Josuke on a bike.

JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 29 Review

JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 29 Review

Highway Go Go (Highway Star), Part 2

Last we left Josuke Higashikata, he was on his way to save Rohan from Highway Star by finding its user. How will this series of events pan out for the both of them?

Josuke, with Rohan’s bike, has been informed that he needs to stay mobile at 60 kph to keep distance from the Stand, and he believes that as long as he stays on the bike he’ll be fine. This is a good thought, as 60 kph is pretty slow (about 38 mph).

Josuke rides away from the tunnel, but he realizes soon that he doesn’t know where to look to find the Stand user. He deduces that he can stay about two minutes ahead of Highway Star with his speed on the bike, and thinks that he can call Koichi to help him figure out the user’s location with a minute to spare.

When he arrives at a phone booth, he spots the telltale footprints of the Stand, and wonders how it was able to catch up to him. His only option now is to get back on the bike and move to recreate the distance between himself and the enemy, but there’s a mother and her child in the way! Thinking fast, Josuke decides to keep going and summon Crazy Diamond to punch the motorcycle and repair it once he’s past the child.

Josuke on a bike.
Josuke on a bike.

Yes, Josuke just punched a motorcycle and repaired it all in one go. Impressive, huh?

Figuring out that he can’t slow down or stop at all or risk being caught, Josuke moves to steal a cell phone from a random passerby while riding the bike. The first phone he nabs breaks in his hand from the pressure, but the second holds up enough to be used. He calls Koichi for assistance in figuring out who the user is and where they’re located.

Koichi searches the newspaper and reads an article about a biker gang that was involved in a major crash, leaving only one survivor. The survivor, still in the hospital, is originally thought to be a victim of Highway Star by the protagonists, but Koichi wonders if he’s the user soon after.

Josuke continues to ride toward the hospital where the supposed user is located, and soon finds himself in a bit of a bind, causing him to slow his speed down again. Luckily, Crazy Diamond is able to bust a wall and fix it to form a barrier blocking Highway Star from reaching him. He then calls Koichi and tells him to head to the hospital to find out the name of the user and his room number. Meanwhile, to no surprise, Highway Star figures out a way over the barrier and Josuke is forced to ride again.

Crazy Diamond doing what it does best.
Crazy Diamond doing what it does best.

The episode doesn’t include the tiny interjection about Josuke being inexperienced with the bike and noticing the gas tank emptying, but it’s unnecessary, as he soon discovers this on his own. Thankfully, Crazy Diamond can repair the gas by taking it from another car, so Josuke leads Highway Star to one and temporarily traps it inside while taking enough gas to keep going.

The scene then changes to Koichi, who tries to ask the receptionist at the hospital the name and room number of the Stand user, but is impolitely informed that visiting hours are over. Sending out Echoes Act 3, who retains his vulgar dialogue, Koichi forces the receptionist to tell him what he wants by knocking over important bottles and then offering to help catch them if she spills the beans.

The user is Yuya Fungami.

Echoes Act 3, as vulgar as in the manga.
Echoes Act 3, as vulgar as in the manga.

After discovering the information, Koichi tells Josuke the name and number when Josuke drives the bike into the hospital and into the elevator. It looks as ridiculous as it sounds, trust me.

Highway Star tries to squeeze through the elevator doors, and Echoes is able to Freeze one of the feet to prevent it from catching Josuke, but the others are still able to give chase through air vents.

Josuke makes it to where the room is, and nearly walks inside but the free feet catch up to him and begin to suck out his energy, slowing him down. Crazy Diamond punches what it can, allowing Josuke to get inside the room, but it’s too little, too late. He collapses on the floor, completely out of energy.

Yuya’s fangirls are in the hospital room with him and need to be told to leave Josuke alone and take care of Yuya instead, even though they want to deal with the intruder. One of them attempts to give Yuya a peach that’s rotten, though it gives no clue via its appearance. His sense of smell is impeccable, impressing all of the girls when they cut open the peach and discover that it is, in fact, rotten. He also smells that one of them is on their period, and that someone is really angry. When all three of the girls insist that they aren’t angry, the camera pans over to Josuke, who is now standing up, next to the bed. He says he’s the angry one, and that he drank some of Yuya’s IV fluid to retain some energy.

Yuya is visibly frightened when Josuke claims his Stand is much faster than Highway Star, and pleads for him not to attack. He says that Josuke can’t beat him up when he’s hurt, as that’d be unmanly; Josuke responds that yes, he’s right, and that’s why he fixed him up. Yuya moves around to test that claim, and discovers that Josuke did heal him.

Yuya Fungami, Highway Star's Stand user.
Yuya Fungami, Highway Star’s Stand user.

You can guess what happens next — Josuke punches Yuya hard enough to send him flying out of the window. This makes Josuke so happy he says he feels like he put on a new pair of underwear on New Year’s Day! I’m very glad they kept that line from the manga, as it’s hilarious.

The anime does include something the manga did not — the scene of Josuke rescuing Rohan from the tunnel. As expected, Rohan isn’t thrilled, and yells at him for not listening earlier. Jotaro looks about as pleased as you’d expect by the bickering, since he’s too old for all of this.

The final scene of the episode shows Shinobu discovering a new kitty in the house that she’s never seen before.

Verdict: This episode was very well done, especially in comparison to 27. Its animation wasn’t perfect, but consistent and pleasant. Highway Star’s transformation looked smooth, and the sound effects of his feet hitting the ground and sniffing for scent worked well. I enjoyed the extra scene of Rohan with Josuke at the end, as well, since it added to their characterization some. All in all, I was pleased.

Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 29 is available to view on Crunchyroll now if you’re a premium member and in SD on October 21st if you’re not.

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