JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 25 Review

JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 25 Review

(Atom) Heart Father

Yoshikage Kira has changed his appearance to that of Kosaku Kawajiri, a working class man with a wife and son. The protagonists have yet to discover this identity, so they travel to his old house to see if they can find anything important; meanwhile, Kosaku’s wife notices that her husband is now cooking dinner on his own, which is something he has never done before.

Kosaku’s wife, named Shinobu (which is never mentioned in this episode, but will be later. It’s much easier to write about her using her name) is introduced at the beginning of the episode, before the protagonists arrive at Kira’s old house. This is slightly out of order from the manga, in that the group makes it to his home before she’s shown. This doesn’t detract from the plot at all, in fact, I think it makes it go a little more smoothly.

Back at Kira’s home, the group search around for anything of value they can find. Jotaro discovers that Kira was born to an older couple, both of whom died when he was about 21 years old. He never excelled at anything, and instead opted to earn third place in every competition. He never stood out in one way or another, which would make it very, very difficult for Jotaro and the others to find him now.

Josuke suggests he might have a hobby, and they should find out what so they can use that to look for him. He notices some jars in his desk, labeled by year, containing some sort of shavings. He opens one up, sniffs it, and is understandably grossed out when Jotaro figures out that they’re nail clippings. I’ll admit his reaction here was amusing, and pretty appropriate considering the circumstances.

Appropriately grossed out.
Appropriately grossed out.

Jotaro discovers a notebook with the nails and sees that Kira kept a log of how long they grew, every day, since 1983. The year that started it all was the same year Reimi was murdered, and 1999, the current year, has been noted to be a ‘long nail’ year as well.

As the two of them continue to look at the notebook, Josuke hears the sound of a camera click, and sees that a picture was just taken of them. Jotaro notices that Kira’s father is inside the photograph, and appears to have an expression that reads like he wants them to leave. The phone in the room immediately rings, following this, and Josuke eventually answers. Kira’s father is on the other end of the line, threatening them for putting his son in danger. The phone then slams into Josuke’s head.

After Jotaro explains that Josuke was hit by the phone in the photograph, translating to the ‘outside’ world, Josuke sends out Crazy Diamond to tear it into pieces. He soon realizes this is a mistake, however, as tearing up the photo tears up Jotaro and himself as well.

Okuyasu and Koichi enter the room, concerned after hearing all the noise. Josuke tells Okuyasu to use the Hand and pull Kira’s father out of the photo, but he quickly discovers he cannot come close, and neither can Koichi. They’re not in the photograph, so they can’t interfere, and Jotaro and Josuke can’t leave.

Kira’s father brandishes a knife and moves to cut both of their heads off. This worries Josuke, and he tells Jotaro to use Star Platinum to help save them. Jotaro, surprisingly enough, says he’s given up and won’t send out his Stand.

As you should know by now, Jotaro doesn’t give up — he must have something up his sleeve, and sure enough, he does. Snapping a picture of Kira’s father … in the picture … causes the old man to be in his own photograph, his own prison. Jotaro quickly wraps the photo in tape and sticks it to the wall, so the elder Kira can’t do anything.

Okuyasu and Koichi search around for clues in a room separate from Jotaro and Josuke, and Okuyasu hears Kira’s father plead for air from his prison. After a bit of time, he slams quite a few tacks in the tape to give him air and to silence him. Meanwhile, Josuke discovers the one important item from the home — the elusive bow and arrow, which confirms Jotaro’s suspicions that more than one set exists.


Unfortunately, the tacks give Kira’s father enough space to cause a ruckus, prompting Okuyasu to check the odd string coming through the tape and accidentally allowing the enemy to reach the string through the photo and toward the arrow. He then leaves by grabbing onto a bird, with the arrow, declaring that he’ll make more Stand users to protect his son. Okuyasu apologizes for messing up, but Jotaro tells him it’s alright. Obviously the old man was related to Kira, since they both were elusive at the last moment.

The scene changes back to Kira, and after a short minute or two of him realizing he locked the cat outside, he is required to deal with the landlord. In the manga, he is pressed with the task of knowing the combination to Kosaku’s safe, which he obviously wouldn’t know. The anime cuts this out, unfortunately, and just moves on to Killer Queen stealing money from the landlord’s bag to pay the rent.

The safe scene wasn’t long, but it gave the slight illusion of danger since he’d never know the combination. I don’t really know why it was cut.

Anyway, after he steals the money, the landlord leaves, and Shinobu is entranced by how her ‘husband’ handled the situation. He’s never done anything like that before!

This episode was great. The animation was well done, fluid, and back to the quality I know David Production can do. While the safe scene being cut was odd, it was so short that it wasn’t a huge loss. Everything important was included, and that’s what really matters.

Kira's new look.
Kira’s new look.

Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 25 is available to view on Crunchyroll now if you’re a premium member, and in SD on September 23rd if you’re not.

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