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JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 1 Review

JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 1 Review

Alright, we’re finally here! Part 4 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has begun! I was so excited for this, you have no idea. I mean, you might have an idea, but I was ridiculously excited. So much so that I checked Crunchyroll’s JoJo page obsessively around noon on April 1st to see if it was up. (It aired at 12:30pm for me on the east coast. Good to know for the future!)

Anyway, I’ll be writing the reviews for this part a little differently than I was for part 3. I’ve read the manga this time, so I won’t be as surprised when things happen. That being said, I’m going to try my best not to spoil anything for future episodes, but nobody’s perfect so here’s a quick disclaimer: If you haven’t read the manga, be cautious. I’m going to try to not spoil anything that happens in the future, but if something slips out and I don’t notice, I’m sorry. I don’t think it’ll happen, though, but you never know.

Episode 1: Jotaro Kujo! Meets Josuke Higashikata.

(Yes, it’s written like that. Or should I say ‘Yes! It’s written like that.’)

This begins without an OP, much to my disappointment. That being said, as disappointed as I was with no real OP, I loved the soft opening David Production chose here. It alludes to things. Things I won’t talk about, but David Production has been known to allude to future events, as seen in the last OP for Stardust Crusaders. 

After the short soft opening scene, we see Jotaro in a taxi traveling to town, which, by the words of the announcer on the radio we hear talking, is called Morioh. (Duwang in the charming manga translation.)

The road reads ‘Part 4’ as the taxi drives on. A nice touch. (There’s also another allusion to a future event during the taxi ride, but I won’t explain it right now. No spoilers!)

Part 4!
Part 4!

Now, this is different from the manga already. In the manga, this scene doesn’t exist. Instead, we are thrown into the next scene the anime shows, which is when Koichi runs into Jotaro on the street. I liked the taxi scene though, and I can see why David Productions added it to balance the flow; it works.

Koichi's introduction.
Koichi’s introduction.

Koichi bumps into Jotaro in the next scene of the episode, and here we learn that Jotaro is now 28 years old and a marine biologist. Koichi thinks to himself that Jotaro seems like he’s “wild, but intelligent and cool.” (I like how Jotaro uses Star Platinum to pick up Koichi’s belongings in an instant, since he thinks its his fault that they collided into one another. This is in the manga, too.)

Jotaro asks if Koichi knows where the Higashikata household is since he’s looking for Josuke; Koichi replies that he doesn’t, and then some bullies from school show up and taunt him. He apologizes to the bullies, because that’s what Koichi’s personality is, and they leave him alone. It doesn’t take them long to find their next target, though, who just so happens to be a kid with a pompadour.

Josuke Higashikata; the one JoJo afraid of reptiles.
Josuke Higashikata; the one JoJo afraid of reptiles.

Here, Josuke explains that he’s afraid of reptiles when a turtle is shoved in his face.

Let me pause for a second and recap back to episode 44 of Stardust Crusaders. Do you remember the turtle there? Probably not, but it’s okay. I briefly recalled that an episode had a turtle and I had to look up which one it was, to be honest.

My point though, was that it was a little nod to Diamond is Unbreakable. Isn’t that cool? Great, even? Yeah!

Anyway, Josuke is afraid of reptiles, and the bullies, tired of hearing him go on about it, throw the turtle into a pillar and nearly kill it. Josuke seems nonplussed, and both Koichi and Jotaro are unhappy at that reaction. Jotaro even begins to walk away, stating that the lack of care makes him really mad. (As it should, since he’s a marine biologist and obviously really cares about animals.) He doesn’t get far, though, as he hears Josuke state his full name to the bullies. This is who Jotaro is looking for, after all.

The bullies make a snide remark about Josuke’s hair, which sends him into a rage, therefore causing his Stand to come forth and punch the ‘leader’ bully in the face. Jotaro notices the Stand immediately; Koichi does not, since he doesn’t have a Stand and can’t see others.

There are a few interesting things to note here: David Production makes two references, Astro Boy and Sazae-chan. These, as far as I can see, weren’t in the manga. They’re just ways of saying Josuke has a strange choice in a hairstyle, though, I think.

I also want to state that I love Josuke’s voice. I have not really played All Star Battle, but I have read that this is a different voice actor than the one who voiced him in the game. Same with Koichi, though Jotaro’s is the same. I know some people really wanted the same voice actors for everyone between the game and the anime, but I think the voice actor for Josuke here does an excellent job. He sounds younger than Jotaro (as he should) and less ‘cool,’ for lack of a better word.

Koichi’s voice is less ‘young’ sounding than what I’ve heard from All Star Battle, but I like it, and I think it fits.

Enough of that, though. Let’s get back to the episode.

After Josuke punches the bully, he grabs the turtle, who is now fully healed, and then the bully’s face heals up. His nose looks a lot bigger than it did before, and the other bullies notice this; they leave once Josuke threatens them again (since he had to touch the turtle, and he really didn’t want to).

Koichi notices the turtle was healed.

Jotaro then takes the opportunity to run off all of Josuke’s information; his birth year, his mother’s name and how old she was when she had him, etc. He then explains that Josuke was very ill with a fever when he was four, and for 50 days nobody knew if he’d survive or not.

Then, a very juicy, yet important piece of information is told (and Jotaro thinks for a second that this is a rotten role for him to have to play): Joseph Joestar is Josuke’s father. Yes, Josuke, a teenager, is Joseph Joestar’s son. Joseph had him at 62, and Tomoko, Josuke’s mother, was 21 at that time. Jotaro comments that Joseph was a piece of shit for cheating on Suzie Q after going on about how he only loved her.

Jotaro states that he came to Morioh to find Josuke due to Joseph’s inheritance needing to be properly split; he had just found out that Joseph had another child, after all. (He states to Josuke that he was a product of an affair and then says he probably shouldn’t have told him that. Oops.) Josuke is polite about meeting his nephew (who is older than he is), though. I’d say he’s overly polite; when Jotaro explains that the Joestar household was in chaos when everyone found out about the affair, Josuke yells out an apology and bows, as if it were his fault. Honestly, this scene was pretty hilarious, but this is how Josuke is.

Josuke is sorry for what Joseph did.
Josuke is sorry for what Joseph did.

He goes on to say that he and his mother are fine the way they are, and he doesn’t need any inheritance. She was in love when she had him, so he thinks that things are alright. He doesn’t want to cause any trouble.

The patented JoJo fangirls then show up, as they like to do (they did this in the second episode of Stardust Crusaders for Jotaro after all) and fawn over Josuke. Jotaro groans at this waste of time and decides to tell Josuke to shoo them off. When the girls seem unhappy at this, he makes a comment about Josuke’s stupid hair (have your stupid hair talk later) and, well, with what we saw earlier, it’s no surprise that Josuke sends out his stand immediately.

Jotaro quickly tries to explain that he wasn’t calling Josuke stupid, but it’s too late. He uses Star Platinum in an instant to punch Josuke away, but this doesn’t do much. He then attempts to inform Josuke about stands and what causes them to appear, but it doesn’t seem to do much.

Josuke stands back up, says that he hates when people insult his awesome hair, and then sends his stand to throw out many more punches (DORA!). Jotaro dodges, but his hat is reformed to look completely crazy. He thinks to himself that he hadn’t stopped time in 10 years, but had to for a second here to save himself.

Josuke is knocked down, and the fangirls go away after Jotaro yells at them. (Jotaro, a true ladies man.)

(The entire time this happens, Koichi looks really confused. This isn’t surprising though since he doesn’t have a stand and can’t see anything except for Jotaro and Josuke getting knocked around by the air. Josuke looks really silly, I’m sure.)

Star Platinum's quick punchin'
Star Platinum’s quick punchin’

After the tussle, Jotaro tells Josuke that he came to Morioh for another reason: he wanted to show him the pictures that Joseph took with Hermit Purple. Morioh is in danger; pictures show this strange man with a stand, and Jotaro tells both Koichi and Josuke to not engage him or call the police if they see him. Koichi then realizes that they’re late to school and Josuke tells Jotaro he’ll listen to this all later.

Jotaro thinks to himself that he’s figured out what Josuke’s stand does; it ‘fixes’ things in whatever shape Josuke chooses after touching them. He finds this creepy, but invaluable to have from an ally, even if he’s weird. Both he and Koichi have expressed to themselves that Josuke’s personality is ‘goofy,’ or ‘weird,’ which I find pretty funny. Accurate based on the manga, but still funny. Josuke’s a funny guy, especially when compared to Jotaro.

Inbetweener for episode 1.
Inbetweener for episode 1.

The inbetweener for this episode follows the trend of showing a stand. The inbetweeners from Stardust Crusaders didn’t have the silhouette of the user, which is interesting here. To no surprise, the Crunchyroll subs changed Crazy Diamond to Shining Diamond, which was what All Star Battle used. This doesn’t bother me; I’d rather have name changes than no anime at all.

After the break, we see Tomoko, Josuke’s mom, slam a lecherous man into his own car door for making suggestive comments toward her. She then wonders about Josuke, and how he’s gotten to be such a tough guy. I wonder which parent, or parents, caused that? Hmm.

There’s a short scene after this that didn’t happen in the manga: the antagonist of this episode bumps into two civilians and gives off a creepy vibe. Then, Jotaro, acting as the announcer, explains that the antagonist is named Angelo and has killed/raped many people in the past; he has done so many vile things that even rats have vomited to the thought of him. In the manga, this explanation is done a little earlier, but Jotaro is still the one explaining to the reader.

When the episode changes back to Josuke and Koichi, we see them talk about Jotaro; Koichi says that he wants to hear more about the pictures, but Josuke says he doesn’t feel like it. This scene really shows how different the two are, both personality wise and appearance wise. Koichi is in the same class as Josuke, yet he’s much shorter. I’d like to think that Koichi is more the ‘standard’ height for a student his age, and most everyone else is very tall. Or maybe he’s super-short. Who knows, it doesn’t matter much, but it’s interesting in that even though he’s short, he’s more mature in some ways than Josuke.

Anyway, as Josuke and Koichi head home from school, they see that there’s something happening at the convenience store. A robber has a cashier hostage! Josuke is called out after a bit, when the robber says he has stupid hair (surprise!) and a fairly intense scene plays out where Crazy Diamond punches through the hostage to get to him.

Crazy Diamond doing its thing. Ignore the censor.
Crazy Diamond doing its thing. Ignore the censor.

This would be dangerous if we didn’t learn how Crazy Diamond works; he heals the hostage in a flash, and then Josuke smugly explains that the robber’s knife is now inside of him. The audience of people watching this fight don’t realize any of this, though, as they can’t even see Crazy Diamond, so I can imagine how weird it must have been for them.

A stand comes out of the robber when he falls, and threatens Josuke; he says he’ll be watching him forever. (Every Breath You Take by The Police could have been playing when he said that, honestly.)

That being said, there isn’t much else to say about the scene after;  the soft ending plays over it (Yep, no ED here either): A mysterious man in a milk man outfit heads to the Higashikata household, where he comments that Tomoko is ‘hot’, and waits for his revenge. The stand comes out from him, and we deduce by the name of the next episode that he’s Angelo, the man Jotaro was worried about.


A bad milk man.
A bad milk man.

Now, I didn’t expect an ED with this episode since there wasn’t an OP, but the lack of a preview for the next episode was a bit of a downer. Hopefully this was just a one time thing and David Production will have previews at the end of the other episodes.

In short: This episode was great! I am SO excited for more, and to see the OP/ED! The voice acting was amazing and the animation flowed well. The ‘weird’ noses I commented on from the trailers weren’t too noticeable; they are definitely something I’m already getting used to.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 1 is available to view on Crunchyroll right now, if you’re a premium member. If not, it’ll be available to watch in SD this upcoming Friday, April 8th.