JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 10 Review

JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 10 Review

Let’s Go Eat Some Italian Food!

Recap: Seeing as how this chapter was one of my favorites in the manga, I was really looking forward to this episode. It’s silly, and pretty much a one-shot, but it’s fun. 

The episode begins with a menacing little scene of a chef seemingly chopping up guts/innards in front of a dog in a cage. It’s dark, intentionally so, and difficult to parse exactly what he’s doing.

Josuke and Okuyasu are then shown outside talking. Okuyasu exclaims that he’s hungry, and suggests that after he and Josuke visit Keicho’s grave they should go eat somewhere. (I have a feeling Okuyasu visits his brother’s grave a lot.) Though Josuke isn’t hungry, Okuyasu spots a sign for a new Italian restaurant and they both end up going to it. Okuyasu is pretty pushy, after all.

Okuyasu being pushy.
Okuyasu being pushy.

Josuke notices that the menu says it depends on the customer, which is strange. I notice that the sign outside of the restaurant says ‘Trattoria Trendy’, though in the manga it was called ‘Trattoria Trussardi,’ after the chef’s name, Tonio Trussardi.

As suspected, when the two protagonists go inside and are greeted by Tonio, he introduces himself as Tonio Trendy, not Trussardi. Oh, dear. That‘s what Crunchyrolls subs went with? Trendy?

I admit that I didn’t know what the origin of ‘Trussardi’ was, so I looked it up. According to Wikipedia, Trussardi is a well known Italian fashion house, named after its founder. I suppose that naming a minor character after that could be an issue, but Trendy? Strange choice.

Anyway, Tonio introduces himself, and explains that he’s Italian and has moved to Morioh due to its vast selection of natural and delicious ingredients. Okuyasu listens to him talk, intently, and then impatiently asks for a menu. Tonio states that this restaurant has no menu, prompting a reaction from Okuyasu. “What do you mean there’s no menu?”

Tonio says that he serves what’s best for each customer, and Okuyasu stands up, allowing Tonio to see his hands. With this sight, Tonio reads that Okuyasu has several ailments troubling him — diarrhea, poor sleep, cavities, athlete’s foot, and a stiff shoulder.

That's all correct!
That’s all correct!

Okuyasu is surprised by this reading, but says it’s all correct, and Tonio proceeds to pour them both some water and take Josuke’s order of one cappuccino.

Josuke tells Okuyasu that healthy food usually tastes pretty bad, so if he doesn’t like what he’s served, they’ll complain and refuse to pay. Josuke doesn’t have a lot of faith in Tonio, apparently.

Okuyasu takes a drink of the water, and immediately realizes that this is the best water he’s ever had. He begins to cry, and I mean really cry, almost waterfalls out of his eyes. There’s an anime trope of this, I think.

After his friend stops crying, Josuke notices that his eyeballs are now shriveled up. This causes concern, but Tonio comes in and says Okuyasu will be fine when his eyes return to normal. In fact, he’ll feel rested. Soon after this, Okuyasu’s eyes do go back to how they were, and he feels as if he’s rested 10 hours. (Josuke, who also tasted the water, was not affected by its properties since he had slept well the night before.)

Tonio brings out mozzarella and tomato slices, which prove to be a confusing meal for Okuyasu, who states that Japanese tastes are different when he tries some of the cheese on it’s own. Tonio tells him he must try both the tomato and the cheese at once, for the real experience. He does, and is immersed in culinary bliss. Josuke, a little jealous, tries to grab a forkful of the dish, but Okuyasu refuses to let him have any. He even says that if Josuke was starving he wouldn’t let him have a bite. Rude, Oku. Josuke attempts to order a plate for himself, but Tonio says that only the customer with the stiff shoulder will have his ailment cured.

Nothing can compare to the way an Italian prepares tomatoes.
Nothing can compare to the way an Italian prepares tomatoes.

Just like that, Okuyasu feels hot, and takes off his jacket. He scratches his shoulder, removing skin (yeah, gross) and Josuke ends up grabbing whatever skin bits go his way (really gross.) Josuke worries when Okuyasu gets near his shoulder muscle, but just like that, he’s cured. He stretches around and says it feels like there’s a balloon in his shoulder, and that Tonio is a genius. Josuke is suspicious of the chef, though, and how he can miracle cure ailments with food.

Tonio takes the skin flake ball (gross again) and brings in a plate of harlot spaghetti. This is the dish’s actual name, and Tonio explains its origin to the protagonists. Okuyasu asks him if it has red peppers in it, and when Tonio confirms that it does, says he can’t have spicy food. Josuke, still suspicious, tells Oku to not eat it if he doesn’t like spicy stuff. Tonio says that’s fine, and goes to work on the next dish.

Josuke takes this opportunity to tell Okuyasu that he’s suspicious of Tonio, and thinks he’s a Stand user. Okuyasu, listening, licks at the spaghetti, reeling back from the spice every time. After several licks, Josuke asks Oku why he’s bothering to taste something spicy, and Oku exclaims that he can’t help it, he feels addicted to the sauce. With that, he eats the spaghetti, and his two cavity ridden teeth fly out of his mouth, with new teeth replacing them.

Josuke sends Crazy Diamond to punch the plate of spaghetti back to its original state, where we see a Stand in the mix. He takes this confirmation to run to the kitchen, where he spots Okuyasu’s main dish sitting on the counter and Tonio feeding a puppy some food. (Remember the puppy from the beginning of the ep?) The puppy explodes its innards everywhere as soon as it eats (gross) and Tonio sees Josuke spying on it all. He appears very angry, and tells Josuke he’ll pay for spying, but before Josuke can do anything, he hears Okuyasu scarfing down the lamb Tonio prepared behind him. Josuke yells for Okuyasu to stop, but he refuses to. His innards then explode out, like the puppy’s did, and ….

Tonio catches up with Josuke. Instead of killing him, though, he hands him soap, stating that he must have clean hands in the kitchen. Okuyasu then says he’s fine, and feels better than ever; the puppy looks fine too, and Tonio says that he was testing the lamb on it before serving it to Okuyasu.

Tonio explains that he wants to serve food that makes people feel better. Josuke and Okuyasu show that they have Stands too, after determining that Tonio is no threat, and Tonio tells Josuke that he has to clean the entire kitchen as punishment for going in it with dirty hands. Okuyasu, though, is allowed dessert, which he enjoys as his friend suffers.

The episode ends with an inbetweener card, showing Tonio and his Stand, and Jotaro being told that he has a message from Joseph Joestar.

Josuke on cleaning duty.
Josuke on cleaning duty.

What I Liked/Didn’t Like:

  • There was no OP this time. I liked that; it gave more screentime for the actual episode. Plus, I didn’t want to have to hear the EDM version of ‘Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town’ again, if I have to be honest.
  • Tonio’s voice was perfect! I think his voice actor nailed the Italian accent very well.
  • There was a ton of love put into Okuyasu’s closeups. In particular, when he was eating the spaghetti.
  • The tone in the episode was great. The shifts from serious to hilarious worked very nicely.
  • This episode got me in the mood for spaghetti. This is both a good and bad thing, haha.
  • TRENDY and POLE JAM. I know Crunchyroll’s subs want to avoid copyright infringement, and most of the time the name changes are fine, but these were pretty phoned in. Trendy doesn’t sound like an Italian name, and Pole Jam is literally a weird way of saying Pearl Jam fast, or something. Heck, they could have went with Opal Jam, that could have worked.
  • The terrible filter came back with a vengeance. David Productions, whyyyyy? Why do this? It’s hard as heck to pay attention to anything when the filter’s going on, and you didn’t use it in the past few episodes, which were more serious in tone. I’m so confused.
See the splotches on the wall? That's the filter. I hate it.
See the splotches on the wall? That’s the filter. I hate it.

Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 10 is available to view on Crunchyroll now if you’re a premium member, and in SD on June 10th if you’re not.

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