JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 27 Review

JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 27 Review

I’m an Alien

So, this is another one of those episodes that kind of hurts me, much like episode 21. It’s for the same reason, too; the animation is very inconsistent. When it’s good, it’s good; when it’s bad, it’s down right awful.

I’ve heard that this episode was outsourced to the same studio that did episode 21, and it really shows. I’m honestly beginning to feel like David Production is the opposite of Toei now, in terms of consistency. Remember how awful the first two seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal looked at times? Diamond is Unbreakable is getting to that point. Now, the thing is that David Production CAN really shine if they have the budget/time/motivation, I know they can, and Toei had to change up a decent amount of the staff to make Sailor Moon Crystal shine.

I honestly don’t know what’s going on with David Production. It’s probably just budgeting issues, but darn if it isn’t really obnoxiously annoying.

Let me just get all the unpopular opinions out of the way now — I’m not the biggest fan of the new OP’s song, either. The animation for it is solid, but the song doesn’t do anything for me. I liked “Chase,” the second OP quite a lot, and I’m sad to see it go! I realize many people do like this third OP, and that’s fine, but it’s not really my bag. I do enjoy all of the references to the remainder arcs from the DiU manga that it includes, but I can’t go into detail about them now due to spoilers. (The OP also has a tiny nod to part 5, potentially hinting at the anime continuing after part 4.)

Anyway, the episode begins with Kira’s father shooting a strange looking guy with the arrow in hopes that he’ll create another protector for his son. The arrow nicks him, but doesn’t cause him to react otherwise…

After the OP, the scene changes to Kira in his new home. He attempts to perfect Kosaku’s handwriting, and is forced to fight off his homicidal urges when he spots some young women walking by. Shinobu proceeds to enter the bedroom to offer him a drink but he brushes it off, and she ends up getting ready for bed, prompting his urge to flare up again. He nearly strangles her here, but she panics and moves out of his grasp, and deduces that he was just trying to unbutton her top from the back.

She then realizes that she’s fallen in love with Kosaku, still unaware that he’s a different person.

I will admit that I enjoyed the animation of Kira’s nails growing whenever he felt the urge to kill a woman. This was obviously done better than the manga since it was in motion here.

In contrast to the manga, the episode does not show the small scene of Kosaku’s son beginning to notice odd behavior from his father. I assume this will be included at a later time, but if it isn’t, there are other moments to show that part of his personality.

Mikitaka's finger is in his nose, really.
Mikitaka’s finger is in his nose, really.

Following Kira’s scene, Josuke and Okuyasu spot a strange circle missing in the grass, prompting Okuyasu to incorrectly guess the name of what it actually is — a crop circle. Inside the crop circle, they find an interesting looking man covered in loose blades of grass, who introduces himself as an alien who has been on Earth for 18 hours. Understandably, this cracks Josuke and Okuyasu up, as this sounds ridiculous. He eventually states his name, which is nearly impossible to pronounce, so I’m going to just refer to him as Mikitaka. We’ll find this out next episode, anyway, and it’s not really a spoiler.

The three of them proceed to further prove how strange the alien boy’s abilities are — he procures cold ice cream from his bag, and repeats Okuyasu’s movements to a ridiculous degree of perfection, for example, but when prompted to prove he’s an alien via showing his flying saucer, Mikitaka responds saying it’ll take a few days.

A siren goes off nearby, prompting Mikitaka to break out in hives and panic. He quickly changes into the form of sneakers and flies onto Josuke’s feet, allowing him to travel to a safe building away from the noise.

Once inside, Josuke asks if Mikitaka can see Crazy Diamond — he cannot, once again adding to the notion that he may, in fact, actually be from another planet.

Since Josuke is, well, Josuke, he soon concocts a plan to have Mikitaka turn himself into a single die to allow him to win a game against Rohan and make some money. Mikitaka is glad to do so, as he’s grateful for Josuke saving him earlier, and attempts to transform. The die is too big at first, but he soon gets the right size down.


Josuke travels to Rohan’s, where he pleads to play a game against him. It takes some convincing, since the mangaka is not fond of Josuke at all, but he inevitably agrees.

Rohan insists on using his own dice for the game, which Josuke expected — he had hidden the fake dice in his house earlier, somehow … of course, him hiding this wasn’t shown in the manga, either, so I don’t know how/when he did it. No matter!

The game eventually begins, and it’s explained that rolling a 1, 2, and a 3 is bad, but a 4, 5, 6, is good. Josuke instructs the dice in his hand not to roll the former, and Mikitaka follows suit with three 6s, which is beyond obvious.

In the manga, Rohan explained what the Yakuza did to cheaters in dice games, but this was missing in the anime; it’s unfortunate, because Rohan delivered that fact menacingly in the manga, adding to his lack of trust toward the pompadour-haired teenager.

Verdict: I love this arc in the manga, but the animation inconsistencies were off putting, to say the least. I know a lot of viewers don’t notice these inconsistencies like I do, or they don’t care about them, but it’s something I just find myself spotting sometimes.

Past all that, the episode’s pacing was fine — the cliffhanger at the end was an interesting, but good touch, and I’m interested in seeing how they write the next episode.

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