Japan Funbox Mini July 2016 Review

Japan Funbox Mini July 2016 Review

A few weeks ago, a monthly subscription service called Japan Funbox contacted me about writing a review for them. They offered to send me a Mini box to write about, and I thought that was an excellent idea! I mean, I’ve been writing Skoshbox reviews for a while now, and I can always go for more Japanese snacks! So, here we are with my review for the Mini sized Japan Funbox.

Japan Funbox has three subscription tiers. First is the Mini tier, which is what I received. This costs $14.99 a month with free shipping, putting it $3 more a month than the basic Skoshbox plan. The Mini boxes come with 5-7 items, though, whereas the Skoshbox comes with 4-5. I think in the end, it evens out pretty well.

Japan Funbox Mini box.
Japan Funbox Mini box.

Japan Funbox is located in Japan, and they ship from there. If you’re in the United States, like I am, the box may take up to 20 days to arrive to you. It didn’t take that long for me; in fact, it only took about 10 days. The box did come fairly destroyed, though, as you can see in the image above. Luckily, the contents were all safe inside.

The little Sushi Man solar dancer was not a part of the box. He’s just there to add a little fun to the picture!


The column to the very left is the Mini column, or what comes in the Mini box. Everything else comes in the Original box, which is not what I received.

I definitely enjoyed the little descriptions this paper included for every item. They felt a bit more personal than the ones that come with Skoshbox, which I appreciated. The only thing I really felt was lacking, though, were ingredient lists. I personally don’t have any dietary restrictions, but many people do. Since these snacks are coming from Japan directly, they don’t have English ingredients/nutrition facts on them or on this paper, which means that anyone who has any sort of restriction would have to research the snacks on the internet or simply not risk eating them. Still, this is a risk someone with a restriction would have to potentially take, signing up for any food based subscription service.

Slim Ganko Fried Potato
Slim Ganko Fried Potato

First up is the Slim Ganko Fried Potato. This is a very simple snack, but I really enjoyed it. As far as I can tell, there aren’t really any American snacks that are exactly like this. Yes, we have a lot of different potato chips, but these are more like thin potato strips. They’re not too salty, which I really appreciate, and since they’re so light, you can almost eat the entire bag without feeling ridiculously guilty.

I REALLY like how big the bag was, by the way. This felt like a very respectable portion at 45g.

Rating: 5/5

Next, we have the Melty Strawberry Torotto.

Melty Strawberry Torotto
Melty Strawberry Torotto

I was happy as soon as I saw this in the box, since I’ve had Torotto in the past and I really enjoyed it. The flavor I had then, if I recall correctly, was just chocolate, so this strawberry flavor was a nice change.

The outside is almost fudge-like, but crispier, and the inside is a soft strawberry creme. The flavors work very well together, and I enjoyed the candy as much as I thought I would.

Rating: 5/5

Third is the Whistle Candy: Grape.

Whistle Candy: Grape
Whistle Candy: Grape

If this looks familiar to you, it’s probably due to the fact that I received Whistle Candy in my last Skoshbox! This variety is Grape, though, and instead of 3, there are 8 in the pack. The little box at the bottom contains a small toy, which was a little Fish Man for me.

There isn’t a whole lot to say about the candy that I didn’t say in the Skoshbox review. The flavor is grape this time, which is nice; it doesn’t taste too artificial, nor does it taste too strong. The only downside here is that the candies dissolve quick.

The whistle sound is just as loud as the other ones were, too.

Once again, I really appreciate the portion size here!

Rating: 4.5/5

Next is Ume-pachi.


This is another very similar item to something in the June Skoshbox, Pachi Pachi Panic. This is a Pop Rocks type candy, but without the small chalky pieces the Skoshbox one had.

The flavor is umeboshi, a pickled plum.

I really, really dislike umeboshi. This is unfortunate, because I’ve received candy with this flavor before, and every time, I think to myself it’ll be different … but it never is. Umeboshi is salty, pungent, and very strong. If you didn’t grow up eating it, you might not really appreciate the taste. I really can’t handle it.

The crackling effect seemed to work instantly, but I had to spit the rest out since I hate the flavor so much.

Rating: 1/5

Next up is Shuwabo.


This is a soft candy, much like the Gaburi-Chu Cola Stick from the January 2016 Skoshbox. The difference here, though, is that the Shuwabo has a bubbly powder on the inside. The powder has a sour punch when you first bite into it, which can be overwhelming, but if you let it sit in your mouth for a few seconds it transforms into a cola-like flavor. This is a very interesting little candy, and I really enjoyed the outer texture. It’s like taffy! I love good taffy.

The package is cute, too, as you can see above.

Rating: 4/5 (Would be 5/5 but the powder is a little too strong at first)

Last, but definitely not least, we have Pizza Potato!

Pizza Potato
Pizza Potato

Pizza Potato is, well, what it sounds like; potato chips flavored like pizza. The bag is REALLY big, at 63g. I was super surprised to get something so big in the box!

The chips actually came very intact, too; there weren’t many crumbs in the bag.

Each chip is coated in a spice powder mix, which give them their pizza taste. They also have cheese blobs on them, which I unfortunately did not capture well in my image. Sorry about that! Look at the package to see what I mean, though; it’s circled for you with the blue dotted line.

The flavor is amazing, to put it simply. I think these taste more like pizza than pizza Pringles. I didn’t want the bag to end, so when it did I thought about how I can get some more.

These chips are by far my favorite item in this box!

Rating: 6/5 🙂

Final Thoughts: I really appreciated the offer to review a Japan Funbox! I think that the price point for the Mini box is pretty decent, if you always get items like this. Even though I didn’t like the Ume-pachi, I recognize that it’s just my personal preference, and others may feel differently. The Ume-pachi itself was a fine size, and added to the box’s selection just fine.

Everything else was great. I want to buy Pizza Potato now!

Would I subscribe to Japan Funbox? Not necessarily right now, only because I’m subscribed to Skoshbox, and at the end of the day, there’s a bit of redundancy between the two. If you’re not subscribed to Skoshbox (or Japan Crate, another one of these) I would recommend giving Japan Funbox a shot. You receive larger portions than the original Skoshbox, which is a plus if you enjoy what you get.

Are you interested in signing up for Japan Funbox? Feel free to use my affiliate link here:


I get a small commission through that for any signup. If you’d prefer not to use that link, simply go to http://japanfunbox.com instead.

Note: I was given a free Mini box for this review, but that’s all. No other compensation was received.