Rohan hates Josuke THAT much.

JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 28 Review

JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 28 Review

Highway Go Go (Highway Star), Part 1

Immediately, this episode begins where the dice game left off. Rohan, very suspicious of Josuke, leaves the table and promptly returns with a magnifying glass. Just what is he up to?

The mangaka checks one of the dice by examining it closely with the magnifying glass, declaring that he feels as if they’re watching him. Soon after, he continues the game, shrugging it off.

In the manga, Rohan goes on to bite the die, and Josuke pretends to sneeze all over it to save Mikitaka from getting impaled. Unfortunately, this is all gone from the anime, and the viewer misses out on a very amusing scene. I know some things need to be cut for time constraints, but this was so funny in the manga! I was sad to see it go.

Josuke rolls his next move, and Mikitaka, despite being told not to rolls a triple 6 again. Rohan takes a drink and says it could happen three times in a row; he laughs, says he’ll pay Josuke his winnings in chips thus far, and then Josuke joins in on the laughter.

They appear to be having a great time, right?

Well, Josuke is, until Rohan promptly cuts off one of his own fingers. Yeah, he really does this, all because he can’t figure out how the high schooler is cheating. It’s his own punishment, as he explains. Josuke offers to fix the injury with Crazy Diamond, but Rohan refuses, saying that he needs to figure out how Josuke is cheating so they need to play more. If he doesn’t figure it out, Josuke can fix him, and he’ll get 2 million yen. If he does figure out Josuke’s scheme, however, Josuke will lose his pinky finger in return…

Mikitaka doesn't handle the movement well.
Mikitaka doesn’t handle the movement well.

Tamami then shows up (remember him?) and Rohan explains that he called him earlier to act as a debt collector. He places his Lock on Josuke’s heart that won’t go away if he’s lying or cheating. Josuke realizes now that he really, really needs to win big and in a way nobody can suspect, which will be difficult!

Rohan rolls a pair of 3s and a 4 — this causes Josuke to breathe a sigh of relief. The mangaka catches this, and states that Josuke must be happy his cheating isn’t so obvious now.

Mikitaka then throws up from the intense shaking, and Josuke hides the dice in his hand so Rohan can’t see. Rohan demands he show them, though, and he cautiously does right as a fire truck begins to come down the street. The dice all sprout hives in response to the siren, and Josuke panics, knowing that it’s all over if Rohan sees this.

Luckily for him, the fire trucks arrive at Rohan’s place, as that’s the building on fire. The magnifying glass from earlier caught the sun’s rays and burned through Rohan’s porch, sparking flames. This timing is impeccable, since Tamami noticed his Lock not reacting to Josuke, meaning that he was definitely cheating.

Rohan’s house ended up having 7 million yen repair costs, so he hates Josuke even more now. Who’d have even thought that was possible?

Rohan fleeing Highway Star
Rohan fleeing Highway Star

The next scene focuses on Shinobu and Kosaku’s son, which occurred earlier in the manga. This is what I was missing in the previous episode, so I’m glad it was included here. Basically, he’s noticed that his father is acting odd, and that he’s been recording him. In the recording, he hears that he’s been talking about Josuke and Jotaro, two men he’s never heard of before.

Following this, we see Josuke, who says goodbye to Mikitaka. We see his mother, here, who states that Mikitaka lies to everyone about being an alien, but Mikitaka whispers to Josuke that he has brainwashed her to tell people that. Is he actually an alien? He can’t see Stands, so he isn’t just a simple Stand user, right? Only Araki knows for sure!

Anyway, Josuke soon finds himself on a bus, for whatever reason, and doesn’t pay Rohan any mind. Rohan takes offense to this, and orders Josuke to pay him some respect. After Josuke finally sits down, Rohan begins to notice something strange in the tunnel the bus is going through — there appears to be a room with a woman getting her hands cut off by the serial killer they’re all looking for! He attempts to get Josuke’s attention so he can look, but the high schooler refuses, thinking that Rohan is just trying to mess with him as payback for the dice game.

Rohan ends up leaving the bus to investigate the room, and Josuke refuses to come with. He heads into the tunnel on his bike, and momentarily wonders if the room was a trap created by a Stand user to get him inside; however, he ultimately decides to press on and figure out what the deal is.

Eventually, Rohan stumbles into the room, which is originally disguised as the tunnel wall, and immediately senses the presence of someone, or something else. He rushes back out and onto his bike, and races away to avoid the confrontation, in the hopes that he can inform Mr. Joestar about this and not fight it alone.

Footsteps are quickly seen and heard in pursuit of Rohan, and he speeds up to 60 kph to avoid them. The sound effect for the footsteps is appropriate and satisfying, a needed addition from the manga, I think.

A truck appears in the lane Rohan is driving in, and he’s forced to swerve around it — lowering his speed. This is enough to allow the Stand to touch him and suck out some of his energy, and even though Rohan summons Heaven’s Door for assistance, he finds himself in the enemy Stand’s grasp and is brought back to the room as a hostage.

Meanwhile, Josuke decides to go back into the tunnel to see if Rohan was actually right about the room, despite stating he wouldn’t do so, and notices that Rohan’s bike is battered and without its rider. He rushes inside the tunnel proper, and spots the mangaka inside of the room, in the grasp of the Stand called Highway Star. (The subtitles changed this name to Highway Go Go, but it’s so uninspired and different that I’m not even going to use it.)

Highway Star tells Rohan he’ll let him go if he asks Josuke for help, and it appears to the viewer that Rohan takes the offer into consideration, but instead he just says that he loves taking the opportunity to tell others with high esteem no. Josuke is told to leave, but Highway Star is able to obtain his scent and Rohan yells that it’s too late for the high schooler now — Highway Star will just pursue him if he can’t move at least 60 kph at all times.

Thinking fast, Rohan quickly sends out Heaven’s Door to write that Josuke will fly backwards at 70 kph, and he does so, ending the episode.

Verdict: This episode’s animation was much better than 27’s, further proving my point about David Production’s inconsistencies. Yes, Highway Star is a more important arc than Mikitaka and the dice game, but that doesn’t mean the two deserve such drastic animation quality. I’ve said enough about that by now, though, I think.

Highway Go Go is an awful name change, and I wish Crunchyroll had went with pretty much anything else for Highway Star. Highway Nova, Highway Hero, Highway Great …. anything would have sounded better!

The pacing was fine here, though, which is good. The cliffhanger ending makes the wait for the next episode more intense, especially for those who haven’t read the manga.

Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 28 is available to view on Crunchyroll now if you’re a premium member and in SD on October 14th if you’re not.

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