JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 18 Review

JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 18 Review

Shigechi’s Harvest, Part 1

Last episode’s animation and pacing were pretty much spot on, so I was looking forward to seeing if David Production kept it up for this one as well.

Recap/Review: Josuke is broke. Even though Joseph paid him back for what he spent on the invisible baby, he still found a way to drain his savings account… by buying expensive clothes. Oh boy.

While at the bank mourning his lack of funds, Josuke notices a cockroach on the floor, and in turn notices a small Stand scurrying about from under something, coin in hand. Since the prospect of another Stand user in Morioh interests and concerns him, he begins to chase it. While running, he spots Okuyasu, who explains that he’s also chasing the Stand, but for a different reason. It stole his money and made him spill his drink. Okuyasu, being Okuyasu, tells this tale with emotion, since it was a troubling event for him after all.

Shigechi and Harvest
Shigechi and Harvest

The two of them finally catch up to the Stand, which is now joined by many others of the same appearance, and realize that they’ve found its user — a strange looking boy with an even stranger disposition.

The boy introduces himself as Shigekyo Yangu, but his parents call him Shigechi. Shigechi is excited about the prospect of others with the same ability, as Josuke and Okuyasu can see Harvest, his Stand.

Shigechi explains to them that he was told by a police officer that he can keep any money he finds under 100 yen, which is why Harvest isn’t doing anything bad. He lets it be known that he’s made a ton of money with them, which entices Okuyasu, but Josuke feels a little off. Shigechi, instantly believing that the three of them are now friends, offers half of the money to them, but Josuke whispers to Okuyasu that his pride won’t let him take it; it just seems wrong. Okuyasu has no qualms about this, though, because that’s how he is…

Josuke tells Shigechi that he shouldn’t give away his money so easily, and Shigechi responds by offering all of it to them. Yes, he’s a little special, unfortunately. Once again, Josuke tells him he can’t do that, but after a moment or two, says that he has a plan to make them all even more money without harming anyone or anything.

Josuke’s plan is as follows: the stores around them all have rewards programs, much like stores in real life. Basically, Josuke believes that many people throw out their ‘stamps’ or rewards cards without using them, and if Harvest picks up all of the discarded remnants, Crazy Diamond can repair them without issue, and they can cash them in!

Both Okuyasu and Shigechi agree, and they get to work. The episode makes a point to show us how excited everyone is, including Harvest, during this, with the choice of music playing and the intensely upbeat animation. I thought it was a good touch.

Some intense expressions.
Some intense expressions.

Josuke goes to one of the shops to turn in the cards for cash, and he comes out with 65,500 yen. Shigechi quickly changes tone at this amount of money, and offers the others 1,000 yen for their help. Thing is, before this was done, Josuke had made a point to split the earnings 50/50, so they should be receiving 30,750. Shigechi rebukes with the notion that his Stand did all the work, which enrages Okuyasu, since Josuke came up with the plan. He insults Shigechi.

Okuyasu quickly gets pulled to the side by Josuke when he sees Shigechi’s pained reaction to Okuyasu’s insult. He tells his classmate that they should take the 1,000 and give up, like adults, since Shigechi isn’t all there in the first place. Okuyasu very begrudgingly agrees, but only when Josuke tells him he can show Shigechi how to act more like an adult. In other words, he’s scheming up something.

Okuyasu meanders over to a nearby trashcan filled with the leftover tickets and cards Josuke threw out, claiming that one of these lottery tickets might be a winner. Josuke and Shigechi both think that’s ridiculous, since nobody throws out a winning ticket, but Oku is determined. After a while of checking tickets and a book with winning numbers, he actually comes across a winner for 5 MILLION yen!

Okuyasu freaking out.
Okuyasu freaking out.

He and Josuke celebrate, and get ready to turn it in, but Shigechi just ominously thinks about how much money that really is…

What I Liked/Didn’t Like:

  • The animation was great again, aside from the verrrry beginning when you see Koichi walking around.
  • There’s a short moment around the middle of the episode of Koichi spotting Yukako and running away that was pretty funny. I don’t recall if it was in the manga or not.
  • The episode used the ridiculous facial expressions from the manga, which was a good touch. I appreciated the faithfulness.
  • The music that played when Harvest gathered tickets/stamps was perfect, I think.

Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 18 is available to view on Crunchyroll now if you’re a premium member, and in SD on August 5th if you’re not.

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