JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 17 Review

JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 17 Review

Rohan Kishibe’s Adventure

I have a new computer! My old one was getting really slow (I couldn’t even play Diablo III on it reliably) so I finally upgraded. Now that everything is set up on it, I can get to reviewing the most recent JoJo episode. 🙂

Recap/Review: I was pretty disappointed with how inconsistent the animation was in the Ratt episode (episode 16), and so I had some reservations about this one before starting to watch it. This episode is important to the overarching plot of Diamond is Unbreakable, so I wanted the animation to be good, at the very least.

Thankfully, I discovered that the Ratt episode was under the supervision of a different animation director than usual, so that kind of explained a lot. The same animation director worked on the DIO fight episodes from Stardust Crusaders, which were also pretty inconsistent! The more you know, right?

Episode 17, I believe, was done by the ‘regular’ director, so it’s kind of like night and day in regards to quality versus the Ratt episode.

Let’s get on with the recap, shall we?

Koichi and Rohan run into each other, and Rohan explains that the town map in front of them seems off. Koichi tells him that if he finds an error, he can get a gift certificate for pointing it out. Rohan doesn’t really care about that though, and why should he? He’s rich! He does care about why there’s a new alleyway next to the convenience store that’s not marked on the map, so he and Koichi go to check it out.

They walk down the alley and soon realize that they’re in a loop. A teenage girl approaches them after a bit and Rohan, being the way he is, instantly sends out Heaven’s Door to read her. He figures out that she’s not a Stand user, but just a regular girl, and reads to Koichi some personal information about her. Koichi insists that he stop, since she’s not a threat, and he begrudgingly does so.

Reimi's introduction.
Reimi’s introduction.

Rohan writes in the girl’s book that she doesn’t remember any of that, and then she regains consciousness. She introduces herself as Reimi Sugimoto, and proceeds to ‘read’ Rohan’s fortune with Pocky. Rohan is told that he’s unlucky in love due to his demeanor, and he takes offense, telling Reimi that her nail polish color signifies how she has had her heart broken.

After this amusing little scene, Reimi decides to tell the two protagonists a ‘ghost story.’ The story consists of the house in front of them, and how the family living there were all murdered fifteen years ago. The girl living in the house was the last to be murdered, and this occurred as soon as she noticed that her dog, Arnold, was dead and hanging for quite some time. The story appropriately disturbs Koichi and Rohan, and Reimi says it’s just something she told them as payback for Rohan making fun of her nail polish, but after some time, she admits that the story is real and that she was the girl.

She and Arnold are ghosts.

Reimi explains that this murderer is still afoot, fifteen years later, and that his presence is tainting Morioh. She says that she knows he’s currently planning another murder as they speak, but she can’t do anything about it, which really bothers her. Rohan and Koichi can do something, though, and Rohan responds that he doesn’t want to, he just wants to find the exit of this alley. This alley, as explained by Reimi, is kind of like limbo, it’s between the world of the living and the dead.

Reimi tells them both that she knows where the exit is, but she really wants something done about the murderer. Koichi agrees, and Rohan finally says he’s curious about the murderer for the purposes of his manga. The murderer has to be interesting, right? That’s Rohan’s only motivation for helping, definitely.

Reimi's plea.
Reimi’s plea.

Reimi instructs Koichi and Rohan to go forward, but when they pass the mailbox they need to never look back, or else they’ll be stuck in this limbo forever. Sounds simple.

The two protagonists do as told, but the environment is terrifying. The spirits constantly touch Koichi and Rohan, trying to pull them back. The music here is eerie as well, adding to the impact of the scene, which I appreciate.

Koichi decides to run, and is told that he’s safe when he seemingly reaches the end. He turns around to show his satisfaction, but Reimi yells out to him that he didn’t hear her voice, but the voice of a spirit trying to trick him. The spirits move to grab Koichi, and Rohan quickly sends out Heaven’s Door to blind him and save him. Rohan makes it out of the alley, and Koichi does as well, albeit without sight. Rohan writes to fix his sight as soon as possible, and Reimi says her goodbyes, but tells them that she’ll remain in the alley as long as the murderer is around. An important thing to note here is that Reimi calls Rohan ‘Rohannie,’ or ‘Little Rohan’, like she knows him.

The scene shifts to Rohan at the cemetery, visiting Reimi’s grave. This was in the manga, but in a slightly different order. I think it fits very well right here, though, as it explains how Reimi knows Rohan. An elderly man at the cemetery tells him that he was in Reimi’s house the night of the murder, but was the only one to survive. Reimi threw him out of the window to save him right before she was killed.

After this scene, Koichi meets with Josuke and Okuyasu, which occurred before Rohan’s scene in the manga. Josuke is told about Reimi and the murderer, but says that if the murderer is not a Stand user, Jotaro/Joseph and The Speedwagon Foundation won’t care. The police will have to deal with him.

Koichi, unsatisfied, begins to leave, nearly running into a car. The driver of the car appears ominous, and the episode proceeds to follow him, making a production of showing that he has a woman in the car with him.

Kira, with Censored Hand
Kira, with Censored Hand

Well, at least it appears that way at first. The woman is just a woman’s hand, and the man treats it as if it’s his girlfriend, even scolding it when it drips blood on the seat.

I don’t want to talk too much about this character yet, since I am really trying to avoid spoilers, but the episode reveals the name on his house, which is Kira. Kira definitely shows up again, sooner than you might think, and the hand thing is very relevant.

What I Liked/Didn’t Like:

  • The animation was MUCH better this time around. I really wish David Production would not use the director from the Ratt episode for any others, as selfish as that sounds. This episode was pretty much perfectly done, with bold lines accentuating the character’s faces and expressions when necessary. Even panels like Reimi passionately explaining why she needs her murderer dealt with from the manga were translated wonderfully here.
  • The music was very appropriate, especially during the ‘exit’ scene.
  • This arc was 5 chapters long in the manga, so I feel like things were cut out for the episode, but they must not have been important. The episode flowed well, and it didn’t really look like things were missing.
  • Kira’s introduction was well done, and his voice actor, while different from the one in the video games, was a great choice. His face looked off to me here, but after looking over the manga chapters, I realized that he looked off at that point in the manga, too, so it’s totally intentional.
  • Censors, censors everywhere. Arnold’s neck is perpetually black, and Kira’s ‘hand’ has a black fuzzy wrist. This is par for the course in JoJo, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying.
  • No OP or ED was a good choice here, as it allowed for more runtime.
Okuyasu wishes he was born 15 years earlier.
Okuyasu wishes he was born 15 years earlier.

Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 17 is available to view on Crunchyroll now if you’re a premium member, and in SD on July 29th if you’re not.

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