu uses The Hand to pull Koichi closer, so Josuke can heal him, and he says he only did that to pay him back for saving his life. He then leaves, and Josuke heals Koichi.

Then, Bad Company goes after the two of them, and after the two discover that Bad Company is a Stand consisting of a large troop of soldiers, Koichi notices that there is a tank heading for Josuke. After Josuke gets away, he realizes that Koichi just saw a Stand.

This means that Koichi is a Stand user, and so Keicho is intrigued. He demands Koichi call forth his Stand, with the ultimatum that if his Stand has the ability he wants, Koichi can live. Koichi says he doesn’t know how to call a Stand, and Keicho says something to the effect of, “oh, it’s your first time?”

Uh, duh? Koichi was just shot with the arrow, so of course it’d be his first time.

Anyway, Josuke tries to explain how to call a Stand to Koichi, and after Koichi exclaims that this is all too much for him, Keicho attacks him enough to cause his Stand to come out.

It’s an egg.

Koichi finding bravery.
Koichi finding bravery.

Josuke tells Koichi to move it, but he doesn’t know how. Keicho happens to notice the egg crack, and begins to send his troops to attack it. Josuke quickly explains that if the egg gets attacked, Koichi can die. Koichi doesn’t know how to withdraw it, so with quick thinking, Crazy Diamond is called out to kick the egg and Koichi away. The egg withdraws.

Keicho announces how he’ll kill Josuke, and in what order. As this speech occurs, Koichi gets up, realizing that Keicho’s back is open, and he thinks he can attack him. Unfortunately, Keicho turns around before he can do so and knocks Koichi away with force. Josuke doesn’t like seeing that, and moves forward with Crazy Diamond, getting pummeled by Bad Company all the while. He thinks he’s doing well with this until Keicho states that his plan is falling into place, and Josuke’s legs are hit by a landmine. He falls, and then the Apaches shoot his arm.

Things look bad.

Luckily, after the Apache’s missiles hit, they become fixed, and go for Keicho. Josuke tells him that Crazy Diamond can repair things that are broken, and then says he should write it down methodically so he doesn’t forget again, since he’s methodical.

In other words, Josuke is a smartass.

What I Liked/Didn’t Like:

I can look past the sub’s name change of Bad Company since I know it has to be done for us to see this over here, so I won’t talk about that.

I liked how menacing Keicho sounded throughout the episode, such as when he basically said he didn’t care about his brother. It added to the villainy of the character, I think.

Koichi’s Stand looked about as silly as it did in the manga. I approve.

The atmosphere of the dark house + the soldiers from Bad Company worked really well together.

Okuyasu’s quote: “Because I’m stupid, I only act on what’s in my heart,” was here, and it’s a great quote. It’s one of many reasons why I like Okuyasu so much, honestly.

I liked how many times Josuke said “Greato.” 🙂

There really wasn’t anything I disliked here!


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 4 is available to view on Crunchyroll right now, if you’re a premium member. If not, it’ll be available to watch in SD this upcoming Friday, April 29th.