JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 26 Review

JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 26 Review

Janken Boy is Coming!

Kira’s father has escaped and is looking for people to turn into Stand users to protect his son. The first victim is a young boy, who is shot by the arrow immediately after the episode begins…

Rohan Kishibe runs into Joseph Joestar while taking pictures of any businessman in the area, hoping to discover another clue about Kira’s new identity. In the manga, Joseph asks Rohan if his comic comes in an English format, since he loves comics but can’t read Japanese too well. Unfortunately, this tiny exchange was dropped in the episode, even though it really didn’t last long at all. Instead, the two of them discuss Rohan’s thoughts of Kira’s new face and how his ‘family’ must be beginning to notice odd behavior in him. Rohan states that he can interview potential family members with Heaven’s Door to discover Kira’s inevitable slip up.

The boy from earlier notices Rohan and demands he play Janken (Rock Paper Scissors) with him. Rohan brushes him off, understandably so, as he’s a busy man with a serial killer to find. The boy won’t take no for an answer, though, and threatens to steal Rohan’s claimed taxi if he doesn’t win a round with him. Rohan notices that the boy’s face has a hole in it, and begins to wonder if he’s a Stand user. Still, he needs the taxi ride, after he checks the boy with Heaven’s Door, he plays one round and wins. In the manga, the information Rohan reads from Heaven’s Door is more substantial — we discover not only the kid’s name (Ken) but that he loves soccer and has a fear of the dentist. The anime just tells us his name, that he isn’t a Stand user, and that he wants to play janken.

Rohan arrives at the nearby cafe, where Josuke, Okuyasu, and Yukako are dining. They greet Rohan, and offer him a seat with them, but Rohan thinks to himself that he really doesn’t like them at all and would rather sit on his own. He moves to a separate table, only to find that Ken has stolen it from him. This annoys the artist, and when he refuses to play the boy for the seat, Ken freaks out and cries. Okuyasu tells Rohan just to pick another seat, since Ken’s just a kid. Rohan, being, well, Rohan decides that he can’t just do that, and plays against his opponent. He wins, gloats, and causes the protagonists to give him weird looks.

Rohan later travels to a bookstore, where he sees a book that will work really well for his manga research. As expected, however, the book is snatched up by Ken before he can pay for it and he is forced to play janken again to get what he wants. This time, Rohan punches Ken with ‘rock’, but manages to lose, as Ken threw ‘paper’. A third of Heaven’s Door is sucked through the hole in Ken’s face, and it’s revealed that he does, in fact, have a Stand. Rohan manages to turn the boy into a book with the remainder of Heaven’s Door, and reads that he has just learned of his Stand ability; this wasn’t the case when Rohan read him earlier in the day. The Stand is called Boy II Man (or later known as Boy Man Man in the subs, hilariously enough) and can absorb Stands/Stand powers. Rohan writes in the book that Ken cannot attack him, but this text is quickly changed to ‘can’ attack, as Ken has a part of Heaven’s Door’s power and can rewrite what Rohan puts down.

Rohan loves making others miserable.
Rohan loves making others miserable.

Ken makes Rohan punch himself in the face as payback for the punch directed at him earlier, and reveals that Heaven’s Door’s arm is missing.

The two of them go another round of janken, as they’re playing best of 5 and Rohan needs his Stand’s full capabilities back. Ken wins the next round, making the score 2-2. He takes one of Heaven’s Door’s legs now, leaving Rohan in a bind. They play another round, and even though Rohan declares that he’ll play paper, Ken does too, leaving them tied again.

Joseph and Josuke walk by, with Josuke declaring that he doesn’t care for Rohan at all. Joseph ponders for a second, and a menacing aura surrounds Ken as he does so; he concludes that the boy must just be a fan of Rohan’s, though, and walks away.

Ken feels so lucky that he shatters a glass window and stands in the impact zone, but isn’t hit by any shard. Rohan, however, is. He decides to no longer listen to luck, though, and declares that he’ll play paper again. He and Ken play their final round, and the cinematics are intense. This is serious! Ken moves to play scissors, and begins to celebrate when he deems himself the winner. His hand changes form to rock as he does this, however, and he ends up losing.

Rohan shows that the invisible baby from Joseph helped him here, by changing Ken’s hand to rock at the last second. Heaven’s Door is returned to him, and he tells Ken he’ll write in his book that he can no longer play janken since he lost. Ken doesn’t agree to this, and tries to use the baby as a hostage to play another round. Rohan wins without cheating this time, so the baby is freed. Ken refuses to have his mind controlled and tries to kill himself on a moving truck. Rohan decides that he’s entertaining material for his manga, and saves him; he tells him never to use his Stand for evil, as a lesson.

Rohan's amusing expression.
Rohan’s amusing expression.

The episode ends with Rohan, Joseph, and Josuke searching for the invisible baby that Rohan just left on the ground while playing Ken. Lesson of the day: don’t let Rohan babysit.

This episode was decently animated. Rohan’s face was a little inconsistent, but no where near the extent that Kira’s was in episode 21. While the manga included more details and character development for Rohan than the anime, most of it was fluff and fairly unimportant, so the anime leaving these out wasn’t a big deal. That being said, I would have loved the initial exchange between Joseph and Rohan animated; it didn’t last long and would have been amusing to include.

I personally found this little arc with Ken pretty boring in the manga, though, so I didn’t really sit down and analyze this episode to the extent I do sometimes. I like Rohan, don’t get me wrong, but Ken does nothing for me — I would have been okay if Araki had found another way to give us more character development for the mangaka, but whatever. A minor complaint, all in all. If my memory serves me, I believe I enjoy everything else in Diamond is Unbreakable (especially what comes next).

Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 26 is available to view on Crunchyroll now if you’re a premium member, and in SD on September 30th if you’re not.

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