JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 12 Review

JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 12 Review

(Red Hot) Chili Pepper, Part 2

Recap: Episode 11 of Diamond is Unbreakable showcased Okuyasu a bit, so episode 12 will definitely be focused on different characters. In particular, you could assume that Josuke, the protagonist, will be the one in the spotlight; if anyone’s to beat Chili Pepper, it will probably be him!

At the beginning of this episode, Jotaro (with Star Platinum) searches around the ocean for Joseph Joestar’s ship. While doing this, he explains that Chili Pepper, reliant on electricity, can’t get to the ship before the group does, or else Joseph will die. Okuyasu and Josuke check a nearby motorboat for any sign of the enemy in the battery, and when they give the all clear, Jotaro instructs them that Chili Pepper will probably try to use a remote controlled plane powered by batteries to reach Joseph’s ship. Model remote controlled planes are fast, faster than the motorboat, so someone needs to keep an eye out for Chili Pepper.

What would they do without Jotaro?

Jotaro also gives further instruction to the group — they are to split up. Josuke and Koichi are to stay near the docks to keep an eye out for Chili Pepper, and Okuyasu and Jotaro are to take the motorboat to Joseph’s ship.

Jotaro and Star Platinum
Jotaro and Star Platinum

The scene then briefly changes over to Joseph, who momentarily forgets where his cane is. Poor Joseph. I’m so glad David Production was able to get his voice actor back for this part, though. He does a great job, and that still holds true. He sounds so much older now, which fits!

Josuke tells Koichi that it’s weird how Joseph is his father, though they’ve never met. He thinks about this for a minute, and says that he’ll have to save him or else his mother will bawl her eyes out. This is a good reason for helping, huh?

Immediately after this, Chili Pepper appears from a grate on the ground and states that Jotaro figured out his plan to steal and use a model remote controlled plane to catch up to Joseph’s ship. He curses how smart Jotaro is, and then his user shows his face for the first time.

Introducing himself as Akira Otoishi (nineteen years old, because that’s important), the user states that his model plane is really fast, and if he can kill Josuke and Koichi in three minutes, he’ll still have time to catch up to Joseph’s boat with it.

Koichi exclaims that Akira must be confident he can kill the both of them if he just showed himself like that, and Akira responds with a sick guitar riff.


He then says he only needs his pinky finger to kill them, and Josuke breaks his pinky to, well, to put his foot in his mouth, so to speak. Akira, however, manages to seethe with enough rage from this to straighten his pinky back up and play another sick riff, this time stating he’ll kill their mothers, too.

Akira is very entertaining.

The comment about their mothers pisses Josuke off, though, and he proceeds to rapidly punch toward Akira with Crazy Diamond. None of the punches hit, surprisingly enough, and Koichi says he saw Chili Pepper turn Josuke around before the punches could hit Akira. He and Josuke soon realize that Chili Pepper came from one of the grates on the ground, which are above electrical wiring. For the next few minutes of the anime (But not JoJo time, since it’s only been a minute total there, somehow) Koichi attempts to tell Josuke which grate Chili Pepper will come out of next, but it quickly becomes too overwhelming due to the Stand’s speed and precision.

Josuke, now bloodied up from Chili Pepper’s assault, tells Koichi to look for where Chili Pepper is and inform him. Koichi says he’s trying, but it’s too difficult; Josuke responds that he should know what he’s thinking of doing by now, and Koichi realizes his friend’s thought when he looks and sees the oil slick on the ground near the grates. The oil was created from the asphalt, which Josuke repaired into its original form, coal tar.

The oil sparks from Chili Pepper’s electricity, allowing Koichi to see where he’s coming from. He tells Josuke, and Josuke punches Chili Pepper, injuring Akira in the process.

We’re then greeted to a short scene of Jotaro and Okuyasu, who are still making their way toward Joseph’s boat. Okuyasu notices behind them that there’s a surge of electricity where Koichi and Josuke are, prompting an exclamation of concern…

The surge nearly blinds the protagonists with Akira, and Akira states that he’s routed all of the electricity from Morioh to himself and his Stand, effectively powering them up. He explains that he didn’t originally want to do this, since it sucks all of the electricity out of the town for a while, but since he has the battery from the plane, the blackout is worth it.

The powered up Chili Pepper wails on Josuke for a while, and things look dire. Koichi doesn’t really do much here, disappointingly enough, but he doesn’t really need to. Josuke’s quick thinking allowed him to ‘fix’ the rubber from a tire around Chili Pepper during one of its attacks, surrounding it. Koichi is excited, and thinks that this will keep Chili Pepper from attacking anymore, as rubber is an insulator, but Akira smugly explains that it’s not enough rubber, and Chili Pepper bursts out of the trap.

Josuke, unfazed, says that Akira shouldn’t have done that, and we see Chili Pepper and the tire go flying into the ocean. The air from the punctured tire is what sent him off, following Josuke’s plan.

Chili Pepper disperses from the salt water around him, and Akira’s body stops moving. He appears dead, but Josuke and Koichi don’t go and check. Instead, Josuke notices that Joseph’s ship is arriving and thinks once again how strange it is that this man is his father.

Okuyasu's thinking face.
Okuyasu’s thinking face.

Before Josuke states this, we’re treated to an entertaining and touching scene between Okuyasu and Joseph on the ship. Joseph, unable to correctly hear Okuyasu’s name, calls him Osomatsu, and asks if he’s heard Josuke talk about his father at all. Okuyasu says no, and Joseph looks sad, but not surprised, since he didn’t even know Josuke was born sixteen years ago.

Akira then opens the door to the cabin disguised as a Speedwagon Foundation worker, and Koichi finally notices that Akira’s body is no longer on the docks. He uses Echoes to inform Jotaro of this, and the real Speedwagon Foundation worker tells everyone there’s an enemy on the ship. Okuyasu is left with a difficult decision again — who is the enemy between the two workers? He thinks for a while, and finally decides to punch Akira, finally defeating Chili Pepper (since it was so weak from the ocean water).

Akira asks just how Okuyasu knew he was the fake, and Okuyasu says he was going to punch both of them. He’s not smart enough to figure something like that out on his own, after all!

With Akira finished, Josuke and Joseph meet. Joseph’s cane is broken, and Josuke decides to support him as he walks. This is really touching, and even Jotaro smiles as he watches. Okuyasu, confused, tells Josuke he could have fixed the cane with Crazy Diamond, but Koichi tearfully says that some things shouldn’t be fixed.

The final scene for this episode was not in the manga at all, but it gives us a glimpse of a very important character we’ll meet later.

Look at that blush. Aww.
Look at that blush. Aww.

What I Liked/Didn’t Like:

  • Joseph’s voice actor is back! He did a great job sounding really old, too.
  • I loved the ridiculousness of Akira and his guitar playing. This is something the manga couldn’t portray quite as well, since manga has no sound, but I think that the anime did an excellent job of it.
  • The scene with Josuke and Joseph at the end was appropriately touching. The music and Josuke’s blushing really added to this.
  • The manga had this issue too, but it really bothered me that Koichi didn’t do much during the Akira fight. I know it was intended to be a Josuke episode, what with him saving his father and all, but Koichi recently unveiled Echoes Act 2, so he could have used it a little to fight Akira.
Even Jotaro is touched here.
Even Jotaro is touched here.

Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 12 is available to view on Crunchyroll now if you’re a premium member, and in SD on June 24th if you’re not.

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