JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 15 Review

JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 15 Review

Let’s Go to The Manga Artists House, Part 2

Recap: When we last left Koichi, he was mysteriously compelled to return to Rohan Kishibe’s home, where the manga artist quickly stated that he was expecting the company. Considering how strange he acted in the previous episode, we can only assume that Rohan will have more up his sleeve here as well.

The beginning of this episode consists of a brief recap of Koichi finding himself back at Rohan’s. This recap has a few new additions, but mainly consists of the same thing we’ve already seen; Koichi can’t remember something he knows is important, and has also lost some weight (noted by how heavy his schoolbag is).

I should note that my favorite filter is applied to the entire scene, as obnoxiously distracting as it is. Sigh.

Inside his home, Rohan states that he expected the student to arrive. He then states that he’s going to finish his manga panels in a very short amount of time, which shocks Koichi. Rohan proceeds to do as he says, drawing what’s on his mind in ink directly, skipping pencil. Koichi continues to show shock, especially at the notion that Rohan needs no pencil.

When Rohan puts the finishing touches on his work, the splatter of ink meeting the page sounds like a machine gun firing, which is pretty amusing.

As Koichi remains impressed by Rohan’s fortitude, Rohan explains to him that he’s the cause of his increased work ethic. Rohan has used Koichi’s experiences (courtesy of Heaven’s Door) to inspire himself. To obtain even more from Koichi, Rohan immediately proceeds to take another page from him after explaining this, while also explaining that Koichi loses weight for every page he steals.

Koichi recalls finally that Heaven’s Door is what he was trying to remember, but it’s too late.

The New Opening: This episode has a new opening entitled “Chase.” I could tell immediately that I prefer this one over the previous one (“Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town”) simply because it conveys a more serious tone. This is very applicable to this part of Diamond is Unbreakable, as less ‘goofy’ and lighthearted villains appear and more serious ones begin to show up.

As much as I would really like to go into detail about every bit of foreshadowing in “Chase,” I’ve decided at the beginning of this arc that I wouldn’t spoil those of you who haven’t read the manga. But this opening does show a lot, as David Production’s openings tend to do. I will say that the main antagonist of Diamond is Unbreakable does appear in the opening for a second, if you couldn’t guess by the tone surrounding him. I wouldn’t state who he is, or what his Stand does, though. You’ll just have to wait and find that out for yourselves!

Okuyasu steaming.
Okuyasu steaming.

After the opening, Rohan tells Koichi that he’s going to read what he’s just taken from him, but is soon interrupted by the sound of his doorbell. Both Josuke and Okuyasu are there, which prompts Rohan to wonder why and how they found out about his place. Koichi never told them anything, after all.

Koichi crawls to answer the door, but finds it impossible to tell his friends the situation. Instead, he acts as if nothing’s wrong, due to Heaven’s Door writing in his book that he can’t attack Rohan. Telling his friends about Rohan and what he’s been doing will count as an attack, or at the very least, count as the precursor to an attack, so he can’t say anything of use.

After several attempts to go back outside and tell his friends something, Koichi finally stops and goes back inside, where it’s shown to the viewer why he couldn’t say anything. We’ve already figured that out, though!

Koichi panics, thinking that Heaven’s Door is just too strong to attack, and Rohan seems as if he’ll take more pages from him. Luckily, Okuyasu breaks in the window to the studio and dares Rohan not to move. Rohan realizes then that he must have found out Koichi was in trouble due to the wound on his hand, which Koichi didn’t even know was there until now.

Okuyasu, appropriate to his character, threatens Rohan more, and Rohan explains that he knows all about him and his Stand. Koichi is asked to tell Okuyasu what Rohan’s Stand does, but he can’t, for the same reason he couldn’t tell him about the danger he was in earlier. Rohan then takes the opportunity to hold the manga panel to his face, where Okuyasu predictably attacks, causing him to see what he shouldn’t.

Okuyasu is now under Heaven’s Door’s power, and Rohan tells the both of them that he knows Josuke is also in the house. Okuyasu threatens Rohan again, but is told that he can’t do anything to him, and Koichi reaffirms that they’ve both had ‘I cannot attack Rohan’ written in their books.

To up the ante, Rohan writes in Okuyasu’s book that if Josuke comes in to attack, he’ll commit suicide by self-immolation. Okuyasu can’t believe it, but soon ends up holding a cigarette lighter dangerously close to one of his hands. Things look bad for the group, but Josuke still ends up coming inside to help out, but with his eyes forced shut. He’s heard he can’t see the manga by eavesdropping right outside the studio for a while, and he attempts to rush toward Rohan without seeing anything.

Josuke refusing to see.
Josuke refusing to see.

Rohan thinks he must do something to cause Josuke to open his eyes, so he throws razors at his face. Josuke doesn’t budge his eyelids at all, so Rohan thinks quickly and recalls something from Koichi’s book — Josuke hates having his hair insulted. As you can guess, Rohan then insults Josuke’s hair and holds the manga to his face, but it doesn’t work out the way he’d expect. Instead, Josuke uses Crazy Diamond to pummel the artist’s face in, causing Okuyasu and Koichi to be freed from Heaven’s Door.

Apparently, when Josuke is mad enough, he becomes blind to everything. Blind with rage, you could say.

Koichi explains to Okuyasu and the audience exactly why he thinks this is, and we’re shown a flashback of Josuke at four years old, when he was seriously ill. This follows the JoJo timeline of when the Stardust Crusaders group fought DIO, so Josuke was sick in the same was Holly Kujo was.

Josuke’s mother attempted to drive him to the hospital in an awful snowstorm but ended up getting stuck on the road. A young man with a striking resemblance to Josuke, hair and all, saw them in trouble and offered to push the car while Josuke’s mom drove. Josuke considered him a hero from that point on, and as a way of thanks, donned his appearance.

Josuke's inspiration.
Josuke’s inspiration.

After this scene, we’re brought back to the present, where Josuke continues to show his anger for having his hair insulted. Rohan, on the other hand, is still excited to write, as he now has new material.

What an exciting and amusing episode! Surprisingly enough, the ending is still the same, but that’ll probably change soon.

What I Liked/Didn’t Like:

  • Filter, blah blah.
  • The opening is really good! I would have loved to write more about it, but I already said I wouldn’t spoil anyone who hasn’t read the manga. 😛
  • Rohan is hilarious. Everything about him and his personality was shown very appropriately in this episode. His voice actor did a great job with his emotions.
  • For as amusing as Rohan is, however, I’ll always find Okuyasu the funniest. I was happy he got some airtime here.
  • Josuke rushing around the room to attack Rohan after having his hair insulted was also animated well, so much so that I found the scene more enjoyable here than in the manga.
  • The flashback scene was much like it was in the manga, and although I don’t know Araki’s original intentions for it, I do enjoy that it gives some backstory for Josuke and why he’s so attached to his hair.

Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 15 is available to view on Crunchyroll now if you’re a premium member, and in SD on July 15th if you’re not.

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