JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 14 Review

JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 14 Review

Let’s Go to The Manga Artists House, Part 1

Recap: Koichi and Hazamada discuss the news that the very popular manga artist, Rohan Kishibe, lives in Morioh. Hazamada suggests that they go visit him to get his autograph, but that can’t be all that happens in this episode…

Hazamada explains to Koichi that Rohan lives by himself in a nice house, and that he has accomplished a lot by the age of twenty. Prior to this information, we’re told that Rohan’s current manga is called Pink Dark Boy. Knowing the title isn’t super important to anything; we just know Hazamada and Koichi enjoy that series.

Rohan Kishibe, a Handsome Man
Rohan Kishibe, a Handsome Man

Rohan answers the door when the two students arrive, and he looks incredibly menacing. (If you haven’t realized it by now, he was the character David Production was teasing in episode 13.) He doesn’t particularly act this way, however, as he invites them in when they say they want autographs. They then follow him to his studio, where Rohan discovers a spider. He comments about how he must be living in the ‘burbs’ due to the bugs that hang around, and then goes on to explain that as a manga artist, he needs to know how everything functions in reality. He says that knowing the difference in male and female anatomy is vital, and then proceeds to cut the spider open to examine its innards. If that wasn’t strange enough, he follows that action up by licking the spider.

Yes, Rohan licks the spider. This goes on for a few seconds, and Hazamada vomits from the sight. Rohan tells him that he wants to sketch that, as it’s a realistic reaction, but when Hazamada hears this he begins to fake the vomiting action and Rohan catches on. He can’t use any fake material for his manga, after all.

Rohan then leaves the studio, and Koichi tells Hazamada that they should probably leave, as Rohan may be dangerous. Hazamada assumes Koichi thinks Rohan is a Stand user, but Koichi says he doesn’t think that, he just thinks Rohan is really, really strange.

Rohan getting his daily value of protein.
Rohan getting his daily value of protein.

Instead of leaving Rohan’s house, Hazamada suggests they check out Rohan’s manuscripts on the desk, since he’s no longer in the room. Koichi seems excited by the thought, but realizes that doing so without permission would be rude. After Hazamada tells him that Rohan wouldn’t give them permission, they agree to take a peek, and they both really enjoy what they see. Koichi is a little confused by how much they enjoy the manuscript, as the feelings they experience seem a bit too extreme.

Rohan soon returns to the room and Koichi’s skin begins to turn into the pages of a book. Rohan explains that his Stand, Heaven’s Door, was activated when the two students read his manuscript.

Let’s pause for a second. Rohan’s Stand is named Heaven’s Door, and the subs were able to keep this name! I can’t really believe it, but after doing a quick Google search, it seems that the name was the same in All Star Battle as well. If only they could all remain the same, right? Copyright is a strange beast sometimes.

Koichi under Heaven's Door
Koichi under Heaven’s Door

Anyway, Hazamada attempts to run away, but is afflicted by Heaven’s Door as well, since he also read the manuscript. Rohan soon begins to read the pages on Koichi, discovering that he’s an honest teenager who just recently started to have an exciting life, thanks to his Stand ability. Rohan is excited by the notion that others have Stands, and backs away from Koichi, satisfied with what he read. Koichi then proceeds to send out Echoes Act 2, and threatens to attack Rohan if he doesn’t let his Stand go. Rohan refuses, and Koichi tries to attack, but misses. After several attempts to hit Rohan, we find out that he wrote in Koichi’s book that he cannot harm him, hence why his attacks all missed. Rohan then sketches Koichi and Echoes Act 2 for himself, and then heads over toward Hazamada.

After reading Hazamada’s book, Rohan discovers that he’s an awful person; no reader would want a character like that in his manga. (Is anyone surprised at how awful he is? Remember his episode from a while back?) Koichi takes the opportunity to ask Rohan why he needs the experiences of other people to write his manga. Rohan takes offense to this question, going on a bit of a rant about how he doesn’t write for money, but for people to read. People won’t read if the characters aren’t interesting, and getting experiences from reality is always interesting. (Well, always interesting, but in the case of Hazamada, too terrible to really be worthwhile.)

Koichi and Hazamada, after listening to Rohan’s rant, are shown outside the house, saying how much they enjoyed meeting the manga artist. Koichi even says Rohan was really nice, and he acts as if he doesn’t remember anything that happened earlier.

The scene then changes to Koichi’s home, where he notices that he’s lost weight. He tries to recall if anything happened recently, and whether an enemy Stand user might be the reason he weighs less, but he can’t remember.

Sketch of Koichi and Echoes
Sketch of Koichi and Echoes

He soon finds himself back at Rohan’s house, where Josuke and Okuyasu notice him. Okuyasu briefly wonders if he’s seeing a girl, because Okuyasu’s mind is a little empty at times, and Josuke is just concerned. Koichi walked the opposite way of their school to get to Rohan’s after all.

Rohan fiercely works on his manga, and finally turns to face Koichi, saying he expected him to come.

What I Liked/Didn’t Like:

  • I really like that the subs were able to keep Heaven’s Door. I’d be surprised if any other Stands will keep their names, but we’ll see I guess!
  • Rohan was appropriately menacing in this episode. His expressions were hilarious, and his laughter right before Koichi and Hazamada left his house was really amusing. This chapter was entertaining in the manga, but the anime gave it more depth.
  • The filter came back, and went on for longer than it needed to (right at the end of the episode). I’ve come to terms with it being prevalent in episodes now, but it’s still not my favorite thing.
  • No new OP yet! I’m excited for it to finally arrive.

Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 14 is available to view on Crunchyroll now if you’re a premium member, and in SD on July 8th if you’re not.

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