JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 11 Review

JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 11 Review

(Red Hot) Chili Pepper, Part 1

Recap: Previously, after all of Okuyasu’s Italian cuisine adventures, Jotaro was relayed a message from someone very important. This goes into play for this episode, so much so that it’s a key element to the plot…

At the beginning here, Josuke is seen playing a video game on his Super Nintendo/Nintendo64 mashup of a console. His mother, unhappy with this, kicks him until he loses the game and has to get ready for bed. Before he can really begin to head to his room, though, the television changes to a channel with some sort of soap opera playing, where the characters begin to talk about Jotaro Kujo still being alive. The voice is familiar — it’s source, Chili Pepper, rears its ugly head out from the screen and tells Josuke that he’s been watching him for a long time. In fact, he’s been keeping tabs on all of the Stand users in Morioh we know of so far.

The worst way to get interrupted.
The worst way to get interrupted.

Josuke reasonably asks if Chili Pepper is here to kick his ass all of a sudden, since he’s just been sneaking around like a coward. Chili Pepper retorts that he’s here to just kill him instantly, as well as test himself to see how much he’s grown. Jotaro and Star Platinum are a real threat, and he wants to fight Josuke to test if he’s strong enough to kill his nephew. After egging Josuke on for a bit, Crazy Diamond punches him and he realizes for a second that he may have underestimated our protagonist.

This realization causes him to hit Josuke back before he can avoid it, and Josuke is sent flying; Chili Pepper follows this up by saying Josuke has grown as well, and then leaves through the power outlet.

Josuke uses Crazy Diamond to quickly fix up the mess in the room before his mother sees, and the scene changes to Okuyasu and Koichi.

Josuke’s friends are outside, far away from any power lines or real civilization. Josuke catches up to them, and Okuyasu whines about how he’d rather go to Tonio’s. Josuke responds to this by saying that Jotaro was the one who called them all here, and that they’re together to discuss Chili Pepper. The name of that Stand enrages Okuyasu, since that’s who killed his brother, and he feels upset that Josuke didn’t tell him he was at his house last night. Jotaro chimes in to say he told Josuke to keep quiet, and that talking about Chili Pepper is dangerous in the open.

Jotaro then goes on to explain that they can find Chili Pepper’s Stand user easily, with the help of another Stand user. He states that this Stand user is 79 and uses ‘Hermit Purple,’ but is obviously too old to fight now. He’s arriving at Morioh port at noon.


Koichi asks if this Stand user is a foreigner, and quickly pieces together who he must be. Josuke also realizes, based off of his reaction; he can’t say much, though, as Okuyasu’s motorcycle nearby immediately glows and Chili Pepper appears on top of it. He says he heard it all, and everyone is shocked that he’s even here. Jotaro deduces that he must have attached himself to the battery.

Realizing that Chili Pepper will kill Joseph Joestar, Okuyasu takes it upon himself to catch him and enact revenge. He uses The Hand to cut space-time and make it to the bike, where Chili Pepper thinks he’ll attack him. He says that The Hand is too slow, and will lose in a one-on-one battle, but Okuyasu has different plans. He cuts the bike with his Stand and makes it so Chili Pepper can’t run away.

Josuke praises his friend for his quick thinking, but Jotaro thinks that since the battery is still intact, Chili Pepper will do what he can to kill Okuyasu and run. Chili Pepper asks Okuyasu if he’s fighting him for revenge, to which Okuyasu says that his brother deserved to die, and that karma will come back to you. He then tells Chili Pepper that he’ll spare his life if he tells him where his user is.

Chili Pepper eggs Okuyasu on, and says he’s surprised he’s not seething with anger. This causes Okuyasu to, well, seethe with anger and say he was hoping Chili Pepper wouldn’t tell him what he wanted. Okuyasu then uses the Hand to attack Chili Pepper, though unsuccessfully, as Chili Pepper is faster. Jotaro and the others begin to head toward the two of them right after this, and Chili Pepper realizes he needs to leave. Okuyasu takes this opportunity to cut space-time and move behind him, where he pummels him with kicks and sends him away.

He'll kill him!
He’ll kill him!

Chili Pepper is now low on energy, and Okuyasu has the chance to kill him. Jotaro yells for him not to, so they can get more information presumably, but Chili Pepper tells Okuyasu that he’s weak and can be killed before Jotaro arrives. Okuyasu wonders why he told him that. If he didn’t, he could have tricked everyone, but since he did, Okuyasu has no chance to be attacked.

Right? This is what goes on in Oku’s mind, as the gear’s turn.

After really debating this, Okuyasu decides to attack Chili Pepper, and in turn tears through the ground in front of him, exposing electrical cables. Chili Pepper had planned this all along, as deduced by Jotaro.

Chili Pepper, super powered, cuts off Okuyasu’s arm and drags him into the electrical cables with him, much to Koichi’s dismay. As this happens, Koichi continues to panic, but the other two are cool, discussing Chili Pepper’s powers. Koichi, understandably upset, asks how they can be like this, and Josuke says he’s glad Oku’s arm was removed, but left here. He then sends Crazy Diamond to ‘fix’ the arm, bringing Okuyasu back.

Okuyasu being pulled away.
Okuyasu being pulled away.

Okuyasu, upset over his loss, really wants revenge on Chili Pepper now, but Koichi tells him they all need to work together to protect Joseph Joestar. Josuke and Jotaro walk away, leaving Koichi to console his friend, now in shock.

The final scene moves to Joseph on the ship, though we still don’t see his face.

What I Liked/Didn’t Like:

  • The original, non EDM version of the OP came back! Confusing that it ever WAS EDM…
  • Chili Pepper is an interesting villain, and I think this episode did a good job conveying that. In particular, him egging Okuyasu on translated to the anime well.
  • The filter came back again. I don’t know why I bother even complaining about it anymore, since David Productions really seems attached to it. During the entirety of Okuyasu’s internal struggle over whether to kill Chili Pepper or not, the filter was there, dark as ever, and very distracting. But, like I said, it has been in most of the episodes, so I believe it’s here to stay. I’m genuinely worried about when the primary antagonist shows up, since the filter will probably be all over the place with him.
  • The faces were a little off this episode. This happens sometimes, and I assume it’s budgeting; the next two episodes should probably be a little more consistent in quality, I think.
I wonder who this might be...
I wonder who this might be…

Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 11 is available to view on Crunchyroll now if you’re a premium member, and in SD on June 17th if you’re not.

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