JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 16 Review

JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 16 Review

Let’s Go Hunting!

For this episode, I’m going to be doing things a little different. Since this one isn’t directly related to the overarching plot of Diamond is Unbreakable, I’m not going to be as detailed in the recap. Instead, I’ll be focusing a bit more on the characterization that the episode develops.

Recap: Jotaro tells Josuke that they’re going to go hunting for a rat that Akira shot with the bow. This rat is a Stand user, and can be very dangerous, so they need to act quickly.

To kill the rat, Jotaro explains that they’ll use ball bearings to shoot and to practice, will knock soda cans off of a fence with them. Josuke, lacking the confidence to shoot them well, watches Jotaro knock down the cans with ease and fails to do so when it’s his turn.

Jotaro and Josuke. Jotaro's badge looks dangerously pointy.
Jotaro and Josuke. Jotaro’s badge looks dangerously pointy.

The two head off to where the rat should be, and Jotaro sets up some traps with tempura (since cheese is too much for rats) and a video camera. Josuke notices a bunch of flies nearby and checks out what they’re buzzing around, and sees a disgusting cube of rats and flesh. The cube is not censored at all, when almost all graphic scenes in JoJo are, oddly enough.

Jotaro and Josuke realize that this cube must be part of the rat’s Stand ability, and they look around for where it must be. Jotaro spots a farmhouse ahead with an open door, and figures that the rat must be there. Josuke agrees, and they go inside, where Jotaro spots rat droppings. This proves that it’s around.

Josuke hears the refrigerator in the kitchen running and checks it out, noticing a rat inside. The rat is eating something, and Josuke moves in to see what, after thinking to himself that the rat must have opened the fridge with its Stand ability.

The sight inside the fridge is grim, and super censored. The two people who live in the house are trapped in a flesh cube, much like the rat one earlier. The censor shows them in a black void, though, because people being in a flesh cube is too much, while rats in one is fine. Weird.

Good censorship here.
Good censorship here.

The rat shows its Stand when it sees Josuke, and it’s immediately apparent that the Stand attacks by shooting. (It kind of looks like a cannon.) Josuke calls for Jotaro, but gets no response, so he has to work by himself to kill it.

With Crazy Diamond, he attempts to shoot the rat, but misses. It takes a few more attempts, and Josuke never hits it directly in the head, but it eventually dies. Jotaro finally catches up with Josuke after this happens, and he explains that there are two rats; the other had attacked his hand.

Jotaro shows his hand to Josuke, which looks like a giant black blob. It’s not supposed to — it’s supposed to look like fleshy gunk, but that would be too gory for the audience, so it had to be censored.

Josuke fixes his hand with Crazy Diamond, and Jotaro gets a call from the SPW, explaining that there were two rats that Akira shot. The protagonists had just figured this out, but you know how these things are. Can’t be too convenient, right? Jotaro verifies that only two were shot, and he and Josuke head back outside to find the living rat. Josuke says he’ll fix the people in the fridge, but we never see him do so. Hope he didn’t forget!

Look at that Stand!
Look at that Stand!

Outside, Jotaro tells Josuke that he has four bullets to kill the rat with. Josuke says he’s not confident enough to shoot them well, and Jotaro begrudgingly says he’ll have to do it now, prompting Josuke to change his mind. It’s almost like Jotaro planned for that to happen, based on his uncle’s personality. I thought that was a fun little exchange.

Jotaro goes forward to bait the rat to shoot, and Josuke follows through the shallow pond. He takes off his shoes so they won’t get ruined, but Jotaro tells him the pond is full of leeches, and he drops his shoes out of his hands and into the water. He whines.

Josuke is hilarious.

Those shoes were expensive!!
Those shoes were expensive!!

Jotaro then sees that, via footprints, the rat backtracked to trick them. Josuke listens, but promptly slams his fingers into a mousetrap, baited by the rat. The rat then shoots Josuke in the neck, as he was distracted. Jotaro uses time stop to pull the shot out of Josuke’s neck, and tells him curtly to put a bandage on. The next scene shows a bandage on Josuke’s neck, which is a nice touch.

After this, Jotaro finally moves forward to really get the rat to show its position. The rat shoots, as predicted, and Star Platinum uses time stop again to allow Jotaro to move. Unfortunately, the rat is able to ricochet its next shot off of a rock, hitting Jotaro, and he quickly becomes covered in the flesh goop. This is censored again, because why not?

Josuke, motivated, uses binoculars to hit the rat dead on.

Apologies if that sounds anticlimactic, but there isn’t much else to say. Josuke’s proud of this feat, of course, since he tightened his skills in just a few hours, and Jotaro says they deserve a break, but that’s about it. All the rats are gone!

What I Liked/Didn’t Like:

  • I liked that when Jotaro said they were to go hunting right at the beginning of the episode, Josuke thought they were going to hunt for girls. Jotaro’s married at this point in JoJo canon, so that thought is pretty ridiculous. Amusing, but ridiculous.
  • The animation quality was all over the place here. Most of the out of focus frames were really bad, with Jotaro’s badges not showing the dolphins, or both of their faces missing features. The up close frames were much better, but inconsistent. The style used in the last five minutes or so was different from the rest of the episode, with the facial features being more defined. I’d like to think that David Production is saving budget for the primary antagonist, but we’ll see, I guess.
  • The censoring was AWFUL here. Jotaro’s hand being a black void was the worst. It wasn’t that bad in the manga, I promise! It didn’t need to be censored, and the fact that the rat cube at the beginning of the episode wasn’t was baffling.
  • The exchanges between Josuke and Jotaro were amusing. Jotaro being more experienced in combat vs Josuke, a newcomer to all of this, was a fun contrast to watch. Josuke not having confidence in his skills but deciding to shoot anyway when Jotaro egged him on really gave the two of them personality.
  • This little arc about Ratt (the rat’s Stand’s name, not stated here at all) was several chapters in the manga, but I’m really glad it was just one episode here. More than that would not be interesting.

Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 16 is available to view on Crunchyroll now if you’re a premium member, and in SD on July 22nd if you’re not.

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