JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 22 Review

JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 22 Review

Yoshikage Kira Just Wants to Live Quietly, Part 2

Yoshikage Kira’s secret has been exposed, and the one person to see it is none other than Shigechi. Kira can’t have anyone knowing what he does in his spare time continue to live, so it’s inevitable that he threatens to kill Shigechi immediately. Of course, to adhere to the JoJo trend for this arc, Kira has a Stand; he reveals it at the very end of the previous episode to anything but applause, but the reveal is essentially redone for episode 22.

Things look a lot better here, which is definitely a good thing, but I can’t help but feel frustrated. Why couldn’t they look even halfway as decent in episode 21? Why did Killer Queen need to appear as if it was thought up by the animators at the last second? Why was Kira drawn so inconsistently? I’ll never know the answer to any of these questions. I can guess answers, but I’ll never know the truth, which is why asking them is somewhat pointless. That being said, I certainly wondered them, and continue to wonder if any further episodes will suffer the same neglect.

Anyway, both Killer Queen and Kira look a lot better here, almost so much so that you might momentarily forget about their previous appearances. Killer Queen actually looks menacing; it ignores Shigechi’s Harvest as he attacks his wielder until it pulls out a coin to pass off to the boy, which Kira soon reveals to be a bomb. He explains how Killer Queen works, since Shigechi is doomed to die here, and he can’t inform anyone of what he hears. Basically, it can turn anything into a bomb and detonate it with no traces left behind. It’s terrifying, especially in the hands of a serial killer.

Kira and Killer Queen look much, much better here.
Kira and Killer Queen look much, much better here.

Shigechi touches the coin, and Killer Queen detonates the bomb. Though the blast is strong, Shigechi doesn’t die from it, and Kira, nonplussed by this, asks him about Josuke and Okuyasu’s Stand abilities. Shigechi doesn’t answer, prompting Kira to threaten to erase his parents, which is delivered flawlessly by his voice actor in my opinion.

Though Shigechi doesn’t give Kira the answer he wants, he does mention that Kira must be the serial killer he’s heard of, and that he killed Reimi Sugimoto. For a split second, Kira is stunned, as he never expected to hear that name again, and Harvest is called forth to make a sort of smokescreen to prevent him from seeing Shigechi go into hiding.

Shigechi stumbles into the high school where Josuke and Okuyasu are, in the hopes that Crazy Diamond can fix him. He wanders around the halls until he finds the classroom he needs, but he’s unable to enter. Kira is watching him, and he states that it’s over – Killer Queen has touched the doorknob to the classroom, and when Shigechi touches it to go inside, he explodes. Josuke, sensing something strange, looks toward the direction of the door, and one lone Harvest greets him with one final message from Shigechi in the form of a suit button. Kira’s suit button, to be exact, though Josuke and Okuyasu don’t know who he is, yet.

The last Harvest explodes, and Josuke moves to search for Shigechi. Briefly, Kira is shown noticing his button is gone, and he states he’ll need to go to the tailor.

Reimi watches Shigechi’s spirit fly away in tears, and she realizes that the killer has claimed another life. This, and the lack of results from Josuke’s search, prompts a town meeting of sorts with all of the Stand users known to the protagonists. This meeting differs very slightly from the manga in that Aya is here, but she wasn’t in the manga (as she hadn’t appeared yet). She just says that she doubts the killer would ever go into her establishment, but she’ll keep an eye out anyway. Nothing major, but I figured it was worth mentioning since David Production changed the order of the episodes from the manga a little bit.

Shigechi must die.
He knows where you are.

At the meeting, Jotaro tells Josuke that the button from Harvest can be construed as Shigechi’s final words, as he’s definitely no longer alive after dealing with the killer. Okuyasu is clearly distraught by this and has to leave to clear his head, and Josuke wonders how he should feel, as well.

Kira, meanwhile, crosses paths with Josuke as he heads to the café, where he spots a selfish woman talking to her friend. He tells himself that he finds the woman beautiful, though she has an ugly heart, but can fix the latter. The scene promptly changes to him at home with a new severed hand, which can be safely assumed to be that of the woman’s.

Koichi and Jotaro are shown to be searching for the tailor Kira uses, and they spot one that seemingly prioritizes shoe repair. They notice a sign on the window stating that they do tailor work, too, which convinces them to go inside and investigate.

After showing the tailor the button, they discover that Kira has used this business, and that his old jacket is right inside, waiting to be picked up. Koichi asks about the customer’s name, and the tailor moves to read it out loud. Before he does, however, his fingers explode and a strange little tank-like Stand appears on his shoulder, emitting Kira’s voice. It tells the tailor to turn his head and look, though he can’t see Stands, but when he does as told the Stand travels into his mouth as a makeshift gag, so he can’t talk.

Jotaro and Koichi are puzzled by this, and Koichi notices that the jacket is being tugged on by someone in the nearby closet. This prompts him to move forward to potentially catch the killer, but Jotaro pulls him back. He explains that they need to think before they move, since this looks like a trap.

The tailor’s body proceeds to explode immediately after this, ending the episode.

I don't think she eats much, though.
Kira has an important dinner guest.

Honestly, this episode was well done! I’m very frustrated that the previous one was treated so poorly, since this one was animated well and had good pacing. The addition of Kira in his home added to just how terrible he is, and the addition of Aya at the meeting was intelligently placed, proving once again that David Production does an excellent job when they want to.

Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 22 is available to view on Crunchyroll now if you’re a premium member, and in SD on September 2nd if you’re not.

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